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The very different endings of 2022 Finals - looking at the pros and cons of both sides from the first two battles

A very different ending for the 2022 Finals

The NBA Championship, the annual basketball extravaganza, is currently in its second game. The first two games were drawn 1:1. Key Game 3 Let’s take a look at the first two games before we reveal who will lead. Talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the two sides as the situation changes, as well as the details of the offense and defense in those championship matches!

In the first game of the championship, the Warriors took the lead under the leadership of Curry scoring 21 points in the first quarter. In fact, they were the side with the upper hand in the first three quarters, and even led by 15 points at one point!

However, they took a 12-point lead into the fourth quarter, but they lost their souls and frequently gave Celtic the opportunity to open up, and it happened that the Green Army felt hot, so the rhythm completely fell to the twelve of the Green Army. Minutes, was hit 40:16 offensive, Celtic broke the glasses and won the first victory.

The most important reason why the Celtics will get shot by Curry in the first quarter of Game 1 is that they completely trust the screener when facing the pick-and-roll, and the center retreats. However, if the cover is so easy, why is it necessary to establish a cover that is useless? And everyone knows that if you give Curry a little space, he can punish you. From this point of view, Curry’s six three-pointers in a single quarter don’t seem to be uncommon.

It is worth noting that the man who the Warriors caught Robert Wliilams (to avoid confusion hereafter referred to as Robert) is called Andrew Wiggins, and this is also the strategy of the Celtics – just like the Eastern Championship let Robert guard Tucker, more often squatting Wiggins in the corner became his defender, as it would help protect Robert on the weak side.

When it comes to matchups, I have to mention that Udoka had Tatum and Smart take turns to serve Green in the first game. This move was really in place. In the first game, Draymond was completely invisible. After all, the Warriors would never want to face Smart after a pick-and-roll.

Back to the game, Curry severely punished the Green Army for retreating in the first quarter, and the Celtics responded in the second quarter. They used the pre-switch to protect Robert in the penalty area, and faced Curry’s long-term goal. People become Horford/Grant Williams (to avoid confusion hereinafter referred to as Grant), the two long men with better defensive discipline, mostly show & recover with the screener (Smart/White) to avoid dislocation. And even if the defense eventually needs to be switched, the two with good mobility will not suffer too much.

As a result, relying on a comprehensive defense, the Celtics successfully limited the performance of Curry and the Warriors in subsequent games, so that they could only create offense with sporadic three-point goals.

On the other hand, although the Warriors almost switched defenses, they had to shrink inward to help defend against the double-J breakthrough, which also led them to sacrifice perimeter defense. In this way, one, two, three, and finally, the Green Army’s three-pointer finally broke out in the fourth quarter.

The very different endings of "2022 Finals" - looking at the pros and cons of both sides from the first two battles

Green, who made 2 of 12 shots in the first game, became a reviewer of war criminals by various parties. After the game, he promised that he would bring changes in the second game… Fortunately, I have always believed that the Warriors with a deep enough lineup have enough flexibility to face opponents strategy, and they did play a very different game in the second game.

In the player matchup, the main defenders of Brown and Horford in the first game were Thompson and Green respectively. However, Green got a lot of big gaps for Horford in order to help defend. In the end, he also punished the Warriors with 6 three-pointers. So, the Game 2 Warriors adjusted their matchups, swapping Klay and Draymond.

Although Celtic can still rely on switching defenses to create dislocation opportunities, so Green’s one-on-one defense against Brown; Thompson’s one-on-one defense against Horford will not be the key to determining the outcome, but I think this matchup change sends a very important signal— The Warriors will rely more on one-on-one defense.

In the second battle, the Warriors let Green and Wiggins, the two best defenders in their lineup, go directly to the double-J. Obviously, they wanted to rely directly on the single defense to block, so as not to help the defense out of the bag. And, given the painful experience of Game 1, the Warriors in Game 2 have never played a zone defense formation (at least I didn’t see it).

Judging from the results, the Warriors’ strategy execution was quite successful. Although there were still some dislocations, Curry and other guards were mostly able to force double-Js to make jump shots, which is to bet on their feel to minimize the dislocation disadvantage.

