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10 Common and Key Baccarat Strategies in Casinos

10 Common and Key Baccarat Strategies in Casinos

10 Common and Key Baccarat Strategies in Casinos

Baccarat game in Taiwan is enough to make the majority of baccarat players fascinated by it, as crazy as sports lottery or big lotto, and these die-hard baccarat players have also been looking for ways to crack baccarat.

Skills and methods or winning strategies, we will take you to find the winning strategies of baccarat in this chapter, as well as betting strategies that have been lost for a long time, and even betting strategies that many professional gamblers have never heard of. I want to know more about baccarat betting Read on for the strategy.

1.Betting direction: see Lian Dalian, see Jumping and Jumping (after the opening, see 2 hands to choose)

2.You can choose to play the next bite every 2 hands

3.Betting points: If you have 2 wrong hands in a row, you must stop!

4.When you make 2 wrong hands for the first time, you can bet virtual, and you can vote with the trend of 1

5.Whenever there are 2 mistakes in a row, and then there are 2 consecutive wrong moves in the next stage (calculate this stage, when 2 mistakes are accumulated), virtual betting, you can vote with the trend for 2; Another example

6.The key to winning the bet: each game must be tied; only 3 base yards to win, and 10 base yards to stop loss; when the target is not reached, continue to bet until the end of the game

7.Negative chasing strategy: No matter a single or several rounds, only when you have lost more than 10 base yards in total, will you lose your chase (note: you must not lose your chase if you have not reached minus 10 base yards!!!), from the next round At the beginning (increase the base code).

After dividing the total negative value by 5, it is the base code of this bureau; similarly, if you lose more than 10 base codes in total at this time, continue the negative chase – calculate this stage again, divide the total negative value With the results after 5…

8.Negative chasing essentials: all the values ​​before tying (the previous tier) will be returned to the previous tier immediately; before the negative chasing, the seismic amplitude capability that the total capital can afford must be considered, 4-6 layers can achieve long-term victories, 8-12 Layers can achieve real small wins, and more than 16 layers can achieve big wins

9.Winning essentials: Whenever the total accumulated profit exceeds 4 times the base code of the initial stop loss limit, you can win (take out half of the total profit as the stop loss target required for winning, and the remaining half Lock in profits to replenish total capital and resist reuse with greater shocks!!!)

10.Direction + tiered flat betting + stop when it stops + chasing and winning + no mistakes + peace of mind + reasonable betting time + precise strategy + sufficient and realistic capital = the real magic weapon for winning! ! ! Note: Every time you actually operate, you must read and remember the above rules; if you make one of these mistakes, you must leave the venue and read and remember the above rules again! ! ! Adjust before entering! ! !

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