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2022 NBA Playoffs Analysis Denver Nuggets

2022 NBA Playoffs Analysis Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets are a team that lost one max salary and one near-max salary and managed to escape the fate of the playoffs until a few games before the end of the regular season. And such a team, when it encounters the complete Golden State Warriors, has no pressure at all, because it is very exciting to win, and it should be lost.

The Denver Nuggets are a team that lost one max salary and one near-max salary and managed to escape the fate of the playoffs until a few games before the end of the regular season. And such a team, when encountering the complete Golden State Warriors, has no pressure at all.

It’s great to win, but also to lose.

The same is true for Jokic. If he loses, with the Warriors’ broken penalty area, Nikola Jokic will be honored to be defeated with luxurious data; and if he wins, he will kill the favorite Warriors with a team of militia alone. Earth-shattering event.

Although the probability of Gold Nugget winning the Warriors is really not high, we still have to analyze what are the advantages and disadvantages, and if Gold Nugget can win, which one should be in place?

Nugget season pros and cons


Jokic’s offensive system is difficult to contain.

Jokic’s post-up hits at the elbow are pretty high.

The defensive system is flexible and the switching is solid, and the off-ball defense is excellent.

The second half of the bench was amazing, and the addition of Cousins ​​and the growth of Hyland allowed the starting offense to continue.


There is no stable perimeter singles, and everyone knows who the ball will be at the critical moment.

The flank is short and difficult to face the opponent’s switch.

The backcourt lacks first-line defenders, and the 3-pointer behind the screen is almost impossible to guard.

Jokic kept defending and retreating, opening the door wide in the mid-range.

Nugget vs. Warriors Advantage – The League’s Top Command Tower Restricted Area

It is a commonplace to talk about Nikola Jokic when talking about advantages, but as our advantage, we can just meet the opponent’s weakness, which has to be said.

Although the league has not yet completed the billing, but with the current ratio, Jokic once again has a great chance of winning the annual MVP and a center as a center. As the core of the gold nugget’s offensive and defensive system and the most reliable single player at critical moments, it is very important whether Jokic can cause trouble for his opponents in the penalty area. For example, against the Suns in the second round last year, Suns center Ayton can limit Jokic to a certain extent by himself. , and also made it unnecessary for the Sun to double-team Jokic, which made it impossible for a Greenleaf player on the outside to get a shot just by running and covering. a cause.

After determining that Wiseman wouldn’t be able to make his return this season, the Warriors decided they could only guard Jokic with Kevon Looney and Draymond Green. From the past experience, the two men’s single defense is not enough to limit Jokic, and they have a good chance of accumulating fouls quickly because the gold nugget hits the penalty area.

If the Warriors cannot limit Jokic by themselves, they must be double-teamed, but the timing of double-teaming is also very important. If they are double-teamed just when the outside of the gold nugget is hot, the Warriors are likely to be hit in a short period of time. A wave of climax of.

And after DeMarcus Cousins ​​joined the Nuggets, the Nuggets were aggressive even on the bench. Although Cousins’ finishing ability is completely incomparable to Jokic’s, his huge size and ability to fight for rebounds will make the Warriors unable to control the rebounds even when Jokic goes to rest, not to mention Cousins’ solid screening and coping ability has made him. The gold nugget’s bench is no longer as slaughtered as it was at the beginning of the season.

The ability to impact the penalty area and protect the rebound will be the most beneficial weapon for the Nuggets to beat the Warriors.

Nuggets vs. Warriors Weaknesses – Weak Backcourt and Wings

The Warriors’ three shots in the backcourt are aggressive. Even if Curry is absent, the Nuggets have no confidence to limit the backcourt of Thompson and Poole. According to the news from the Warriors, Curry is likely to return in the first game. It is undoubtedly worse.

In the past, the Nuggets could rely on Harris and Craig to limit the opponent’s ace backcourt, but now the best backcourt defender for the Golden Nuggets is Austin Rivers. The gap between them is huge. Even if Gordon is used to guard the Warriors’ backcourt, he is so good at the Warriors. A team that sets multiple screens will probably get lost on the court with just one screen.

The advantage of the gold nugget is in the penalty area, but the Warriors are actually very good at punishing long people. In Jokic, you can’t switch defense alone, and the retreating defense will be wiped out by the Warriors in the middle distance. The way you can imagine is to let Jokic save and play in the backcourt. Flanking Curry together, forcing Curry to shoot the ball and causing mistakes, but such a defensive method will consume a lot of Jokic’s physical strength. It’s okay to disrupt the Warriors’ rhythm with a surprise move in one quarter, but it is not practical to maintain the whole game.

And the Warriors’ defensive discipline is quite good. If the gold nugget cannot open both the penalty area and the perimeter firepower at the same time, it is easy to be defended by the Warriors team until the attack crashes or makes mistakes.

The hope and summary of gold nuggets breaking through the first round

To be honest, when a gold nugget lacking major generals meets almost all healthy warriors, there is basically a gap in combat power, and it is really difficult to pass the level. But if you want to say whether the gold nugget has any hope of breaking through, then in addition to maintaining a high-level offensive situation, you also need the warriors’ own parts to be out of condition.

Although Klay Thompson is in good shape at the end of the season, considering the soft schedule, it is difficult to say whether he will enter the playoffs and the defense will become unstable again. Next is Curry, who has just returned from injury. Curry, who has returned to the court again, may also need a little time to warm up. If the gold nugget can seize the opportunity and win the first two away games, then the gold nugget may have a little bit of capital. Fight with warriors.

Next is the gold nugget’s bench. Although the playoffs are the stage for star confrontation, the explosive power of the gold nugget’s bench should not be underestimated, especially Hyland is a player who is easy to get crazy, and the feeling will only be warmer. The feel of the play continued all the way to the fourth quarter to stay on the court and continue to be crazy.

But when a playoff team needs a rookie late in the first round to give fans hope, it can also see how slim the team’s chances of advancing are.

If the gold nuggets can win the first two road games, the gold nuggets are expected to drag the series to the sixth game or even win the tiebreaker, but if the first two road games are just handed over to the Warriors in vain, then even if they are swept away Don’t be too surprised.

predict:Denver Nuggets 2:4 Golden State Warriors

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