What if Double Jack is still hard and Curry/Poole can’t handle it? It’s ok! There will still be support in the future. Yes, although the Warriors reduce help defense and rely on one-on-one defense as much as possible, their defense line will still shrink inward when necessary. Only this time, they won’t step too deep, and if they are passed, they will close out fast enough.What if Double Jack is still hard and Curry/Poole can’t handle it? It’s ok! There will still be support in the future. Yes, although the Warriors reduce help defense and rely on one-on-one defense as much as possible, their defense line will still shrink inward when necessary. Only this time, they won’t step too deep, and if they are passed, they will close out fast enough.

And here we have to mention a player – Gary Payton ll.

Even if the Green Army does not have a strong backcourt, I think GP2 has a great influence on the Warriors, especially since Iguodala was released on the offensive end in the first game, and the defensive end was old; Judging from the change in the sticky penalty, I can say with certainty that if the GP2 status is maintained, there is no need for Iggy to play a lot in the Warriors Finals.

Although the emotional side is very sad, after all, this is likely to be the last year of Iguodala, but in terms of results, the young GP2 can be said to be a hundred times better than him! The biggest difference between the two, in addition to defensive mobility and explosiveness, is offense.

How can the Warriors crack the Celtics’ defense? Frankly speaking, it is really a little tricky except for the roll call. After all, the biggest advantage of the Green Army is unlimited defense switching. And this is the formation that can best restrain the Warriors’ system.

After watching the first two games, it is certain that, after deducting Theis and Pritchard, who have little playing time and can be put away at any time when necessary, the only target the Warriors can attack is probably only Robert.

For the Green Army, Robert is a double-edged sword on both ends of the offense and defense. On the offensive end, he has no perimeter ability, so he can only squat in the dunker spot to wait for the ball and compress the space; on the defensive end, although the rim protection ability is excellent, he has insufficient single defense ability and is not good at perimeter defense.

As for how the Warriors can take advantage of Robert’s shortcomings to bash? The simplest and most violent method is to shoot directly after the pick-and-roll. Of course, the Green Army is not a fuel-efficient lamp. They will also protect Robert through the pre-switch. However, facing the Warriors is not so easy. His opponent Wiggins also has outside ability. This is not to say, even if he is allowed to stay in the penalty area, The Warriors can still rely on the first shot to fake and the second shot to open the back door to get points.

As for the second game, have the Warriors made any changes on the offensive end? Personally, I think it’s okay, the difference is that Celtic made too many mistakes in the second game! Don’t underestimate the six times on the books. You must know that six mistakes represent six offenses. The damage caused by giving the opponent six offenses on the stage of the finals is great! Moreover, the Game2 Green Army has a lot of balls stolen, in other words, the Warriors who have the ball can directly attack.

When the Warriors can pick up the tempo, it means that the Celtics can’t really implement the matchup, and against the Warriors’ empty-handed brigade, just give them a little space to pull, and they can make you pay.

To sum up the above, in the first two games, both sides outplayed their opponents by a large margin (it’s true that the Green Army played out a lot at the end of Game1), and the key differences between the two games, I think are as follows:

(1) The Warriors adjusted their defensive strategy, from using a large number of auxiliary defenses to block double-J in the first game, to changing to a strategy of focusing on single defense and supplementing auxiliary defense in the second game, trying their best to avoid all the Greens from throwing away.

(2) The return of GP2 is very important. He can defend multiple positions alone, and he is very good at penalty kicks. Facing the jerky dribbling of double-J can be said to be a great benefit. In addition to single defense, he is fast and has a long wingspan in assist defense. He has advantages in both inward and outward pounce…at least compared to Iguodala. As for the offense, maybe it’s not as good as Iggy in scoring, but what the Warriors really need is the ability to roll in, which GP2 has but Iguodala doesn’t have.

(3) The Celtics made too many mistakes in the second game, giving the Warriors a lot of easy offensive opportunities. In fact, this is also their consistent way of losing, so reducing mistakes is bound to be a future issue for the Green Army.

As for the key similarities, there are the following:

(1) Let Smart or Tatum play against Green in an attempt to paralyze the Warriors’ offensive center. However, there were several rounds in the second game where Horford faced Green, and I personally think that the effect is not as good as the former.

(2) The Warriors pulled Robert out to play a lot on offense, while the Greens protected him with a pre-switch.

The very different endings of "2022 Finals" - looking at the pros and cons of both sides from the first two battles

The above is the observation and sharing of the team part. Let me talk about the player’s performance in another article. As for who is optimistic about who can win the key Game 3?

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