2022 Finals correcting defensive communication in a timely manner and completely blocking the green jersey and double guns are the two keys to building a wave of warriors

Completely block the Celtics’ double guns

The Warriors scored +21 points in the third quarter of this battle, setting a new record for the single-quarter winning point difference in the team’s championship game, and the Warriors caused Celtic to make 5 turnovers in a single quarter, even more than Celtic’s goal. The number (4) is more, and the timely correction of the defensive end is undoubtedly the main reason for the Warriors’ victory. . 

The Warriors who were reversed in G1 of the championship game, G2 continued to face the Celtics at home. The two sides were still inseparable in the early part of the game. At the end of the first two quarters, the Warriors only took a slight lead by 2 points, but in the third quarter, the Warriors The wave of playing the signboard once expanded the lead to 29 points, making the game lose the suspense early, and the Warriors midfielder accepted the victory without any accident, tying the game.

Timely correction of defensive communication creates a wave of Warriors' signatures

Timely correction of defensive communication creates a wave of Warriors’ signatures

The Warriors scored +21 points in the third quarter of this battle, setting a new record for the single-quarter winning point difference in the team’s championship game, and the Warriors caused Celtic to make 5 turnovers in a single quarter, even more than Celtic’s goal. The number (4) is more, and the timely correction of the defensive end is undoubtedly the main reason for the Warriors’ victory.

G1 was scored 21 three-pointers by the opponent, and the perimeter defense was still the defensive goal in the first half of G2. Celtic made 10 three-pointers with a shooting rate of more than 50% in the first two quarters. The Celtics took advantage of the Warriors’ flaws in switching to create opportunities.

However, going into the third quarter, the Warriors switched more decisively, and the defender, who was responsible for guarding the ambush shooter, didn’t overdo it. When it was difficult to create a gap, Celtic made only 2 of 8 shots from the outside in a single quarter.

In the third quarter, the Warriors did a very good job, and they returned to defense very quickly. In the first half, the Warriors were too slow to return to defense and the defense was unclear. Celtic made 3 three-pointers between offense and defense transitions, but in the third quarter, the Warriors were only scored 2 points by their opponents using offense and defense transitions.

The key to improving the Warriors’ peripheral firepower: Make good use of pick-and-rolls

As for the offensive end, the Warriors scored a big explosion in the third quarter, scoring 35 points in a single quarter, including 7 three-pointers, surpassing the sum of the previous two quarters, and the shooting percentage reached an astonishing 58.3%. The key to higher long-range firepower lies in the adjustment of tactics. The Warriors used more and more ball screenings in the second half to create opportunities to manage the opponent’s long man. Except for Jordan Poole’s incredible Logo Shot, other outside goals almost came from In pick-and-roll cover.

Blocking Celtic’s signature cut pass, Warriors bench scheduling changes work

The most amazing thing about the Warriors in this battle is that the team made 15 interceptions and made 18 turnovers for the opponent, which was converted into a score of 33 points. Compared with Celtic who scored 18 points in this link, a huge gap was formed. .

After the G1 match, the Warriors have studied Celtic’s offensive model, and G2 has significantly improved the timing of the opponent’s cut and the timing of the cut. In particular, the big diagonal pass (skip pass) that blocked the opponent’s signature effectively limited the outside C&S opportunities of Celtic’s peripheral shooters. In the last game, Al Horford, Marcus Smart and Derrick White made 15 of 23 shots from the outside, G2 The three combined were just 2-for-7 from the field.

Notable defensive shifts, as well as the Warriors’ change, the G2 coaching staff replaced Andre Iguodala, who was out with a knee injury, as the center of the second team, because Bjelica’s height (206 cm) is better than Iguodala (198 cm) , it can compete with Celtic’s complete penalty area lineup, and more importantly, maintain most of the time. There is almost a long man on the field to protect the frame, so that the front and guard group can not need to shrink too much and expand the defensive range to interfere. The opponent’s pass.

Moreover, Bjelica can not only contribute to assisting defense, but even be pulled out of the periphery to form a dislocation. For example, in this wave of defense below, facing Tatum’s continuous change of hands and dribbling, even if it is accelerated to break through, Bjelica’s cutting path to Tatum The judgment is quite accurate, and he gets to the basket position early, causing him to have no space to shoot and make a fumble error. If Bjelica can continue to maintain a stable defensive output, there is a good chance to replace Iguodala in the next game.

Falling into a defensive trap Tatum, Brown were almost invisible in the second half

Saying goodbye to the low tide of 3-for-17 shooting in G1, Jayson Tatum scored a team-best 28 points in G2, but this game’s plus-minus -36 not only wrote a career low (including the regular season and playoffs), but also Worst record in NBA championship history. Obviously, the team scored the most points, why does the plus-minus value show that the impact he brings to the team is not positive? The reason is that Tatum was blocked in the third quarter and failed to help the team get out of the offense quagmire, but fell into a deep backward.

Tatum’s performance in the second half was different. He scored 21 points in the first two quarters and took 5 three-pointers. Although the Warriors sent a big lock Gary Payton II to guard him, Tatum has a physical advantage. Still have plenty of room to shoot. However, after the easy basket, the Warriors not only returned to Draymond Green and Wiggins to serve him in turn, not letting him easily hold the ball.

Jaylen Brown, Tatum’s two-gun partner, also encountered an offensive bottleneck in this game, shooting less than 30%, especially in the second half. The turning point came at the end of the second quarter. Brown was fouled by Draymond Green after a shot. The two clashed because of some body movements. Although the referee did not add a technical foul in the end, Brown’s mood and rhythm were obviously affected. . Brown scored 15 points in the first two quarters, but only got two more after the clash.

Tatum and Brown, who are only 24 and 25 years old respectively, have failed to stand up when the team needs them. Facing the Warriors with rich championship experience, it seems that there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Facing the upcoming G3…

According to data, after losing in the playoffs this year, the Warriors can win in the next game, and the average winning point is 15.4 points, ranking fifth in the past 50 years, but the fourth is this year’s Celti. Grams, the Celtics were also undefeated in the next game after losing, with an average winning score of 15.5 points, which also shows that Celtic has a good chance of bottoming out after returning to home in G3.

The first step in Celtic’s reorganization may be to consider adjusting the starting roster. The team’s current five-man championship net rating (NetRtg) is -23.1. The hair combo is +32.8.

White, who has performed well recently, may be one of the alternatives worth considering. Among the five-man combinations that have been used for more than 5 minutes in the Celtics Championship, the combination with a positive net efficiency value has his presence. Replacing Robert Williams III with White and the remaining four starters would have a net rating of +10.9. It seems that it should be a good plan to put White on the starter and play small ball.

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