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2022 Playoffs on Stephen Curry's playoff comeback opener

2022 playoffs, Stephen Curry’s playoffs

The Warriors welcomed the first game of this year’s playoffs yesterday. They faced the sixth gold nugget in the Western Division at home. The Warriors extended their lead to double digits in the first half, and finally won the first victory by 16 points without any surprise. Compared with taking the lead in the playoffs, it is even more exciting that Stephen Curry, who has been absent for a month due to injury, has returned to the team!

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Although Curry scored 16 points in this game, his shooting percentage was not ideal. He missed 8 goals in 13 shots, and the shooting percentage was only 38.5%, mainly due to the slow heat in the early part of the game.

His first three perimeter shots all hit the front edge of the basket, and the distance seems to be shorter. Early Offense’s step-back jumper at the end of the second quarter had a significantly deviated trajectory, which may be related to his coming off the bench, presumably because The running is insufficient, the body is not warmed up, and the shot is relatively stiff.

Later, Curry finally counted down 3.5 seconds to the second quarter and hit a three-pointer in the first season after his comeback. open.

It may not be surprising that the ball is fixed at C&S, but his performance in the second half did prove that he gradually recovered his ability to shoot without dead ends. Including the step-back jumper after this physical confrontation with Nikola Jokic, and Monte Morris, who was opposite him, was still on the right side, squeezing his shot; the other ball was a turn-around C&S with his back to the rim in between. Both goals showed that he can maintain the stability of the center of gravity of the shot during confrontation or running, which means that the ankle injury is safe and he has returned to the familiar shooting rhythm.

Somewhat surprisingly, compared to the offensive end, Curry entered the situation earlier on the defensive end, especially giving the defender a physical confrontation, showing that he is very confident in his recovery state.

This wave of guard Will Barton, because he realized that Jokic was going to go forward to screen, Curry adopted a go over strategy, bypassed the cover, and continued to give Barton physical contact by using his sideways, causing Barton to jump up to pass to Pop Out’s Jokic. , the body is completely crooked and thrown out of bounds.

The other ball was handed over by Austin Rivers and DeMarcus Cousins. Curry adopted a go under strategy to occupy Rivers’ offensive path in advance. Rivers wanted to rely on his body advantage to collide head-on, but Curry took it. Poke the ball out of his hand.

For Curry, who has been out for a long time, it is also very important to readjust and cooperate with his teammates, especially the chemical effect between the big three Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, and it is how far the Warriors can go in the playoffs. The key, the problem is that the three of them have not yet been combined in the regular season this season, so even though Curry started from the bench, the coaching staff tried to increase the time the three of them were on the court at the same time, even in the fourth quarter. It’s not a waste to be in the lead of about 20 points. In total, Curry played 21 minutes in the game, and 14 minutes were played side by side with three people.

Although they reunited after 1083 days, their tacit understanding has not been compromised. The smoothness of the tactical operation in the video below is the best example.

Wing Twist is one of the most classic tactics of the cooperation of the three giants. Curry and Thompson first made a 45° angle on the left side and blocked each other with empty hands as a starting move. Green then DHO (Dribble Handoff) gave the ball to Curry, which was almost Attracting the attention of all the nuggets defenders, meanwhile, Thompson took the opportunity to round the corner to ambush, and was completely neutral with Otto Porter Jr.’s run.

It is worth mentioning that Green, who slipped after the screen, actually had a gap, but because there was Barton in the penalty area to help defend, Curry decided to feed the ball to Thompson.

In the fourth quarter of this half-court positional battle, the Warriors performed the same tactics again. Due to Thompson’s movement, the defender had been taken away from the penalty area, so this time Curry found the roll-in Green.

The last time the Warriors’ Big Three merged in the playoffs, it had to be traced back to G6 of the 2019 championship game. At that time, the Warriors not only lost to the Tyrannosaurus, but also damaged Thompson, and then fell from the cloud to the bottom. After two seasons of reorganization, the Big Three once again joined hands to return to the playoffs. Although Curry’s personal data in the first game of his comeback is not too dazzling, the combined plus-minus value of the three giants in this battle is +10 and the net efficiency value is +28.9, which is a very successful first step for both the team and Curry.

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