2021-22 Tyrannosaurus Playoffs: It's not going to hit G7 this time, right?

2021-22 Raptors Playoffs

At the beginning of the season, it was once regarded as a Tyrannosaurus that was trying to enter the playoffs. After playing the entire 2021-22 season, it was finally determined to enter the first round of the playoffs with a record of 48 wins and 34 losses in the Eastern Division. The Raptors will face the Philadelphia 76ers with two All-Stars (one of them may even be this season’s MVP) in the first round. This is also the third time the two teams have met in playoff history, and the first is a classic. Vince Carter took on Allen Iverson in Philadelphia, and the Raptors won the second time with 4 Bounces from the more impressive Kawhi Leonard.

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2021-22 Raptors Playoffs 8

1.Each has unexpected surprises.

At the beginning of the season, it was once regarded as a Tyrannosaurus that was trying to enter the playoffs. After playing the entire 2021-22 season, it was finally determined to enter the first round of the playoffs with a record of 48 wins and 34 losses in the Eastern Division. The Raptors will face the Philadelphia 76ers with two All-Stars (one of them may even be this season’s MVP) in the first round. This is also the third time the two teams have met in playoff history, and the first is a classic. Vince Carter took on Allen Iverson in Philadelphia, and the Raptors won the second time with 4 Bounces from the more impressive Kawhi Leonard.

This season, the Raptors started the season with a startling performance from super rookie Scottie Barnes, then ushered in the comprehensive evolution of their star Pascal Siakam, and even the entire team pulled a wave of 14 wins and 4 losses at the end of the season. (including two waves of five-game winning streak) is an unexpected surprise; similarly, the Sixers were seen as weakened by the Cold War between Ben Simmons and the team before the season began, but Joel Embiid A strong performance that kept the team in the top tier of the Eastern Conference, coupled with the explosion of sophomore Tyrese Maxey, and the mid-season trade deadline when management seized the opportunity to send out the Simmons-focused package for James Harden (and presence). Paul Millsap, who has a very low sense of it), is also a surprise beyond the fans’ expectations.

It can be said that both teams have undergone great changes from the beginning of the season to the end of the season. But apart from the similarities beyond the fans’ expectations, the two teams don’t have much in common: they are in different teams’ planning timelines, player resource allocation, and even overall tactical differences. From the fans’ point of view, the pressure on the 76ers is undoubtedly greater. After all, their goal is to win the championship, but the record against the Tyrannosaurus in the regular season is only 1 win and 3 losses. to a month ago. This also makes the series interesting (fans always look forward to the drama on the next gram), and the two teams will officially meet at 6:00 this Sunday morning.

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The two met again in the playoffs. This time, both sides jumped from the original second-in-command to the team’s first brother.

2.the characteristics of the overall team of the Tyrannosaurus

First, let’s take a look at some of the team’s standout stats this season. Second-highest offensive rebounds in the league (13.4), second-highest second-wave points in the league (16.5), fourth-highest in field goal attempts (91.3). Obviously, the Raptors are a team that excels at scrambling for offensive rebounds and converting second-wave offensive opportunities, which fits their player characteristics: long arms, agility, and speed. Raptors head coach Nick Nurse really used his player strengths to the fullest.

But relatively speaking, the league’s fourth-lowest effective field goal percentage (51 percent) and the league’s lowest assist percentage (54.3 percent) also indicate that the T-Rex’s half-court offense is not that strong. More often, rather than creating opportunities through tactics, the Tyrannosaurus prefers to use simple and crude but effective methods such as opening up space, creating dislocations, and singles to complete a wave of half-court endings.

The reasons for this are the following:

1.Young players are not familiar with tactical movements. Compared with previous seasons, the T-Rex this season has benefited from the addition of former NBL coach Trevor Glesson to bring new tactical elements (Flex + Horns Offense), so at the beginning of the season it can be seen that the players are actively running in the half-court offense implement. The main purpose of this tactic is to create possible gaps through screening. Even if the gap cannot be run, there is a chance to cause the opponent to dislocate, but it requires players to judge the passing and interpret the space on the court. At the beginning of the season, when young players such as Precious Achiuwa were the starters during Pascal Siakam’s absence, his inexperience caused the team’s offense to be interrupted easily in passing and running. Falling into inefficiency will also make the team’s offense unsmooth, which is why the Raptors’ offense often jams early in the season.

2. injuries and physical problems. This season’s Fred VanVleet and OG Anunoby have each been absent due to injuries, while this season’s rookie Scottie Barnes has experienced a decline in physical strength more than two months after the season started (the cumulative playing time has exceeded the college, and the For a rookie, the physical strength is still not adjusted).

The decision to reduce the Flex + Horns Offense ratio after the All-Star Game, along with a more simple pick-and-roll and looking for dislocations to end the halfcourt offense, also increased the Raptors’ offensive efficiency from 111.5 to 113.5 before and after the All-Star Game. From another perspective, on the slower-paced playoff battlefield, the tactical combinations commonly used by teams in the regular season are easy to understand and dismantle, so this simple but effective offensive method is not a bad thing.

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With the league’s second-highest steals (9.0), the league’s third-lowest turnover rate (12.8 percent), and the league’s third-highest fast break points (15.8), the Raptors are good at breaking opponents’ lines. And be able to get simple points through aggressive running. Gary Trent Jr. and VanVleet, two guards who are good at perimeter pressing, and Siakam, Barnes, Achiuwa and other strikers who are trapped in the elbow area, can be said to be the basic plate of the T-Rex defense. Thanks to the high-speed rotation of the striker group, Nurse authorized Trent Jr. and Boucher to boldly step on the outside of the three-point line to press the ball carrier, but to be honest, the effect is not great. experience still needs to be strengthened, so there will still be rotational dislocations.

