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2022 Playoffs Lost to Final Magic Spin

2022 Playoffs Lost to Final Magic Spin

Compared with other first-round games, this game was very different. Jayson Tatum’s 360-degree layup completed the lore until the whistle.

Compared with other first-round games, this game had a huge disparity. Jayson Tatum’s 360-degree layup did not complete the lore until the whistle, which is indeed the most intense combination predicted.

At the beginning of the game, the Celtics defended Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant with high pressure, causing them to make six turnovers in the first quarter. Fortunately, Seth Curry, Andre Drummond and even Dragic jumped out to score. In the first quarter of double-K, there was only one FG goal in the first quarter and a close score could be maintained. On the other hand, the Nets’ defense was full of loopholes from the beginning. The six turnovers of double-K gave Celtic a lot of opportunities for fast-break counterattacks. It can also be achieved through easy screens, cut passes or Pick&Pop. It’s easy to find open 3-pointers, but none of the team except Al Horford has a high degree of control. This is also because Celtic, despite his smooth tactical moves and the offensive mistakes that created multiple waves of the Nets, still did not pull the score away in one fell swoop. However, due to the fact that the defenses on both sides were more physical confrontations at the beginning, they entered a state of additional penalties early. In the first quarter, both sides accumulated 18 fouls, the most in all games this season. At the end of the first quarter, the Nets trailed the Celtics by only one point when the double-K flameout and two articles hit each other’s free throw line.

At the beginning of the second quarter, the Nets placed Nic Claxton and a four-back lineup when Kevin Durant went off the court. Because Claxton needed the first line to match Jayson Tatum, it also gave Celtic a chance to attack the restricted area. Fortunately, at this time, Kyrie Irving, who had been ironing the entire first quarter, finally recovered, scoring 9 points in a row to overtake the trailing score. Even if Tatum, Brown, and Smart have a wonderful performance on both ends of the offense and defense. The Nets also had an unexpected person who jumped out — that was Goran Dragic, whose offense was about to break down in the regular season. In the first half, he scored double-digit points with a super high shooting percentage, and also made up for the gap where Kevin Durant’s offense was still lost. The two teams in the midfield were tied at 61.

The two-tower Celtics consolidated their offensive rebounds, although the Nets chose to let go Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart, who had poor perimeter touch, and the second wave after Theis and Horford grabbed the rebound. The offense ensures that the Celtics can score on every wave of possession; the Nets, on the other hand, are pressed to the point of squandering offensive opportunities on the perimeter. When the penalty area was able to grab a rebound, Marcus Smart shot with confidence and scored three goals and three points in a row; and the Nets were not able to jump out except for KD’s sporadic pull-up jumper, and the score was instantly pulled away. 15 points. Goran Dragic, who performed well in the first half, and double-K began to wake up after a timeout. Although the Celtics began to fail to make shots, but thanks to Jaylen Brown’s flying defense, the Nets ended the third quarter with an 85 -96 trailed by 11 points.

In the fourth quarter, Celtic made several mistakes in switching defenses, coupled with Kyrie Irving’s superb performance, which directly reduced the lead established by the Celtics in the third quarter to ashes. In the final tug of war, the Celtics were not like only Tatum who could score last year. This year, Smart, Brown and Horford jumped out one after another to contribute a few points. Although the last two goals were first thrown by KD and Irving, they still held on to the pressure and completed the lore with Jayson Tatum’s 360 layup.

In this game, it can be seen that the Celtics have done some homework for Kevin Durant’s defense, which made Kevin Durant’s shot very uncomfortable in this game, and the lead scored in the fourth quarter was even guarded by Jaylen Brown. After the ball is dropped, get it back out of control and throw it out. Celtic’s defensive strategies against Durant are mainly two: one is to lower the focus to copy Kevin Durant’s dribble, and the other is to destroy the moment when Kevin Durant can shoot, which also caused his six turnovers today. Then there’s the Celtics completely strangling the Nets’ fast-break or early-break opportunities. Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, and even Derrick White would be smart enough to cut off the Nets’ long pass. Relatively, the Nets are not ideal for transition offense defense, which also allows Celtic to score a lot in the fast break.

The situation in the fourth quarter today is something that Celtic needs to try to avoid in the next series. First of all, in addition to the lack of defensive communication, which makes it easy for the Nets’ guards to go in for layups, Offensive disconnection is a more serious problem. Jayson Tatum handed over 8 assists in this game, but almost all of them were concentrated in the first three quarters. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, he wanted to play the hero ball again, but in the case of being double-teamed, he often exchanged for a wrong pass or ended up hitting the iron directly. Fortunately, in the end, Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart held the ball, and Al Horford consolidated the offensive rebound, and it was only the last ball that received Smart’s assist and turned for a layup.

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