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Grizzlies without Morant deserve recognition

Grizzlies without Morant deserve recognition

In the fourth game of the second round, the Grizzlies master Ja Morant was determined to be absent due to a knee injury, and he will miss all the next playoffs, but after Morant was missing, the Grizzlies first lost a tight match, and today they beat the Warriors in the fifth game. There may be jokes saying the Grizzlies are better than Morant, but the Grizzlies team doesn’t have to be built on denying Morant. 

In the fifth game of the second round of the playoffs, in the face of the adversity of being behind 1:3 before the game, the Grizzlies played a proud battle at their home court, leading the whole game. It is nothing to describe the Warriors as beating up. He led by 27 points at halftime, led by 55 points at the end of the game, and beat the Warriors at 134:95. If the Warriors hadn’t chased points in the fourth quarter and only lost 39 points in the end, they would have written Stephen Curry’s career in the playoffs. The record for the worst loss (the original record was 40 points in the second round of the first round against the Clippers in 2014).

The most respectable thing is that this was done when the ace master Ja Morant was out due to a knee injury, and not only this game, in the fourth game when Morant was determined to be out, the Grizzlies played a good game, the whole game The Grizzlies’ offense was obviously affected by Morant’s absence, but they struggled against the Warriors on defense until the final quarter of the fourth quarter for the battle-hardened Warriors to catch up, before being caught by Curry’s eight free throws at crucial moments. Turning the tide of the battle, the Grizzlies were reversed by the Warriors, but multiple evaluations are not to blame the Grizzlies, but to say that the Grizzlies lost a pity.

At most, some people may question Dillon Brooks, who has a sluggish shooting percentage, Jaren Jackson Jr., who has a few poor shot selections, or Desmond Bane, who fouls at the crucial moment. They are only able to deal with the Warriors to the last minute, even Morant is worthy of recognition. , let alone Morant. From an objective point of view, even though the Grizzlies were very likely to stop in the second round when they were already 1:3 behind, but looking back on the surprises they brought to the fans throughout the season, they can now fight against the lack of main control. Power, this will not be a disappointing ending.

From the tragic defeat in Game 4 to the big victory in Game 5, the Grizzlies did not let the home fans see the end of their season with great dignity, and also let the other three groups tied at 2:2 in the second round of the season. They will not be the first team to be eliminated in the second round, and they once again let everyone see the effectiveness of the team system this season, which is the most proud thing for the entire Grizzlies team and head coach Tyler Jenkins.

It’s just that I don’t really feel the need for some extra words.

Who is missing who is embarrassing?

Regardless of whether it is really our traditional cognition, we always hope to promote teamwork, cooperation, and reduce individualism. In recent years, we have often used that kind of reverse perspective in many discussions. The most common occurrence is when the team lacks a leader, but still plays well. , Even in winning games, as long as the wind direction is correct, the absent main force will even be directly regarded as a role that cannot help the team progress and can only be alone. Winning is not terrible, whoever is missing is embarrassed This kind of jingle also arises. , and is often used in discussions.

Grizzlies without Morant deserve recognition

From this point of view, this season’s Morant and the Grizzlies are the representatives who are most likely to be put into this framework. Although Morant’s performance has grown significantly this season, his 27.4 points and 0.493 shooting percentage are much better than before, but First, his average assists at 6.7 are slightly lower than the first two years of his career. Second, the Grizzlies won 20 wins and 5 losses when he was absent this season, with a winning percentage of 80%. The Suns, who lead the season, have a winning percentage of no more than 0.780, meaning the Grizzlies have a better winning percentage than the league leaders when Morant is out. From time to time, people will dig into the interesting talk that the Grizzlies are stronger without Morant.

But I don’t think that’s necessary. When the Celtics had a poor record in the opening season, there were all kinds of noises in the team. For example, it was mentioned again that Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown didn’t work well together, and even Marcus Smart revealed that they didn’t want to pass the ball, etc. Wait, while Brown missed 8 games in November due to a hamstring injury, the Celtics went 5-3, including beating the tough T-Rex, the defending champion Bucks, and a bumpy, but not yet crashing, three. The Lakers, where the giants are in charge, have caused some voices like reverse Brown in the discussion. Another example is that when the Suns did not renew their contract with Deandre Ayton before the season, there have been some sayings that the Suns don’t necessarily need Ayton throughout the season. , especially when the Suns record this season is soaring, and no matter who is missing, it seems that it will not affect the team’s record.

No matter whether it has changed or not, the season is already very long. After the Celtics have been running in for a whole season, they finally played their best performance this season after joining forces. The Suns have been in the playoffs since last year. Ayton It has always been an indispensable main force in the restricted area, and after Morant is absent, the Grizzlies’ poor attack problem in the second round of the playoffs in the fourth game is also obvious.

It can be affirmed that the team performs well when the star is absent, but there is no need to deny the star. The team strives to play good shots when the main force is absent, in order to show the excellent team fighting strength, not to let people deny the absent main force.

