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Lucky Cola Casino-Promotion-Agent Special Bonus

Lucky Cola Online Casino-Promotion-Agent Special Bonus
Lucky Cola Casino-Promotion-Agent Special Bonus 3

Event Time2022/03/01 00:00 – 2022/06/30 23:59

Agent Special Bonus

Event Details: 

All agent’s player(Current week) top 3 with the highest bet volume,can get bonus.

Total bet of the week(Agent playersl bet) top 1 agent can get 10000 PHP

Total bet of the week(Agent playersl bet) top 2 agent can get  5000 PHP

Total bet of the week(Agent playersl bet) top 3 agent can get  2000 PHP

The top 3 agents with the highest weekly total bet will be announced on our Facebook fan page and Telegram channel.

The list will be announced every Tuesday at 12 noon

Apply at customer service before 14:00pm, if the agent did not receive it or exceeds the time, it will be regarded as given up.

Bonus application method and requirements:

New members contact LUCKYCOLA online customer service

1. Event 

2. Username 

3. Agent players must deposit any amount to participate in this event

4.Wager limit is multiply by 1


  1. Players can participate in this event by registering and depositing at LUCKYCOLA.
  2. If you want to participate in this activity, you must manually apply for the bonus activity on the website (it will not be automatically issued).
  3. Bonus can only be collected from the customer service before 14:00 pm every Tuesday, if exceeds the time, it will be regarded as given up.
  4. Bonus will be issued to the game account
  5. A deposit of any amount is required to participate in this event

Event rules and terms:

1. If you did not apply for bonus at LUCKYCOLA customer service before playing the game within 24 hours after depositing, after betting or applying after the time limit has expired, it will be deemed as given up. If you have successfully submitted the application at LUCKYCOLA online customer service, the system will review and process the bonus within 2 hours.

2. This promotion is limited to a single player, a single account, a single contact information, a single payment account, a single IP and a single computer environment to participate in. Anyone who gains the bonus by illegal means, the LUCKYCOLA organizer has the right to adjust the content of the event. 

3.All games must have a win or loss calculation. Any cancelled events, games and risk-free bets will not be counted as valid bets for this event.

4. LUCKYCOLA has the right to adjust the content of the event, and can modify and stop this promotion at any time without prior notice. If the member is found to have violated the promotion rules or used any improper means to obtain the promotion, the member can cancel the distribution of the award, and claim back the profit generated by the award.。 

5.Risk-free bets are void bets, and the following are void bets. Casino: In the same round of Baccarat, Sic Bo or Roulette, bet Banker and Player at the same time, Odd and Even/Black and Red. Stadium: Betting on two teams at the same time on the same match. (※ Cross-level is not included in the effective amount), Colored balls: bet on odd/even/big/big/small/single-double/ball color combination at the same time at the same time. 

LUCKYCOLA discounts are only distributed by this website. Members are requested to check the promotions on the official website. If there are disputes arising from the discounts obtained through other channels, the company will not be responsible for it!

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