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2022 Playoffs Raptors vs. 76ers: Expected Results

2022 Playoffs Raptors vs. 76ers: Expected Results

The result of the 76ers eliminating the Tyrannosaurus is not unexpected. For the Tyrannosaurus, the important thing this season is the process, not the result. The three strikers proved they can win without VanVleet, with Achiuwa jumping out to help the team at the crucial moment. Despite not making the cut, the T-Rex’s journey to the playoffs was still rewarding.

The author himself is not surprised by the result of the 76ers eliminating the Tyrannosaurus. For the Tyrannosaurus, what matters this season from start to finish is the process, not the outcome. Unlike the Win Now teams such as the Sixers, the Nets and the Bucks, the core of the Tyrannosaurus is mostly the first time to carry the banner of the main attacker. The Mesozoic such as VanVleet, Siakam and Anunoby officially graduated from the Lowry era. Achiuwa And Barnes just finished their first year in the T-Rex system. A team that has just been rebuilt can perform like this in the first year, and has achieved its phased goal. The three strikers proved they can win without VanVleet, with Achiuwa jumping out to help the team at the crucial moment. Despite not making the cut, the T-Rex’s journey to the playoffs was still rewarding. Next, let the author take you to review, this Tyrannosaurus playoff journey.

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G1:Education shock

First of all, I will take you to see the first game of the Tyrannosaurus 76ers series. In this game, the 76ers unexpectedly defeated the Tyrannosaurus by a huge margin of 131 to 111, 20 points, helping them achieve their first victory in the series.

This result is beyond the author’s expectations. After all, the Tyrannosaurus’ defense should not be so weak that it was scored 131 points in a single game, not to mention that Nurse has always been regarded as Embiid’s nemesis. It’s a bit exaggerated.

Rebounding is one of the keys to the entire game, and the Tyrannosaurus scored 17 points by the Sixers’ second offense that day. As coach Nurse said at the post-match press conference, there were many waves of the Tyrannosaurus in that game, and some people were in the position, but the teammates behind did not help to fight for it, so that the opponent could easily pick up offensive rebounds. Then attack again. Offensive rebounding and second-wave offense should be the Tyrannosaurus rex full of gibbons and jumping people, the best thing to do, but today I just didn’t do it well.

Converting fast breaks is another key point of this game. In theory, the Tyrannosaurus should be a team that can play fast breaks, right? But as you’ve just seen, Maxey has completely brought Philly’s pace. In the first game, Philadelphia scored 29 points on the fast break alone. On the other hand, the Tyrannosaurus only scored 10 points, and you can see how bad the state of the two sides in this game is that day.

One of the reasons why the 76ers teenager Maxey could score 38 points that day was definitely fast break. His G1 fast break grasp was exaggerated. But of course Maxey didn’t just rely on fast breaks to score. His 38 points also came from another offensive method, which was to exploit the loopholes in the T-Rex zone defense.

If you’ve watched the Sixers, you’ll know that Harden’s help isn’t just about singles or step-back 3s, it’s about his ability to read defenses. Harden is very good at taking advantage of the opponent’s defense’s unclear shot and creating opportunities for his teammates. At the moment when Maxey relied on the Tyrannosaurus to rotate defense with a loophole, he scored a lot of points and made full use of his speed advantage.

It is not objective to say that the Tyrannosaurus was in an extremely bad state in the game. As head coach Nurse said after the game, the 76ers felt too hot that day. Some balls will still score when they are right, but the defensive problems are definitely worth it. review.

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G2:OG’s two fists are hard to beat with four hands

In Game 2, the Sixers defeated the Raptors by a wide margin again, 115-97. This Tyrannosaurus lacked an important rotation, Scottie Barnes, and it was more fortunate than good. In addition, Trent, an important 2 in the backcourt and defense, only played for 9 minutes because of a serious illness. In fact, it is not surprising that Toronto lost like this.

However, there are still a few points worth noting in this game. First of all, OG’s offensive attitude was very positive that day. In addition to the gap three points that he was good at, he had a lot of simple singles in this game. As long as he has a chance to face Harden in the post, he will want the ball, and he will also want to break through to score points against a slower forward like Niang on the perimeter. Offensive desire like OG is something the T-Rex desperately needs now and in the future.

Then there is the three-pointer. If you have watched the game, you will know that in the first quarter of G2, the Tyrannosaurus grabbed the score, but Q2 collapsed. The three-pointer definitely plays a very important role here, continuing the good feel of the previous game. The 76ers’ 3-pointer grasp is exaggerated, almost to the extent that everyone can’t let it go.

Hallmark shooter Danny Green became a hallmark shooter, and Harris played in line with his annual salary. As Nurse said in the postgame press conference, he dominated the corner. The personal abilities of JoJo and Harden, the 76ers double star, forced the Tyrannosaurus to have to help defense. At this time, if the 76ers role players can all grasp these defensive rotation gaps, then the Tyrannosaurus is really not easy.

Another point worth discussing in this game is VanVleet’s playing time. VanVleet played well in the first half and didn’t rest for a minute, but it was obvious that he was exhausted in the second quarter. In Q1, he made 5 of 9 shots and scored 15 points indiscriminately, but in Q2 he became 1 of 9 shots and only scored 2 points. At the end of the second quarter, he even missed two big gap three points in a row. I can understand that Nurse has to keep VanVleet on the court when Flynn is still immature and Trent is sick, but if he’s obviously exhausted at the back, wouldn’t it be better to do a rotation? I think this is the direction that the T-Rex team should think about in the future, whether to give VanVleet such a high game load in the next season.