Leafy floor and red flowered ceiling

The Grizzlies did have a solid season without Morant, but minus the 73 points that ripped the Thunder or the 35-point Sixers without Joen Embiid, most games were won with defense, more teamwork, and fewer turnovers. Crucially, this is indeed evident from Morant’s on-off data this season. When Morant was not on the court this season, the Grizzlies’ TOV% decreased, their AST% increased, and their opponent’s ORtg also decreased from 112.6 to 107.1.

Leafy floor and red flowered ceiling

It must be affirmed that the Grizzlies backup point guard Tyus Jones, although his scoring this season has only increased slightly compared with the previous year, but the overall offensive quality is excellent. The eFG% of 0.524 is the second highest in his career, only higher than the career high in the 2017-18 season. He was slightly less than two thousandths in 2018, but this season he took nearly twice as many shots as he did in the previous year, but he was able to maintain a similar shot contribution. As the percentage of possessions increased, Jones’ shooting percentage dropped in 2018-19, and despite the increase in assists, it couldn’t actually be converted into a contribution.

However, Jones, who got the opportunity this time, has substantially improved. In addition to the above-mentioned shooting data, which has written a career high standard, this season’s turnover rate of only 7.3 is the lowest in his career, and the assist-to-turnover ratio is a terrifying 7.0, far ahead of all players in the league. The well-known Chris Paul has only 4.6), and all the advanced defensive statistics are also positive, which means that Jones has a good defense, a lot of assists, and a low turnover this season. When he replaced Morant, although his personal scoring strategy Down, but it can maintain the Grizzlies’ team operation, while helping the team in defense and organization.

But in the playoffs, Morant is actually a huge help to the Grizzlies. Maybe only 143 minutes of the sample is not too much. However, before the crazy bombing of the second round of Game 5, when Morant was not on the court, the Grizzlies were not on the court. The ORtg will drop sharply from 115.5 with him on the court to 95.5, which shows that the Grizzlies still need Morant, the ultimate weapon, to break the enemy in the high-intensity battlefield of the playoffs.

Grizzlies without Morant deserve recognition

This is the gap between the team’s floor and ceiling. In the regular season, the team can rely on the floor and the team to overcome difficulties. However, in the playoffs, even if it can still rely on the team to fight sometimes, there will still be high-intensity battlefields that only To be able to rely on the star to cover the sky with unstoppable power, just like the Bucks-Celtic battle earlier today, although most of the focus will be on Marcus Smart being completely blocked by Jrue Holiday at the last minute, But in such a scorched-earth battle, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Holiday repeatedly challenged the Celtics with their personal power, which was the key to the Bucks’ counterattack. The Grizzlies’ final reversal show against Curry in the fourth game of the Warriors was also a display of the star’s personal power.

It’s not to erase Luye’s efforts, but when the player ceilings are different, the help they can bring to the team is also different. Basketball is of course not a selfish sport. Players who can’t work well with the team can be even if their personal power is strong. When faced with a difficult situation, a truly strong team definitely needs a strong system and star power to go further. Many commentators will praise stories such as the Pistons knocking down the Lakers in 2004 or the Mavericks beating the Heat in 2011. This is indeed worthy of recognition. But it doesn’t mean that all teams have to adopt such a simple team style, and the Lakers themselves collapsed in 2004. In 2011, in addition to the Heat’s LeBron James, the Mavericks also had Dirk Nowitzki’s star contribution, which are elements that cannot be ignored.

The Grizzlies without Morant can be a strong team, but only after Morant is in the team and has experienced more running-in with the team, the Grizzlies can really be a strong contender for the championship. The ceiling of representation should not be the mutual exclusion of the reverse perspective, but the cognition of the coexistence of the two.

Grizzlies’ future after big win

Grizzlies' future after big win

The Warriors played absurdly and the Grizzlies made a good heart in the second half. This is undoubtedly a classic battle in the history of the Grizzlies in the playoffs. Considering this is the absence of Morant, the performance of the Grizzlies team is more worthy of recognition. In all fairness, such a crazy attack by the Grizzlies will not be the norm, nor will the Warriors be so sluggish. The possibility of the Warriors winning any victory and closing the door in the next two games should still be greater than being defeated by the Grizzlies with a 3:1 lead. Flip it over.

Although the Grizzlies have a better record than the Warriors this season and have a higher seeding ranking than the Warriors in the playoffs, it is also a fact that the Warriors are more optimistic in this series. Since the Grizzlies traded Marc Gasol, Mike Conley Jr., bid farewell to the last two generals of Grit & Grind and drafted Morant in 2019, the Grizzlies opened a new era for the team, and in just three years, the team has With two playoff appearances and the second-best record in the league this season, it’s clear that this freshman Grizzlies lineup, featuring Morant and JJJ, has built a new culture of its own and is heading in the right direction.

If the Grizzlies want to challenge for the championship one day, maybe they need to do the next step of rectification, like the 2019 Tyrannosaurus and the 2020 Bucks have made a last-ditch effort, and finally let them win the championship, but it takes a lot of The reasons are in place at the same time, and we can discuss it at that time. At least for now, we can confirm that the Grizzlies already have a stable core. It is conceivable that they will renew their contract with Morant in advance this summer. The lineup of Morant/Bane/JJJ will continue. For a few years, at least in modest west Tennessee, the Grizzlies will be the NBA’s toughest team.

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