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Survival in Despair Luka Doncic soared 30 points and 14 rebounds, the Lone Ranger 1-3 Western Conference finals kept alive

Lone Ranger 1-3 Western Conference finals to keep

I still believe we can win, you know, Doncic said, as he always did. Whether we get swept or not, if we lose in the end, we really lose. It doesn’t matter how much we won today, we have to play game after game — believe it until the very end. 

"I still believe we can win, you know," Doncic said
Lone Ranger 1-3 Western Conference finals to keep 3

Although the mysterious number 0-2 didn’t work, the Dallas Mavericks’ Last Stand passive skill still exists. They reborn in a seemingly hopeless Game 4, defending their home win 119-109 and extending the battle to Game 5.

Luka Doncic played 37 minutes and 42 seconds in this campaign, contributing 30 points, 14 rebounds and 9 assists, with two interceptions and two blocks each. In addition to Luka’s all-around performance, the Lone Ranger has a total of six players who scored in double figures, and the team made 20 of 43 three-pointers. The resilience of the bottom rebound should be encouraged.

In fact, this is their first three-game losing streak since the beginning of December this season. As for the 0-3 absolute backwardness, it is reminiscent of the tragic tragedy of the first round of the playoffs against the Thunder in the first round of the playoffs in 2011. , this time they refused to bow their heads and avoid the fate of being swept by the warriors.

I still believe we can win, you know, Doncic said, as he always did.

Whether we get swept or not, if we lose in the end, we really lose. It doesn’t matter how much we won today, we have to play game after game — believe it until the very end.

Unlike the mentality embraced by the Warriors, the Lone Ranger may face the last battle to get together with each other. So, after a moment of silence for the tragic Texas shooting, they are united again under the leadership of Jason Kidd to turn their attention to the challenges ahead.

At the end of the first quarter, the Lone Ranger led 28-24, and continued to expand the point difference to 15 points at halftime, laying the foundation for the non-stop offensive in the third quarter.

When we got back into the lounge, everyone felt there was more to play, Dorian Finney-Smith said, describing the team’s high morale as desperate, as he scored 23 points on the night.

We fought hard, and we were desperate and unreserved.

For the Lone Ranger fans, the third quarter was a particularly tense moment, because they lost 10, 12 and 9 points in the first three games in this quarter, which can be called a watershed between the winners and losers.

However, tonight they were safe and took a 99-70 lead after three quarters, but there was a problem with the ceiling and the referee had to temporarily suspend the game.

This is the second time in nearly two months that the Mavericks’ home AAC has had a roof leak. The venue staff quickly took out towels and wiped the floor, while the live DJ played naughty music related to rainy days, such as Rihanna’s Umbrella, bringing a lot of joy to the embarrassing scene.

Of course, what is even more fitting is the Lone Ranger’s three-point offensive. In the first half, he made 11 of 23 shots, with a hit rate approaching 50%, like a downpour, and hit the Warriors violently. Maybe as long as there is a heart, everyone can be a short-lived brother in the waves.

Doncic is no stranger to scenes like this. The last time Boban Marjanovic jumped for a long time because of a broken rim, and the game was delayed for about 43 minutes before it could start again.

This time for different reasons, but now that he has a big lead, Doncic decides to take it easy. When he was asked if he could urge the ball to fix the leak, he threw the question to his big brother Dirk Nowitzki to create another laugh.

I wish I had this ability, but I’ll ask Dirk first, after all, he has deep feelings for this building.

He is really a good student who respects the elders and respects the virtuous.

Back to the game, Kerr actually removed most of the main players at the end of the third quarter, implying that he did not want to fight to the death in this game, and the outcome was left to the next battle.

However, something probably went wrong in the middle. The Warriors’ backup team did not seem to receive Kerr’s script, and they played better and better without pressure, and even forced Doncic, who was about to get off work, to come back.

Jordan Poole, Damion Lee, Nemanja Bjelica, and the Warriors’ rookie duo Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody had an excellent tacit understanding, and the zone defense was also effective. When there were 3 minutes and 23 seconds left in the game, the Warriors chased the gap to only 8 points left.

Later, Doncic scored a dunk after a timeout, and Reggie Bullock hit the sixth 3-pointer in a single game, sweeping away the haze of 0-for-10 the day before yesterday and bringing the lead back to double digits.

This turned the Mavericks’ epic series around and still had a glimmer of life.

It’s not just a game, Kidd said. Now we’re talking about a ‘journey’ and how we can bounce back.

In the history of the NBA playoffs, no team has been able to reverse the comeback and advance after falling behind 0-3 in the series.

Before the Mavericks, such an example had been staged 146 times, and no one had ever succeeded.

But all events called miracles start from the impossible.

Since this duel combination is so beautiful and it makes people feel reluctant to end it, you might as well keep watching with anticipation and see how things will develop.

Being able to witness the end of the story with my own eyes is sometimes a rare happiness.

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