2021-22 T-Rex Playoffs G1: Worst-case scenarios unfold at the same time.

2021-22 T-Rex Playoffs G1: Worst-case scenario

In the first game of the series between the Tyrannosaurus and the 76ers, the 76ers finally defeated the Tyrannosaurus 131:111 and won the victory by 20 points.

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2021-22 T-Rex Playoffs G1: Worst-case scenario 5

In the first game of the series between the Tyrannosaurus and the 76ers, the 76ers finally defeated the Tyrannosaurus 131:111 and won the victory by 20 points.

1.Strong support from Tyrese Maxey and Tobias Harris.

The T-Rex still strongly implemented the strategy of restricting James Harden and Joel Embiid, allowing them to shoot only 35.3% and 33.3% respectively. The former even ate five pots in five layups. It can be seen that both of them are very uncomfortable, but they still rely on frequent fouls and stand on the free throw line to earn a lot of points.

Of course, since the Tyrannosaurus took care of them, it also freed up Maxey and Harris. The former used his tricky speed to continuously attack the Tyrannosaurus’ penalty area; the latter took advantage of the dislocation and also ate a lot of VanVleet’s balls. In this game, we can see that Maxey and Harris are often deployed on the weak side. On the one hand, it clears space for Embiid on the strong side, and on the other hand, it is also to create a second shot to attack the Tyrannosaurus defense line.

In the second half, Maxey felt even hotter. In the third quarter, Maxey scored 21 points on 7-of-8 shooting in a single quarter, completely running into Zone’s unsolved state.

Maxey and Harris will jump out to score points for the Sixers. This is definitely a situation that can be imagined before the game, so this game has them asking for whatever they want. There is no doubt that the Tyrannos have not done enough to limit their restrictions: too much simplicity gap. Harris easily stuck VanVleet behind him in transition, and Maxey kept making easy cuts to the paint while the Raptors focused on Embiid.

In the next game, Tyrannosaurus must do a clearer communication on the return and avoid the dilemma of no one on the spot.

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Tyrese Maxey scored 38 points in his first playoff start.  


2. the disappearing rebound advantage.

In this game, the 76ers scored a total of 39 rebounds, including 10 offensive rebounds; in contrast, the Tyrannosaurus, which is famous for offensive rebounds, only had 7, and even only grabbed 36 rebounds in the whole game, which was completely defeated by the 76ers compare. It can be seen that the 76ers have a strong sense of protecting their own rebounds as a whole, and even the other four 76ers players can be seen many times shrinking to the penalty area to assist Embiid. Therefore, the Tyrannosaurus players cannot play their good rushing. ability.

Obviously, the Raptors can’t punish the Sixers from the outside, and Gary Trent Jr.’s poor shooting touch in this game has made the situation worse for the Raptors, who have already relied heavily on him to create space. According to reporter Josh Lewenberg, Trent has been in the past week. They are all in a state of illness, which is obviously the main reason for his sluggish performance today. The 76ers resolutely blocked the penalty area, which also greatly affected Siakam’s offensive state. As long as he has a breakthrough motivation in this game, the 76ers will form a human wall to surround him or let him face Embiid’s defense, which makes his attack today. If it is not tough enough, we will see if we can punish the opponent with more mid-range in the next battle.

In addition to the inability to gain an advantage in offensive rebounds, the Tyrannosaurus also did not perform well in protecting their own defensive rebounds. Many rebounds that should have been mastered were taken away by the 76ers players. Out more shots and rounds.


3. the strange whistle sound scale.

First of all, although both sides have benefited from the whistle, I still think the whistle is too biased in this game. The first is that VanVleet got two fouls in the first minute of the game. Maybe the second meal can be understood, but the first foul only 8 seconds after the start of the game is really not even the so-called touching hair. In addition, it is incomprehensible that Birch was called for a blocking foul after falling down for defense in one round, and was bought off by Harden’s circle in the air in the second half, even though he raised his hands high, He was also called a foul a second later, which is really an incredible situation.

Once Embiid enters the penalty area and gets out of position, the Raptors will have a high risk of fouling if they want to block him, or Harden’s cut may also make the T. range, or a side effect of adopting this strategy of flanking. However, the fouls mentioned above really made the defense of the Tyrannosaurus players tied up, and their mentality was also greatly affected. Therefore, it can be seen that as the game progressed, the Tyrannosaurus’ defense could be called a retreat.

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GTJ’s expression perfectly describes the fans’ reaction to today’s whistle: incredible.


4.After the wounded soldiers appear.

This game was like the extinction day of the Tyrannosaurus rex. Birch was accidentally elbowed in the face by Embiid as soon as he played, Young sprained his left thumb in the process of fighting for the ball, and Barnes accidentally capsized to help defend Embiid. The rotation, which was already tightened by the whistle, was further broken. This also makes whether the Tyrannosaurus can win in the future has become a big question. Barnes handed in 15 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists before he retired from injury. He can perform like this in his playoff debut. For fans, it is really Would love to see how far he continues to evolve after this series.

However, according to Nurse’s interview, whether it is Young or Barnes, or even the sick Trent, they are all Doubtful in the second battle. It can only be said that the current situation of the Tyrannosaurus is really a leak. When it rains overnight, a load of bad things will come….

up to date:Barnes’ X-ray came back negative, and it’s certain he won’t be in the second fight.

The question now is, can the Tyrannosaurus continue to compete with the Seven and Sixers? Personally, I think of course it can. It is hard to believe that the hot perimeter feel of the 76ers will continue, and the Tyrannosaurus players will definitely be able to do a better job of protecting rebounds by virtue of their physical advantages. Long is not irreversible by the pain point caught by the Seventy-six people.

However, now that the injury problem has hit in one breath, it seems that the Libra of this series is more and more inclined to the Philadelphia side.

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