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When Andrew Wiggins finally remembers he's an All-Star starter - how far is the Warriors from a championship?

How far are the Warriors from the championship?

Wiggins’ defense has long been a part of the Warriors’ victory. Without his rivals’ leading star in every game, the Warriors would not have won the championship. From the silence after the star game to the rekindling of the playoffs, how far can Wiggins help the Warriors in the playoffs…?

I believe this year’s All-Star Game voting will definitely go down in history – a 3D player who beat many players to become the Star Game starter! ? Aside from the moisture problem, it is certain that this is definitely the highest glory since Wiggins debuted. 

However, the past health care brothers and point control masters are not fake. After the Happy Star Weekend, Wiggins’ performance in the second half of the season plummeted – shooting percentage decreased by 5.6%, three-point shooting percentage decreased by 7.7%, free throw percentage It is only 56.3% left!

Just when we were worried about his old problems coming back, Wiggins took the initiative to prove himself in the playoffs.

 Wiggins to become the series MVP

Now that the Western Conference Championship is in full swing, the Warriors unexpectedly and somewhat unsurprisingly won three consecutive victories. According to statistics, there has never been a team in NBA history that can turn over in such a desperate situation.

In terms of first credit, it is definitely Stephen Curry, who is averaging 28 points per game and shooting 48.3% from three points in the current series, but remember when I reviewed the second round, who was awarded the MVP of the series? Yep, another mention of Andrew Wggins.

My comments to Wiggins from the last series were:

Some people say that Wiggins maintains health and lacks ambition. After two and a half years of observation, I think he is very clear about his ability. Knowing that he can’t dribble the ball, so he reduces singles and does more finishing; he knows that his static quality is amazing, so he focuses on defense and fights hard.

Perhaps this does not constitute a reason for Wiggins to become the series MVP, so I add another paragraph below:

Some people may question that Wiggins is not as good as the three waves in terms of data, but in my opinion, compared to the three shooters who take turns to strike, Wiggins has a stable output, and puts his energy on the defensive end, doing what he can do. Doing things the best, averaging 3.3 offensive rebounds per game is a show of his hard work.

The above is where Wiggins performed outstandingly in the second round. Compared with the opponents in the second round, the Mavericks in the Western Championship are completely weaker in terms of physical fitness, which also makes Wiggins’ outstanding performance even more abrupt.

(After three games, I believe everyone is absolutely amazed at Wiggins’ defense. No matter what tricks the Lone Ranger uses, Wiggins is almost sticking to Luka’s side like chewing gum.)

After watching the above highlight, fans should be able to experience the sense of oppression. You must know that when a player with one of the best physical conditions can use defensive footwork and IQ to defend the attacker, it is really true for the attacker. would be quite suffocating.

The scary thing is that Luka Doncic is still averaging 34 points per game in this defensive environment. Of course, some of the points were achieved by dislocation, but when he played against Wiggins, he averaged 17.3 points per game from his head, shooting 53.1% and 46.7% of the three-pointers.

Writing this paragraph is not to belittle Wiggins. On the contrary, when we realize how strong Luka is, we can better appreciate Wiggins’ hard work.

So you say Wiggins can’t keep it? I don’t think so, in fact a lot of the time it’s Doncic’s Tough Shot, which is Wiggins’ job to make him uncomfortable.

Of course, you can still say that Luka’s shooting percentage is very high, then let’s look at another excellent one-on-one defender: In the second round of the Mavericks, when Luka Doncic played against Mikal Bridges, the shooting percentage and the three-point shooting percentage were respectively to 58.1%, 50.0%. Apparently, even Bridges, the DPOY’s top voter, couldn’t help him.

Personally, I think that the Warriors will face Doncic in this round a bit like they met Jokic in the first round. In short, they will let you play singles; but they will not let you organize. Therefore, for the Warriors and Wiggins, consuming Luka is the most important thing, as for how many points he gets, it is second.

 although Wiggins does not have a dribble

After talking about defense, let’s talk about offense.

As mentioned in the mid-season analysis, although Wiggins does not have a dribble, he will be a very good finisher with excellent static conditions, especially after catching the ball with two shots, it is one of the types he is good at.

Currently, after three games in the Western Conference finals, he is averaging 20.7 points per game while shooting 47.1 percent from the field and 38.9 percent from 3-point range.

Although I’m never a shooter, I don’t worry about Wiggins’ spot-up shooting from the point of view of shooting mechanics and past shooting percentages. As long as he is given a chance, he can still punish the opponent. As for the singles, I probably gave up, after all his dribbling is really bad…

However, what I want to emphasize here is: hard work.

As mentioned earlier, Wiggins averaged 3.3 offensive rebounds per game in the second round and entered the Western Conference finals. He currently averages 3 per game! I must say, this is what I was looking forward to. As I said in the game analysis, when Dorian Finney-Smith and Kleber/Powell were pulled out of the paint by Green Curry, it was a good opportunity for Wiggins, Porter and others to rush to the offensive rebound. ! Now it seems that he really has a grasp on it.

The part of positivity, I don’t need to say more! ? From this dunk in Game 3, it can be seen that he has long since lost his health (in the past, it should be a mid-range or throwing shot).

We all know that in order to win championships in recent years, there must be a reliable wing in the team, and there is no doubt that Wiggins is the Warriors’ number one hope in this regard. At present, it seems that he is indeed in a position to take on this heavy responsibility. Although the offensive end cannot ask him to save the team like Kawhi Leonard, but the stable point control (huh?), coupled with the defensive end staring each other every game The ace, Wiggins is now undoubtedly an important puzzle piece for the Warriors to compete for the championship.

How far is the distance between the Warriors and the champion? Although before the Western Conference finals started, I was the one who sang the Warriors, to be honest, I never expected the current situation. And just when we assume that the Warriors will enter the championship game, whether they are facing the Celtics or the Heat, there are some of the league’s best wing superstars waiting for Wiggins.

Maybe he can’t change much on the offensive end, but if the Warriors want to win the championship, Wiggins’ restriction on Butler/Tatum will be the key. In other words, if Wiggins can’t output high quality on the defensive end, it will be difficult for the Warriors to win the championship.

Therefore, if the warriors really return to glory, then in addition to those big brothers, Wiggins’ contribution is definitely not a problem.

Although it’s a bit inexplicable, I want to say that it’s better to be a little shocked in the end:

Andrew Wiggins will win this year’s Finals MVP.

Uh… this is of course irresponsible prediction.

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