Although the Raptors look like a fast-paced team: they lead the league in transition points. But the actual situation is not the case. The Tyrannosaurus’ conversion fast break efficiency is not very good (1.09 points per round, the seventh-last in the league), mainly due to a large number of rounds to support the number of points. The fourth-lowest Pace (96.63) in the league can be proved. this point. Similarly, the Raptors are in the league’s top 10 in the number of singles possessions (11.6) and second-wave offense (8.0) this season, but they are also inefficient. That means the Raptors have a rough offense this season: inconsistent half-court output, inefficient fast break and early break. These are all possible worries for the Tyrannosaurus after entering the playoffs.

Relatively speaking, the overall team defense of the Raptors is a little reassuring. This season, the pressure on Embiid and Harden can cause their shooting percentage to drop significantly and the double connection is abnormal. However, the relative accurate outside production of the 76ers also had to make the Tyrannosaurus vigilant (mostly from contributions other than double stars, such as Maxey, Niang). Against Harden, he may use defensive strategies such as Triangle And Two to force him to hand over the ball, or use Ice to make his cutting path unsmooth; against Embiid, how to block his back frame has long been an old topic, and now his face frame is the best. It’s also quite destructive in the mid-range, going to fake help when he gets the ball to put pressure on him, flanking the ball when he turns around… In the slower-paced playoffs, the aggressive defense has to be more careful.

In addition, the free throw is undoubtedly a very important part. Embiid and Harden are the first and third in the league in free throws per game respectively. The Sixers have performed well in terms of their percentage of free throw attempts. In contrast, the T-Rex emphasizes second-wave offense and offensive rebounding. Elements of shots at the basket, but the percentage of free throw attempts is in the lower half of the league. At most, only Siakam’s average of 5.6 free throw attempts per game is more prominent. Although the Raptors’ defense is indeed oppressive enough, it won’t help if the Sixers can cost the Raptors a lot of points by getting to the free throw line frequently.
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3.How did the Tyrannosaurus win?

This year’s Siakam has made great progress in his game. The most obvious thing is that he learned to slow down and observe the opponent’s defensive layout. Through the physical advantages of the lineup, he can always catch the opponent’s weaker defense and eat it out. In order to guard against him, teams will even use the wall tactics to stop Giannis Antetokounmpo to defend him. If it was him in the past, he would undoubtedly be limited by this, but this season, he has evolved a lot in passing timing and quality. After really attracting the defender, he sent the ball to his teammates in an awkward way.

The 76ers’ frontline is the weaker part. Danny Green’s aging, Tobias Harris has nothing to do with Siakam, not to mention that even if they have to play against Matisse Thybulle, they can’t play at home in Toronto because of vaccine restrictions. Therefore, Embiid is bound to come out to defend Siakam. If Siakam can punish Embiid, it will be a big advantage for the T-Rex.

However, all of this has to be based on whether Siakam is in a good or bad state. It can be said that he is the basic performance of the Tyrannosaurus. Once he can perform as well as the 76ers at home at the end of the season (actively attacking the penalty area, pulling Embiid to the outside), then the Tyrannosaurus The odds of winning will be greatly improved; otherwise , once Siakam’s offense in the restricted area is not ideal, the Tyrannosaurus will rely more on VanVleet and Trent Jr., who are limited in size.

Of course, it is also important for Barnes to get out of the situation where he was a little quiet against the Sixers, taking turns with Siakam to attack + taking more responsibility for the ball (VanVleet star was in low form after the game), it can be said that this ROTY candidate Whether the performance is good or not also greatly affects the game trend of the Tyrannosaurus.

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Tyrannosaurus Key Man!

Projected starters: Fred VanVleet/Gary Trent Jr./OG Anunoby/Pascal Siakam/Scottie Barnes.

This set of starters hasn’t played against the Sixers this season. Considering Embiid’s intimidation, I would hope that either Khem Birch or Precious Achiuwa will replace Barnes’ starter, which may be more beneficial.

Projected rotation: Precious Achiuwa/Chris Boucher/Thaddeus Young/Khem Birch.

Can Young step up and take on when the team’s offense gets stuck? Can Boucher behave in control? Can Achiuwa maintain a hot outside feel? As Luye’s backup strikers, it would be great if they could jump out to serve as the Raiders, but perhaps fans are more worried about whether they will blow themselves up…


4:2, the Tyrannosaurus eliminated the seven or six players and advanced to the second round.

This conclusion is indeed a bit bold, and even the author is a little bit unbelievable. The Seven or Sixers are the fourth strongest team in the Eastern District. I actually think that the Tyrannosaurus can eliminate the Seven or Sixers? However, in the second half of the season, the Tyrannosaurus was very good in terms of team running, and they proved their ability through actual games. Who would have thought that Siakam could evolve into an almighty monster? Nurse brought back the lost defensive discipline again? Trent Jr. actually developed an efficient singles game?

In addition, the 76ers’ poor bench gap, Harden’s own state, etc., make them not as stable as they appear on paper. Therefore, it is not impossible for the Tyrannosaurus to be under grams.

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Led by Coach Drake, who said Tyrannosaurus was really just Bubble Bobble?

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