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Jeju casino still considering setting up online casino to accept bets

Jeju Casino Still Considering Online Casino

Jeju casino still considering setting up online casino to accept bets

South Korea’s semi-autonomous island of Jeju is still considering the possibility of allowing its brick-and-mortar casinos to offer remote gambling to foreign players via the Internet as a way to boost business under Covid-19’s travel restrictions, according to local media reports, Pandemic. The proposal was mentioned in October of last year.

But the resort island has dropped a proposal that it might try to offer casino gambling to Korean nationals. Currently, its casino (shown here) is only available to foreigners.

According to several Korean-language media reports, Jeju authorities have received some opposition to the idea of allowing domestic customers to gamble at Jeju venues. The opposition includes residents of Gangwon Province, where Gangwon Land Company operates the only Korean casino that currently allows bets to be placed with domestic customers.

According to local media reports, a study on the potential of opening Jeju Island to domestic players – which requires approval from the national government – and a study on online gambling was completed last September.

A report was subsequently submitted to the Jeju provincial authorities, which at the time raised objections to the domestic competition.

The Jeju government announced Wednesday (Jan. 5) that it will develop and implement the second Jeju Casino Business Package covering the period from 2022 to 2026 inclusive, but does not plan to introduce casinos for local tourists.

In November, at an online and offline conference called the Jeju International Casino Policy Forum, a Korean academic suggested that remote gambling via cryptocurrency or credit card payments should be considered a business model for Jeju casinos.

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