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Baccarat Winning Card Search Method Introduction

Baccarat Winning Card Search Method Introduction

Baccarat Winning Card Search Method Introduction

Recently, I have been reading a lot of Western gaming books, and I have learned a lot of professional knowledge about the game from those professional baccarat players in the books; and one of them, I especially appreciate, is the John May who was mentioned in yesterday’s Lace News.

John May is an Englishman who has been on the professional gaming scene for only three years and has made his name known to the world, resulting in a no-welcome ban from over 90% of British casinos. He had to travel abroad to find casinos around the world to attack. He has won big money on everything that is good for skilled players, including blackjack, baccarat, sports gambling, poker, etc.

He has even won big money on some of the more difficult casino games such as roulette. At the age of 24, he has been recruited by major professional gaming casinos (e.g. Lucky Cola Casino, etc.), and has been hired as a technical consultant by several casinos in the United States.

All of the above legendary facts about John May are not his own. Instead, it was another book, Baccarat at Battle, written by connoisseur Frank Scoblete, which was published by the same author, and which was praised by his peers.

In that book, Frank Scoblete interviewed John May to discuss his systematic Baccarat betting techniques. How do you find the way to win at Baccarat? John May first broke into the gaming world when he found a book in a library that taught card-counting, and he used it successfully to build his career.

So card-counting is also the most basic betting technique of John May. The so-called Baccarat card counting method, in fact, has been mentioned in the Baccarat skills column, the basic principle is to give different scores to cards of different points, each card is played, the program will be carried out to add or subtract points.

So as to determine the next shop to open the bank or open a greater chance of leisure, the situation is somewhat like the blackjack card counting method, and this is also a common technique of the general professional casino players.

John May pays special attention to the 4 and 9 cards, if the remaining cards, the 4 is more favorable to open the house, 9 is more favorable to open the leisure.

The so-called card counting method is more advanced, the so-called card searching method, is the casino dealer shuffle, with both eyes to keep an eye on the important cards, such as the position of the 4 and 9 and in what card after the skills are to rely on the usual high-speed shuffle machine, their own home practice baccarat card counting, know that there will be 9 will increase the bet to buy leisure, if there will be 4, then The actual Baccarat betting is to buy a banker.

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