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2022 NBA Playoff Analysis Milwaukee Bucks - The Way Ahead?

2022 NBA Playoffs Analysis Milwaukee Bucks

It’s not difficult to succeed once in any field, and sometimes it can fly straight to the sky with the right timing and sudden luck, but after that, how to maintain it is the real hard part, especially in the NBA world, Only by successfully defending the title can the team truly break through all doubts and prove itself again.

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2022 NBA Playoffs Analysis Milwaukee Bucks 8

This year is the 76th season of the NBA, and only 23 of the 75 defending opportunities have been successfully defended by the champion team of the previous year, and the probability is less than one-third.

In fact, looking at human history, there are very few cases where the forces that can successfully overthrow a dynasty have to be able to stand at the top and still maintain their dominance. Another unique thinking angle, especially in the ever-changing environment of the NBA, it is no longer easy to become the hegemon of one side in such an era of contention and division, but the most difficult thing is how to continue to maintain this position. Even more so in this season’s Milwaukee Bucks.

The controversial Greek god Cushion, KD’s Eastern Division champion only half a step away, Trae Young’s ankle sprain, and CP3’s shoulder injury in the previous battle, these accidents all made the Bucks’ championship last year’s gold content and recognition. Even in the championship series, especially the sixth game, Giannis Antetokounmpo’s performance has won the respect and recognition of everyone, but as the defending team, the Bucks still need to go through this difficult road to truly regain their strength. Prove yourself and leave a stronger place in history.

Regular season record: 51 wins and 31 losses (third in the Eastern Division)

Although like other front-end teams in the Eastern Division, the Bucks also have troubles with injuries this season. Not long after the start of the season, they lost the main control Jrue Holiday and forward Khris Middleton in one breath, and the main center Brook Lopez only played the opening game. After the war, he was on the disabled list for five months due to a back injury. Although this period gave Bobby Portis a chance to perform, his averages climbed to a career high of 14.6 points and 9.1 rebounds. , Although the three-point shooting rate declined in the second half of the season, the shooting rate of 39.3% with an average of 4.7 shots per game is already a very good performance. Portis' jumping also allowed the Bucks to maintain the top of the league. Offensive firepower, but losing the penalty area barrier of Lopez, the replacement Portis is not a very good rim protector, which also makes the Bucks' team defense directly drop to the level of the mid-level class, and the team's defensive benefit value before the star game even fell once. to the back of the league.

In addition, although the bench shooter Pat Connaughton and the preseason trade guard Grayson Aleen have a very hot and stable perimeter touch, all the lucky bags signed in the offseason, including Rodney Hood and Semi Ojeleye, are completely useless. As a result, only Jordan Nwora is left on the flank bench. In the backcourt, George Hill is so old that he can’t even make three-pointers. Even Donte DiVincenzo, who has returned from injury, is still looking for form. Retired unemployed veteran Wesley Matthews was dug back again, and the bench penalty area directly opened the skylight because Portis was pulled into the starting factor. It was not until the addition of Cousins ​​that he could barely pass the day and reduce the loss of Giannis playing small ball No. 5, although some It’s a pity that he didn’t choose to keep him in the end, but considering that his peripheral grasp during the Bucks period was not good, it was generally excusable.

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However, after Cousins ​​left, the Bucks’ bench penalty area is still a big loophole. With Lopez’s return date undecided and the backcourt manpower still sufficient, they finally chose to participate in the multi-party trading case of the Kings Clippers Pistons at the trading deadline. Back-up swingmen Rodney Hood and Semi Ojeleye, who contributed too much, were sent to the Clippers, and Donte DiVincenzo, who was under contract this season and was under contract, was sent to the Kings for Clippers captain Serge Ibaka and two second-round picks. In addition, Jevon Carter and DeAndre’ Bembry, who were both cut by the Nets, were introduced in the buyout market, trying to strengthen the front, center, and backcourt strength of the bench in one breath.

In fact, these reinforcements are almost all successful. Although Serge Ibaka’s frame protection and mobility have declined a lot, at least his strategy of defending the Drop still has a certain influence, plus a 35.1% three-point certainty and unexpected career play The new high defensive rebounding rate is quite in line with the Bucks’ needs for a backup center, so that at least one anti-aircraft gun can be maintained on the court; Jevon Carter, who came to the Bucks, has to show his ability and hard work on the defensive end. In addition, Trek’s offensive end suddenly came back here, and the accidental ball control can also help a lot. The point is that the performance of the three-point shot is 55.8% of the super standard, and the competent performance of the above two people is also successful. Make up for the poor and weak bench strength of the Bucks.

As for DeAndre’ Bembry, it’s really a pity. He was originally expected to fill the gap of the backup striker, but he had to be cut due to serious injuries. Finally, before the end of the season, he signed a contract with the previous one. Guard Rayjon Tucker and Argentine guard Luca Vildoza, who was specially poached from Europe, signed contracts to fill the last two spaces of the roster, and the Bucks in the second half of the season also finished third in the Eastern Division after Brook Lopez returned from injury. To advance to the playoffs.

