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About Macau Casinos

About Macau Casinos

Macau’s gaming industry has a long history spanning three centuries and has become the most important economic pillar of the city. The fascinating thing about Macau is the combination of the East and the West, and the blend of ancient and modern culture and scenery that caters to the preferences of gamblers from all over the world.

Macau (Portuguese: Macau, English: Macao/Macau) is one of the two Special Administrative Regions of the People’s Republic of China, located on the northern coast of the South China Sea, comprising four regions: Macau Peninsula, Taipa, Coloane and Cotai City. Macau was originally part of China, but was leased by the Portuguese in 1557 until it was reunited with China in 1999, when it was reunited with one country and two systems. Macau is a small place with a small population of about 500,000 people, and its economy is independent, with tourism and gaming as the main industries.

Macau’s gaming industry has a long history spanning three centuries and is known as the Monte Carlo of the East and the Las Vegas of Asia. The Gambling Inspection and Coordination Bureau Macao SAR (GICB) was established within the Macau government to ensure the quality of gaming services and to respond promptly to public complaints. Although casino games are similar around the world, the prohibitions and restrictions vary, and Macau is certainly no exception.

1.Macau’s casinos are never closed:

no matter how big or small the festivities, day or night. The Macau regulations stipulate that casinos are not allowed to close at any time. The government’s permission must be sought if the business is closed, except for special national funeral days.

2.Underage gambling winnings are prohibited:

Since 2016, the age limit for casinos in Macau has changed from 18 to 21, and civil servants and underage youths (including residents and tourists) are not allowed to enter the casino area.

3、Chip exchange.

No RMB can be used in the casino, and only MOP or HKD bets are accepted. The smallest chips can range from a few tens to two hundred dollars, and the largest can reach a staggering two million dollars.

There are 23 casinos in Macau, with nearly 10,000 employees. These top 10 casinos are ranked by the Macau SAR government based on online and real feedback from visitors.

First Place: Venetian Casino

The Venetian Casino is undoubtedly the largest casino in Macau in terms of casino floor space and number of casinos. The Venetian is a must-visit place for tourists visiting Macau, as it combines shopping, entertainment, accommodation and convention elements in addition to gaming and entertainment. However, if we talk about the shortcomings, since the Venetian Casino is full of casual customers, there are too many people and it is noisy, so it is more suitable for tourists than gambling.

Second place: Galaxy Casino

Galaxy casino owner Lui Che-woo is also a legendary figure, with the media reporting that Galaxy was built at a cost of US$15.5 billion, with three hotels in the first phase of development, and the opening of Galaxy’s second hotel casino in 2015, doubling its original footprint to more than 1.1 million square meters, a testament to how extravagant it is.

Third place: Lisboa and Grand Lisboa casinos

The owner of Lisboa is Stanley Ho, who dominates the gaming industry in Macau and is known as the King of Gamblers, the flagship figure of Macau casinos. The style of Lisboa is full of Chinese elements, and I don’t know if this is the reason why there are basically Chinese tourists at Lisboa and Lisboa.

Fourth place: Wynn casino

Opened in 2006, Wynn is the first Las Vegas-style resort complex in Asia, with an eye-catching exterior and a musical fountain at the front entrance.

Fifth place: Melco (City of Dreams and City of Dreams)

City of Dreams is the first entertainment resort complex in Asia that combines a theater, a movie studio, a shopping mall, entertainment and a world-class luxury hotel. The most attractive features of City of Dreams are the Sky Dragon show and the Water Dance Studio, where advanced technology can be seen. It is worth noting that the CEO of City of Dreams is the son of Stanley Ho, the king of gambling. The casino’s staff and service attitude are of high quality, but the downside is that there are few entertainment shows.

Sixth place: MGM

MGM MACAU is a joint venture between Stanley Ho’s daughter, Pansy Ho, and MGM, the leading American gaming company. The hotel building has a unique design, with a wave-like facade made of glass in three different colors (yellow-gold, white-gold and rose-gold). Because of its unique and Portuguese architectural design, it attracts many visitors.

Seventh place: Star Casino

Opened in 2006, StarWorld Casino is a small casino, but the interior design of the casino is no less impressive and has won numerous awards, including the Best Casino Interior Design at the International Gaming Awards in 2009.

Eighth place: Sea Cube Casino

Hui Li Hai Cube Casino, abbreviated as Hai Cube. The attraction of Sea Cube is the ML live show, which is very exciting. The casino is the only casino in Macau that is connected to the pier.

Ninth place: Emperor Palace Casino

The Emperor’s Palace Casino is owned by the Emperor Group. The hotel was actually a dilapidated building until Emperor took it over and renovated it into the current Emperor’s Palace Casino. The casino is characterized by its unique British style, from the British soldiers and carriages at the entrance to the gold-encrusted floors of the casino.

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