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2022 Playoffs Tatum 46 distractions, Celtics win

2022 Playoffs Tatum 46 distractions, Celtics win

The Bucks’ perimeter today was as bleak as the sun in the West Division yesterday. The Bucks made 7 of 29 shots, which was worse than the Sun’s 6 of 18 shots. Coincidentally, the Celtics’ perimeter and the Mavericks also shone the sky on the road. , 17 of 43 shots, plus Tatum’s unparalleled performance, successfully extended the front to G7. 

The Bucks’ perimeter line today was as bleak as the sun in the Western District. The Bucks made 7 of 29 shots, which was more miserable than the Sun’s 6 of 18 shots. Coincidentally, the Celtics’ outside line and the Lone Ranger also flashed the sky on the road. Forget 17 of 43 shots, 16 three-pointers were concentrated on the three main players of Jayson Tatum-Jaylen Brown-Marcus Smart. 4 of the 8 players in the Bucks’ main rotation made at least 2 shots, but they all missed, a total of 11 0 for 0.

The Celtics had a pretty good start (only the start?), shot 5-of-9 from the outside, and the first 15 points were all from the outside. They didn’t really make a lot of cuts, and the defense still couldn’t limit Giannis Antetokounmpo’s rush in the paint. The whistle sounded and the defense’s Grant Williams took two early fouls (one for an illegal screen). After the first timeout, the Bucks’ perimeter was finally opened by Giannis, Jrue Holiday added the second, and Marcus Smart was the representative of the Green Plug’s perimeter firepower. He scored 14 points on 5 of 7 shots in the first quarter. It was obvious that he wanted to make up for the loss in the previous game.

The Bucks’ transmission in this game seemed to be relatively unsmooth. It was predicted by the players of Green Plug several times and almost took it away. In addition, the outside line in the first half maintained a consistent failure, and even lost the confidence to shoot. Green Plug completely got rid of it. In this dilemma, the Bucks will not play at home, and they will not be able to play at all in the second quarter.

"2022 Playoffs" Tatum 46 distractions, Celtics win

Although Grayson Allen got the opportunity for the coaching team to make a tactical shot from the outside at the beginning, he did not grasp it, and the subsequent shots after the cut were also inaccurate. In the first half, he made 0 of 5 shots. As I mentioned earlier, Grayson’s offensive consistency really needs to learn more from his predecessors. Combined with the fact that he threw the ball into a spot where no one was at one point on the serve, the low-end turnover seemed inattentive and at one point left Jrue Holiday speechless when the two exchanged. Not playing at all in the fourth quarter also showed that the coaching team had lost confidence in him, and he was a little embarrassed. The available soldiers who played well in the regular season were actually useless in big scenes.

Pat Connaughton and Wesley Matthews performed well on the defensive end, but they didn’t get a good chance on the offensive end. Giannis still attracts double-teams after holding the ball, but the Green Plug didn’t shrink more than that, instead, he was always alert to Giannis’ rumors. Possibly, and perhaps Giannis also felt that the opponent’s defense made it difficult for him to pass the ball easily, and his reaction time after holding the ball was longer than before, which really dragged the team’s rhythm into a kind of quagmire.

"2022 Playoffs" Tatum 46 distractions, Celtics win

For the Bucks, they need to make sure that they can make outside shots at halftime and regain their confidence in the shot. For the Celtics, as long as they maintain the style of the first half, they can avoid it. to be eliminated.

The Bucks were still bored for a long time in the second half. In addition, Giannis took the fourth foul when defending Jaylen Brown, which made things worse. At this time, Celtic still had the courage to try outside shots, and the Bucks’ defensive position also tended to expand. , So, Green Plug began to increase the number of cuts, and they knew exactly how to respond.

"2022 Playoffs" Tatum 46 distractions, Celtics win

Although there was a little improvement in the second half of the third quarter, Jayson Tatum’s three-pointer against Bobby Portis in the countdown stage of the quarter showed a domineering domineering. By the end of the first three quarters, Tatum’s 30 points were clearly more impactful than Giannis’ 32, especially 5-of-12 from 3-point range and 1 point from free throws alone.

"2022 Playoffs" Tatum 46 distractions, Celtics win

Is Giannis’ fifth offense valid? After the challenge, the offensive foul was changed to a blocking foul. The key is that Grant Williams moved his shoulder slightly. However, this call saved the Bucks from taking Giannis off the court. Therefore, Connaughton and his next two threes The score finally awakened the momentum of the Bucks. About five minutes into the fourth quarter, I had witnessed Jayson Tatum’s unparalleled performance, and at that time I thought: If the Bucks can’t reverse in the end, they may not only be annoyed, they may also Admired, there is a ghost on the opposite side, no one can guard against it.

In the end, the side that maintained the state all the way avoided elimination and successfully dragged the front into the seventh game. Congratulations to Celtic. For the Bucks, getting back to Grayson Allen, Brook Lopez and Bobby Portis’s offense is a priority. Lopez may also be able to set himself up in the paint to protect the rim. Grayson’s reticle is really scary, after all, he and Connaughton The same are the players who have the ability to run all over the field in the backcourt, but can’t grasp the gap when they can run, then there is really no drama. Giannis has already done almost all the work on the court. Does Holiday need to slash 40+ in the next game to win? After all, it is an unrealistic fantasy. It is more difficult to prevent an outbreak of the main force, or is it more difficult to block other helpers? Today’s Bucks looked at the other side and would probably say, It’s better to trouble Holiday to score 40 points.

Bobby Portis doesn’t have the advantage of low post anymore. He’s a little overwhelmed by the Celtics’ zone defense and potential double-teaming. In addition, he’s hesitant to shoot from the corner and the top of the arc and can’t judge whether the current In order to make a good shot, I can only say that he needs some confidence on the offensive end, but after all, he is not the main player. This part of the coaching team cannot take the time to help him design and give him space to recover. The self-reliance and self-improvement of role players is their ultimate goal. have to overcome on their own. Um? George Hill? What can you expect from a 36-year-old dessert who can get a chance to play just because he is a few centimeters taller than Jevon Carter?

The extension of the front line is very unfavorable for the Bucks. In the away game, the moves are stretched. It can be imagined that Celtic, who has regained his confidence, handled it more steadily. Without knowing how many offensive fouls Giannis had picked up, he was eliminated.

He's a little overwhelmed by the Celtics' zone defense and potential double-teaming

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