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From 8 points to 33 points Karl-Anthony Towns beats Fury and resurrects the playoffs!

Karl-Anthony Towns is back in the playoffs!

For me, I’m just turning anger into more positive energy and putting the focus of my life on my family is like taking a sedative pill to calm myself down, KAT said, giving a green The giant Hulk has a sense of sight, and he is indeed like a beast in Game4, which makes the gray wolf a strong tie.

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Karl-Anthony Towns is back in the playoffs! 3

Before the Grizzlies and Grizzlies’ Game 4, Karl-Anthony Towns was in a state of anger, disappointed with himself, and angry with himself — after all, he only scored 8 points in the previous game, and his performance was terrible.

The playoff stage was not very friendly to KAT, he either didn't play like himself, or disappeared at the crucial moment, like poor decision making, foul trouble, inability to handle double teams... almost all of his flaws He was all spread out in the sun, making him worthless by some media, and it was difficult for even local reports to cheer him up.

In such an unfavorable situation, players usually have two choices, fight or flight, to accept the challenge head-on, or to stay away from criticism and pretend that nothing happened.

And our Towns chose the former, faced difficulties, proved everything with actions, strived for the best performance possible, pulled the team back from the gate of hell, and prevented the Grey Wolves from facing the endangered situation of 1 to 3.

On the day when the series was tied at 2-2, he only used 17 shots to bet 33 points and 14 rebounds for the team, and successfully counterattacked at the Grizzlies’ home court. This is also the single-game scoring high of his playoff career. Compared with the low tide of Game3, it can really only be described as a big resurrection.

Towns played aggressively on the perimeter, attacking his matchup more aggressively and decisively, preventing the Grizzlies from executing their vaunted double-team strategy.

He began to make the right decisions. When necessary, he scored the ball outwards, seized the advantage of dislocation and forcibly walked into the basket to score points. The rest of the time, he played high and pulled up for jumpers. This kind of KAT is gray. The wolf that the wolf needs. He’s going to have to be the best player on the field if he’s going to open the series.

When I get the ball, I get angry, Towns used the word angry to express his emotions, giving a Hulk-like déjà vu.

I was full of anger, no matter what they did to me, I just wanted to find a way to get the ball in. Even if they sent three or four people to guard me, and the head coach would interfere with me on the sidelines, I didn’t care. , I have to dominate everything.

Towns strikes a just right balance between passing and scoring, and gives back the fouls of those games — he made 17 free throws in total, forcing Jaren Jackson Jr. After graduation, Xavier Tillman, who started in place of Steven Adams, also swallowed five fouls (only 15 minutes and 32 seconds), which made the Grizzlies’ restricted area suffer.

He achieved the goal set for him by head coach Chris Finch, reversing the dilemma of 5 fouls and 4 turnovers with only 4 shots in the previous game. Such ambition has turned into good results, at least in Game4.

Too much is too much, Towns is usually a good gentleman, and a sudden runaway can be a double-edged sword, resulting in poor shot selection, passing errors and avoidable fouls, just like the playoffs against the Clippers.

However, in this crucial battle, he was obviously not like that. He was angry, but also focused, not forgetting the mission he was given. He took out all the bad emotions of the past few days and let them drive him to become a stronger existence, incarnating into an unstoppable monster.

Towns came on the court with a lot of emotion and provided an incredible amount of motivation for his game. Luckily he channeled that (anger) into his game, not something else we didn’t want to see, head coach Finch said in his own words. ‘s point of view explains that he believes that being emotional when necessary is not entirely a bad thing.

KAT admitted that he had encountered a similar situation before, but this time he decided to seek help from people who supported him, such as his family, friends, girlfriends, to get through this difficult time together.

He spends some time playing with his nephews and niece, focusing on the things that make life special and fulfilling, so that there is no chance for crankiness and helps to find inner peace.

For me, I’m just turning my anger into more positive energy and focusing my life on my family, it’s like taking a chill pill to calm myself down, he said. Towns uses a very vivid metaphor to describe an individual’s mood shift.

I understand there’s another game, there’s another chance to show the outside world who I am, so there’s no rush.

In this way, he once again tore off the label that was affixed, not the weak and clumsy big man, but a first-class player with superior skills and dominance. Even teammate Anthony Edwards said Tonight I will see it. To the strongest long man in the league, in the eyes of Grey Wolves fans, Game4’s Towns is so good and so good.

Less than 24 hours later, the Grey Wolves were again fighting in front of a packed crowd. It is uncertain whether there will be protesters this time. There have been three accidents that interrupted the game recently, but they all have to focus on the court and find a way to win the next two wins.

The Grizzlies have the ability to build a substantial lead. Game3 and Game4 have such moments, but the Grizzlies always chased back with perseverance, reviving the seemingly unsuspenseful game.

Opponents never fall down easily, and since that’s the case, Gray Wolf can’t have a moment to relax.

Like Game 4 not long ago, even though Towns had such an excellent performance and once expanded the lead to double digits, the Grizzlies were still able to force only one point behind in the distal quarter. Luckily, Towns has a way to find a way to get around it, using Finch’s off-the-ball screen for him to hit a rare 3-pointer.

After the timeout, Towns looked at his old father who was sitting on the sidelines. He and Ja Morant’s dad were a steal in this series, and both showed unbelievable love for their sons.

I’ll take the ball, Towns insisted, and finally did.

This crucial perimeter allowed the Timberwolves to temporarily relieve the crisis. The game still had 5 minutes and 38 seconds to end, and they held a four-point lead, which was a fairly safe point difference.

The gate, which the grizzly bear finally knocked open, is gradually closing. With Tyus Jones missing a chance to tie the game and Anthony Edwards hitting the next two free throws, the Timberwolves’ lead extended to five.

At this moment, the Timberwolves fans couldn’t hold back their excitement and chanted the slogan Wolves in six in unison, but Dillon Brooks proved it was too early with his actions, and a cold-blooded three-pointer once again narrowed the gap to 2. points, the situation is tense.

However, the hero of this game is destined to be KAT. The Grizzlies implemented foul tactics, and he firmly locked two free throws, and said confidently that the game was over the moment he was fouled.

I’m not worried at all. It’s really nothing to say. If you throw out, you know you’ll get in, Towns looked relaxed after saying goodbye to the pressure.

When I got up (to the free throw line), I wasn’t nervous at all, I was just thinking about what to eat after the game.

Towns refused to back down from this pivotal moment, looking forward to more similar moments to come. He is ready to take any challenge and overcome it, overcome it.

I just did my job, that’s all.

From anger, indifference, to equanimity, no one knows how Towns actually adjusts himself in a high-pressure situation, but as long as he can maintain such a state and win the game in peace, the Grey Wolves will not be able to advance.

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