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Hotel Lisboa Casino Macau

Hotel Lisboa Casino Macau
Hotel Lisboa Casino Macau 8

When it comes to casino hotels in Macau, we have to mention the Lisboa Hotel of Macau’s gambling king Stanley Ho. Today, we would like to introduce the new Lisboa Hotel located next to it, which has been well received by gamblers since its completion in 2007 and has become one of the new landmarks in Macau.

The Hotel Lisboa Macau is located at the end of Avenida de Lisboa, Macau, and is under the same roof as the Hotel Lisboa. In 2008, the hotel became the second tallest building after the Macau Tower and the first seven-star five-star hotel in Macau.

The Portuguese style Lisboa Macau is a cylindrical building with a unique shape that looks like a birdcage from a distance. The new Lisboa is the latest masterpiece by a world class designer after the Bruj Arab Hotel in Dubai. The hotel has a torch-like appearance, which means that the hotel will be able to resolve the fortune of Wynn Macau, and the casino’s exterior is decorated in the shape of a sharp knife, which means that it will kill three parties.

Room Introduction

There are 430 luxurious rooms in the Grand Lisboa, equipped with high-tech facilities such as Turkish steam bath, 60cm diameter shower, whirlpool bathtub, etc., to make every guest feel like they are in a private spa.

In addition, each room at Grand Lisboa is equipped with a multi-million dollar family theater system, which is designed to ensure that each guest enjoys the highest level of hospitality.

Room Introduction
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Room Introduction
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Restaurant Introduction

At Grand Lisboa, you can taste the flagship restaurant of Hong Kong and Macau, the three-star Michelin Guide restaurant, which has been awarded three stars in the Michelin Guide for five consecutive years, with its signature dish of black truffle crumble with steamed egg and asparagus. Eighty percent of the restaurant’s ingredients are imported from France, and the menu changes monthly. For private parties or banquets, 8 Restaurant, a three-Michelin-starred fine dining Chinese restaurant, is the place to be, with a focus on exquisite dim sum and exquisite new Cantonese cuisine. The restaurant is designed by a renowned Hong Kong designer and features a unique layout with Chinese elements and a number of individual VIP rooms, making it the best venue for political and business guests.

Restaurant Introduction
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Restaurant Introduction
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