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G3:Basic skills decide the outcome

The G3 Sixers defeated the Raptors for the third time, 104-101, to take the series to a 3-0 advantage. In fact, the Tyrannosaurus had a very, very, very good chance to win this game, but unfortunately, the defense communication in the playoff was unclear, and Embiid took away the victory with a lore three-pointer. The Tyrannosaurus really missed a lot of chances to win that day.

To the audience who didn’t watch the game, explain how pity the Tyrannosaurus lost that day. Both the regular game time and the playoff were won because of free throws. As long as two more free throws were scored, the Tyrannosaurus won. Which two? The first free throw was when Achiuwa was in Q4, 95 to 95. He bought Harden’s foul and not only made the beard foul to graduate, but also got a free throw opportunity. As long as two free throws were scored, the Tyrannosaurus took the lead. Dude missed both free throws. The second goal was the last attack of the Tyrannosaurus in the playoff. OG successfully bought Embiid’s foul. At that time, the Sixers were leading by one point. As long as he made two free throws, the Tyrannosaurus overtook the lead. Unfortunately, it took two free throws. Only one. The T-Rex just missed two, two chances to win because of free throws.

The author cannot deny the hard work of the Tyrannosaurus. Strictly speaking, the game was considered a wonderful game, but in the end, it lost to a free throw, letting everyone know how far the Tyrannosaurus is from a stable playoff power.

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G4:Veteran Value

In this game, FVV was injured and retired, but the Tyrannosaurus grabbed the first victory of the series. In addition to Siakam, who is desperately leading the team forward, Thaddeus Young’s performance is also very important.

Regardless of whether he was helping the organization or serving as the brain of the defense, Young played a very important role. The substitute was ordered to hand in 13 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists. The plus-minus was the team’s highest +14, and his contribution was self-evident. It also showed the Tyrannosaurus how important the veterans are to this group of young cores who have just formed.

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G5:A masterpiece that leverages the strengths of the team

Game 5 If you are a Tyrannosaurus fan, you must think that this is a very exciting game. The Tyrannosaurus’s jumping people completely played the advantages that the team should have, and finally won the first victory of the series. In this game, the Tyrannosaurus took advantage of Embiid’s lack of physical strength and kept hitting him with speed, and won a beautiful victory.

Whether it’s Anunoby, Siakam or Achiuwa, seeing Embiid is one word: eat. As long as a simple block is needed, with JoJo’s state of the day, he can’t keep up with these physically powerful forwards like the Tyrannosaurus. After the Tyrannosaurus found this point in the third quarter, he grabbed Embiid and played singles. Looking at his lonely expression, he was completely different from the arrogant appearance before.

Let’s go to the defensive part. Because of VanVleet’s absence, the Raptors can go to the front line for 48 minutes. The whole game excludes garbage time. The shortest man on the Raptors field is Gary Trent Jr, and he is 6 feet 5. inches of height. The Tyrannosaurus continued to use the advantages of size and physical fitness to flank the 76ers ball carrier in this game, and it happened that the 76ers had a roll of 1 on the outside. The Tyrannosaurus will make life miserable for the Sixers’ main attacker.

The result of the fifth battle can be said to have seen the upper limit of the Northern Legion’s talent, as well as the prototype of the future complete body.

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G6:The importance of outside lines


Finally saw the final game of the series, the Sixers defeated the Tyrannosaurus 132-97, shattering their dream of making history. The way the 76ers won this game is to move out of the style of play they are best at now, focusing on the monster-absorbing power of Harden and JoJo to create offensive opportunities for Maxey and others.

The first is Transition. The arrival of Harden has given the fast Maxey many more offensive opportunities. Harden’s ability to find gaps in offense and defense transitions is one of the best in the league, and Maxey is the one who can grasp these gaps, as long as Harden’s With a Bullet Pass, the Sixers are taking two and three points. This situation is basically the same as the first one.

Then there’s Harden’s ability to attract defenses. Like Game 1, Maxey’s explosive scoring came from the chances Harden helped him create.

As for the defensive end, how did the Sixers keep the Tyrannosaurus dead? The answer is to let the outside line and lock the restricted area. In the last game, the reason why the Tyrannosaurus front line group was able to penetrate the 76ers was to constantly rely on breakthroughs. In this game, the Seven or Sixers are obviously prepared to block your restricted area. As long as anyone cuts in, they must all shrink in, and the outside line will be released to you. Although the Tyrannosaurus front line group has a certain ability on the outside, but being able to shoot the outside line is different from being able to shoot the outside line stably. The front line group of the Tyrannosaurus is obviously the former.

To be honest, the Tyrannosaurus has already played well. If the outside line is more accurate and the defense is faster by two or three steps, I believe it can continue to see the saw. After all, in the first half, the two teams were only one point apart, which is really a pity. what. But the Sixers have high grip retention and play the style they want. 


From this series, we can find that when the hand is smooth, just like G5, the center line of the Tyrannosaurus is misplaced, but most of the time, because the front line of the Tyrannosaurus is young, the technology is extremely unstable, so All season, their singles efficiency is the worst in the league. Although there is a prototype, it is unstable.

Next, on the defensive end, as long as the opponent’s perimeter attack is not open, it’s like G5, defending the opponent to the brink of collapse, but as long as the perimeter is accurate, it can punish the tyrannosaur’s double-team, just like the 76ers win The ball games are the same, the most classic example is Maxey in the one-two-two fight.

From this series, it is not difficult for us to find the upper and lower limits of the striker sea system created by Nurse. This is only the first year of the Northern Gibbon Corps. Quite terrifying, with a chance to win the league championship.

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