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First-round playoff opponent: Chicago Bulls

Basically, the Bulls are definitely the best first-round opponent for the Bucks. Not only have the Bucks won the four games this season, but in the last two games, they led by double digits in the first half as early as the first half after welcoming back Lopez. At the end of the game, compared with the Toronto Raptors with a sea of ​​strikers, the Brooklyn Nets with two top offensive stars, and the Atlanta Hawks with Trae Young, who is best at dislocating the singles penalty area leader, the Bulls also have Zach Lavine and DeMar DeRozan. Two top offensive weapons, however, the former’s style of play is not based on cutting and attacking, while the latter’s offense is more inclined to start at the elbow rather than from beyond the three-point line, relatively speaking, it is less likely to cause strong and weak sides. Pulling the buck’s defense line, thereby attacking the perimeter gap that the buck easily let go to protect the penalty area.

Especially after the return of the defensive center Brook Lopez, Giannis can finally return to the most effective role of help defense, the Bucks will have more capital and ability to limit the individual singles of these two stars, led by Jrue Holiday. The first-line matchup plus the second-line flanking and stealing of Giannis and others to serve Zach Lavine and DeMar DeRozan, although the Bulls have many excellent setters including Alex Caruso, Ayo Dosunmu and Coby White, but these three not only They are all guards in stature, and they lack personal offensive skills above the standard on offense. Especially in the game against the Bucks, the above three people’s peripheral grasp averaged 14 shots per game and 2.5 in even less than 20%. When the double star was pinched At the same time, if they still can’t respond and counterattack from beyond the three-point line, this series of battles will end faster.

In addition, the Bulls' flanks and restricted areas are quite weak. Except for Javonte Green, who often has to replace the 3rd and 4th positions, the few qualified ones are green-leafed Derrick Jones Jr. and Tristan. Thompson, and the latter had nothing to do with Giannis at all, especially when he was pulled up and played against Vucevic in the next two battles. The few that may be the reason is Patrick Williams, a sophomore who returned from injury in the second half of the season. As one of the few wings with some personal offensive ability and perimeter shooting, maybe the Bulls can let him attack the restricted area after receiving the ball from the weak side and try. Use size to create foul trouble for Lopez.
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However, this season, Giannis and the Bucks are almost experimenting with various combinations and combinations. In particular, Giannis has begun to work harder to develop personal offensive skills after his performance in last year’s championship game G6, although his confidence beyond the three-point line is still only nearly 30%. However, his mid-range performance is already at the level of 41.5%, with 3.1 attempts per game, which is better than that of stars with a similar number of shots, including Lavine, Herro and even Irving; his turnaround jumper hit 40.9% Even his step-back shot is a 40.9% hit rate. His solo singles have a tendency to blossom this season, plus his ability to dribble and read the ball more calmly against walls and double-teams, and has a good shooting ability. Giannis with isolations is naturally more difficult to guard on offense.

Not to mention the main controller Jrue Holiday shot a career-high 3-point percentage (41.1%) this season, and the Bulls are even more difficult to defend against him without Lonzo Ball, averaging only 0.8 per game in four games. This is a mistake. If the Bulls can’t limit Holiday, the player who can actually organize and control the attack and lose, and there are not many people on the flank penalty area who can match the two flanks of Giannis and Middleton to score points, I am afraid this series of battles. It will be more suspenseful than expected.

X-Factor︰Zach LaVine

Since it is difficult for the entire team to completely limit the offensive threat of the Bucks on both ends of the offense and defense, Nikola Vucevic’s perimeter shooting threat is sufficient, but it is difficult to beat the Bucks by his shooting alone, especially his offensive single-play ability is not good. It belongs to the style of play that is easy to create fouls. In the face of Brook Lopez, who has a good defense and is more afraid of high-mobility insiders, LaVine is one of the few players in the team who can both shoot from the outside and tear the defense. Considering the Bucks’ defense The resources are not as many as imagined. Whether the Bulls can tighten the score or even win the game will be the biggest key. Assuming that LaVine can challenge the penalty area with his excellent physical fitness and cause trouble for Lopez, use the middle distance to punish the public. The Deer are used to the defensive strategy of retreating, even direct shooting after passing the screen with the Vucevic thug, or passing the ball to the teammates on the weak side after cutting in, etc., then this will effectively affect or even disrupt the Bucks’ performance. Defensive tactics can even take away games.

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First-round result prediction: 4-0 Milwaukee Bucks advance

This season has already been an unexpected season for the Bulls. After all, the vast majority of people before the start of the season are not optimistic that the Bulls can make the playoffs. Looking at the overall lineup, they still have a lot to adjust. The lack of strong guards, weak forwards in the penalty area, and the loss of Lonzo Ball, a top setter and defensive lock, and many other reasons also made them even less able to cope with a healthy and balanced Bucks.

If the Bulls can’t steal a win in the first game, considering that the overall formation of the Bulls is almost restrained by the Bucks, and on the premise that none of the Big Three are suddenly mentally retarded, I personally think that the Bucks should be able to quickly solve this series. The battle advanced to the second round.

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