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The one-sided battle of 2022 Playoffs, the predicament of the Nets' double star, the more mature Jayson Tatum

2022 playoffs one-sided battle

Irving’s excessive sticking to the ball may also be a problem. His average holding time per wave of possession increased from 4.30 seconds in the regular season to 4.72 seconds, and his average points per touch dropped from 0.339 to 0.226 points, indicating that he Dribbling time is longer, but scoring efficiency has dropped significantly.

The one-sided battle of "2022 Playoffs", the predicament of the Nets' double star, the more mature Jayson Tatum
2022 playoffs one-sided battle 4

The Nets, who had lost both on the road in the first two games of the series, returned to their home court to face the Celtics, but unfortunately they still failed to regain a city and fell into an absolute backwardness of 0 wins and 3 losses.

KD can’t escape the Celtics

The main reason why the Celtics were able to take the lead in grabbing the advantage of drawing cards is to effectively limit the play of Nets duo Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, and constantly use help defense and double-teaming, which affects their hit rate, especially against KD, making him a series of matches. In the first two games, he made 13 of 41 shots, and the shooting percentage was only 31.7%.

In addition to basic double-teaming, low-level deny stealing or intense physical collisions in this game, what the Celtics did better than the previous two games was the prejudgment of the offensive path. As in the video below, the first-line pair Although Jayson Tatum of KD made a breakthrough, Daniel Theis immediately filled his position at the basket, blocking KD’s path to the basket, causing him to make a mistake. In this game, Celtic constantly blocked KD’s attacking route through rotation and filling. In particular, Theis and Al Horford helped defend in time in the penalty area, allowing G2 to get 20 free throws for KD, but only 2 times in this game. KD only made 11 shots in this game, which also hit a new low after joining the Nets. With almost no shots in the penalty area, KD’s threat was greatly weakened by Celtic.

Passing is selfless? Still hurting the team?

In the face of the targeted defense of the Green Shirts, KD’s play style has also been adjusted. When encountering a double-team, they no longer demand a shot, but use themselves as a bait to attract help and create space for teammates. For example, this wave of KD’s low-post singles, After being double-teamed by Jaylen Brown and Theis, the ball was sent out to Seth Curry, and then led to Bruce Brown in the corner for a Secondary Assist. KD sent out 8 times in this battle alone, which has already reached the sum of the first two battles in the series.

But KD’s transformation not only limited the team’s help, but also made Celtic happy. Because when KD holds the ball for less time, the offensive destructive power also declines, and at the same time, it means that teammates must shoulder more burdens. Bruce Brown, who had the most chances to touch the ball in this game, won the most shots of the team with 19 shots, but his handling of the ball was not satisfactory. Although there were occasional good shots in air-cut throws and fast-break steals, he had a good grasp on the outside. Low (2-for-7 from 3-point range) and 5 turnovers. It’s no wonder that Celtic is certainly more willing to let other Nets players play than KD.

Irving, who is too sticky and inefficient in scoring

As for Irving, the current situation is also not ideal. After the explosion of 39 points in G1, G2 and G3 averaged only 13 points, and the shooting percentage was 33.3%. The reason for Irving’s failure is that the Celtics sent Marcus Smart to watch over him, and against Smart, Irving shot only 26.7% from the field.

In addition, Irving’s excessive sticking to the ball may also be a problem. His average holding time per wave of the ball increased from 4.30 seconds in the regular season to 4.72 seconds, and the average score per touch dropped from 0.339 to 0.226 points. Said he dribbled longer, but the scoring efficiency dropped significantly.

The more troubled he gets, the more Irving wants to turn the tide of the battle on his own, which makes his every move more predictable by opponents, and the less likely he is to play good offense.

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Offensive mode more team Tatum more mature performance

On the contrary, Jayson Tatum, who was always considered to be too sticky in the past, has improved in the playoffs this year, and his offensive model has become more integrated into the team. The game scored a game-best 39 points, but almost all of them were not scored by personal ability. Among the 13 goals hit, 3 goals came from fast breaks, 9 goals were assisted by teammates, and only 1 goal was personal. singles.

In addition, he also reported 6 assists in this game, half of which were as shown in the video below. After the P&R, the decline was coordinated, and the high and low positions were coordinated or scored. In fact, Tatum is very suitable for Rollman, because he not only has a strong finishing ability, and flexible foot changes, his passing vision is also underestimated. Tatum’s pick-and-roll also caused quite a bit of trouble for the Nets, making the Nets, which mainly rely on regional defense, into a dilemma of whether to help defense.

Experienced but Frozen Why Griffin Was Deprecated

The Nets’ few bright spots in this battle may be the veteran Blake Griffin. He was DNP by the coaching team in the first two games of the series. In the third quarter of this battle, he finally got the opportunity to come off the bench. He not only actively blocked Tatum and cut in, but made a strong fight. The ball also hit two outside shots in a row.

Griffin’s veteran value may add to the Nets, but with the rebounding ability of Andre Drummond not as good as Nic Claxton’s mobility, Griffin’s playing space may still be relatively limited.

Defensive center returns Williams’ comeback performance test

For the Celtics, there is another major focus of the game, that is, center Robert Williams, who has been absent for nearly a month due to a torn meniscus in his left knee, returned to the team in this game. Not long after he got into the game, he used Tatum’s up-shifting empty-handed screen and received a lob pass to perform an alley-oop. Unfortunately, the goal was not counted because the Nets’ Goran Dragic fouled in advance; Drummond, despite a slight breakthrough in the first beat, was not shaken off, and finally got the timing of the shot and rewarded him with a spicy hot pot. These two balls, one attack and one defense, both showed that Williams’ physical fitness and mobility were recovering in good condition, and the injury should not be a serious problem.

In order to protect Williams, his playing time was limited to about 15 minutes in this game, but as the game progresses, Williams returning from injury should be able to bring more help to the team, especially on the defensive end, his athletic ability And mobility, but he is the best in the lineup, and before the injury, he was the defensive center of the Celtics, which ranked first in the league in defensive efficiency.

Facing the upcoming G4…

According to historical data, no team has reversed when falling behind 3-0. There is little suspense for Celtic to advance to the next round, but the Celtics still cannot take it lightly. After all, there are not only superstars such as KD or Irving in the Nets team With Goran Dragić and Patty Mills on the bench to provide fire support at any time, it is still not to be underestimated.

For the Nets, after the lessons of G3, if the team wants to win, KD still has to show more aggressiveness. In addition, the coaching team needs to think about how to help Irving play more efficiently in terms of tactical scheduling or staffing. , At the same time, we can also consider whether to re-enable young players such as Cam Thomas and Kessler Edwards who have performed well in the regular season. Maybe they can play the role of shock soldiers and change the rhythm.

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