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[Baccarat must-win tips] Players must see!!

[Baccarat must-win tips] Players must see!!

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[Baccarat must-win tips] Players must see!! 3

If we want to win baccarat, we must meet the following three conditions:

1. Calm down

When we are at a disadvantage, it is easy to cause panic and fear of losing all our capital. At this point, you must remain calm. Don’t be afraid to lose, keep buying according to the formula. The poker situation isn’t set in stone, it’s bound to turn around and get caught up in our formula. Sooner or later we will turn defeat into victory.

2. patient

Sometimes there is a stalemate in the game, and although there are not many losses, it is always impossible to win several times in a row, resulting in an increasing number of losses. At this time, in addition to calm, but also patience. Do not add random numbers, obey the rules of the formula, and wait patiently. Remember, we have 80 bets of capital in our hands, don’t worry.

3. Don’t be greedy

This is the most important principle that can make us win money.


We start betting on each new table, and as soon as we hit three bets, we close our hands and go to another new table. Do not be greedy, or you will fail with unpredictable consequences.

We are in a casino and only have a half chance of winning. So, we have to make good use of this half chance, after winning three bets on each table (sometimes more than one, for example, winning 1 + 1 + 2 = 4 in a row, 1 + 1 + 2 = 4), immediately give up this table and play another one A new station, the time is the same. We win three bets on a table and twelve bets on four tables. In terms of one hundred yuan a bet, he has won two thousand yuan. This is a winning principle, do not violate it

The last important principle is that:

When we bet to 30 cards, we are still at a disadvantage, and sometimes we may even lose more than 10 or 20 bets! Don’t be afraid, you will win back sooner or later.

When we finally win several times in a row and reach a draw, we should immediately stop and go to the new stage.

We ended up in a draw after 30 draws, and we had nothing to lose except for wasting time. (not including pumping)

This is an important principle and must be followed.

This formula means that every time you go to the casino, the final result is to win money. Our winning formula accounts for a high chance of winning, but there is still a small chance of losing. When we catch all kinds of laws and still fail, and finally lose money. What to do then? Readers can rest assured that the number of bets lost is small, usually between a few and ten bets. We still have seventy stakes in our hands, and we’ll soon be able to get our money back in future bouts and win big.

Readers are invited to practice at home with playing cards (eight decks) or dice. When it is confirmed that you are familiar with the use of the formula, then go to the casino. In the casino, you must make records and pay attention to the chips in your hand. When you win to three bets (or more), or a draw, immediately close your hands and play a new table.

most important:

When betting, even if you have used various methods and still lose five times in a row, stop betting immediately, just make a record, and assume that you are continuing to bet until you win, and then you can really bet again, remember!

Three taboos

(一)no guerrilla attacks

Many people like to walk between each table. When you see the “good way”, place your bet. This is a gambling taboo! Because the good road you see has actually been opened for a period of time. When you bet, it is close to “changing the road”. You can’t catch the good road, but you will hit the losing road again and again. You can’t bet money. bet.

(二)Don’t bet on the second half

Baccarat is calculated on a per round (eight deck) basis. If you use the formula to bet, you must bet on a new platform. In each round, if there is a slight gain, change the platform. If you lose in the first half, you will chase and close in the second half. Don’t be greedy.

The shrewd gambler wins in “character”. If you go to bet in the second half, once you lose, you have no cards to chase! The dividing line between the first half and the second half is the thirtieth shop.

If the game opens to 20 shops, it must be calculated according to the formula. If you have won the specified amount, don’t bet. If you don’t win from the beginning, you can bet.

(三)Never surrender

After losing more than a dozen games in a row, many people are devastated, angry, and leave in anger, but they don’t know that they can turn defeat into victory afterward.

The principle of gambling is to win or lose, there is no possibility that you will win. There are winners and losers in every round. If you win, you have to leave immediately. If you lose, you have to chase slowly. It is not about chasing wins, but chasing draws! Then switch. Remember! ! ! Be sure to bring enough money! ! !

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