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Moses Moody, the Warriors' rising star on defense from Small Soldiers

Moses Moody, Warriors’ rising star

Steve Kerr called Moody’s name out of nowhere — it was a stalemate, the Western Conference finals, Game 2, the fourth quarter, and our 19-year-old Warriors recruit was going straight to the field. Although Draymond gave him a lot of encouragement, playing the BOSS as soon as he debuted was more exciting than killing Huaxiong with warm wine… . 

Moses Moody  Moses Moody
Moses Moody, Warriors' rising star 3

Playing in the playoffs in the first year of his career is a rare experience, but Moses Moody stayed on the bench like a spectator most of the time, playing only four games in the first two rounds, playing about 30 minutes.

In the Western Conference finals, he only played the last five minutes in Game 1, but by then the Warriors had a huge lead, and his task was not very important, just to run the rest of the time.

So no one was surprised when he didn’t play after the first three quarters of Game 2.

No one expected that head coach Steve Kerr called his name out of nowhere — in the stalemate fourth quarter, our 19-year-old recruit Moody was about to go out on a mission.

In the Western Finals, Game 2, and the fourth quarter, playing the BOSS as soon as they debuted is more exciting than killing Huaxiong with warm wine.

With Damion Lee struggling, Kerr, known for his daring style, decided to go out of the box and give the young man on the bench a chance. At the moment of the enemy, Draymond Green also specially built Moody’s psychology, which is said to be an inspirational speech.

That means a lot to me, because it was the fourth quarter of the playoffs, Moody said in an interview.

He was not so sure in his heart, and even felt that Draymond was qualified to oppose him playing — unexpectedly, he was the one who gave him the most confidence.

He had a lot of confidence in my play, thinking I could do well, recalls Moody. Even Senior Draymond believed in himself, he couldn’t give up easily.

Moody only played in the fourth quarter that day, playing 9 minutes and 35 seconds, but helped the Warriors from a two-point deficit all the way to a 126-117 victory. His tenacious defense, perfect return of coach Kerr’s trust, is another key to the comeback other than Kevon Looney.

Looney contributed 21 points and 12 rebounds that day. The best moment came in the third quarter. He made 5 of 6 shots and contributed 11 points and 5 rebounds. Moody, on the other hand, was taking over in the fourth quarter. arrogance.

The so-called killing Cheng Yaojin halfway is probably the case.

In Game 3 and Game 4, the vigorous and vigorous Moody played for 16 and 24 minutes respectively, and spent a lot of time in charge of guarding Luka Doncic, allowing the Warriors to face Gary Payton II’s injury and to see new hope for the lock in the backcourt.

So, why did Steve Kerr, who was dubbed crazy Kerr scientist by fans, choose to use Moody?

He played well against the Mavericks in the regular season. Against Luka Doncic, we had to play a lot of physicality. Moses was a tough defender with good height and strength, and he was high-spirited and always positive. Card slot, very active.

But everything has to be gradual, and for Moody, he also needs to take some time to prepare himself.

I’m used to that kind of environment, coming into the game with nothing, and building everything up on my own, Moody once said, before Game 3 started playing.

In that case, I deserve this opportunity. Because I ‘win’ it with my own hands, I cherish it even more and think it is extremely valuable.

Moody also recalled that since playing high school basketball in Florida, he learned to honor himself for the purpose. To be more precise, it can be regarded as have to learn.

As a sophomore in high school, Moody averaged 18.6 points, 7.2 rebounds and 3.1 assists, with 2.1 interceptions and 1.4 blocks per game. He led North Little Rock to the Class 7A state championship with his all-round skills.

After a glorious year in 2018, he decided to transfer in his third year of high school and came to Montverde Academy, a powerful and prestigious school, starting from scratch.

There, Moody was no longer the team’s No. 1 star, but he was still able to average 11.6 points per game and put Montverde at No. 1 in the country in 2019-20 with a perfect 25-0 record.

As for his teammates, one is more dazzling than the other, including the No. 1 pick in the 2021 draft, Cade Cunningham, and the newly released NBA Rookie of the Year, Scottie Barnes.

In their draft, a total of seven players came from the undefeated Montverde team, who himself was selected with the 14th overall pick to fight alongside Jonathan Kuminga with the seventh overall pick.

When I moved to Montverde, no one knew me, and I wasn’t guaranteed a place on the team, Moody said, recalling his high school experience and sharing many similarities with today.

The environment was competitive, everyone was fighting, and I had a setback — because I was injured. But the reality is that I had to forge my own path and make myself more competitive.

However, he also soon met his Bole. The head coach of the University of Arkansas, Eric Musselman, quickly saw what made him special — the mentality and work ethic of being an NBA player.

Moody is always shooting extra rehearsal after practice, and he doesn’t let it go in his spare time. The point is that no one asks him to do it.

As the 2020 McDonald’s All-American, Moody spends some time in the practice room every day to make sure he’s in good shape. In addition, when he changes his identity again and becomes a freshman for the team, he can also discard his past achievements and sincerely accept constructive criticism and advice.

All in all, Musselman sees it and credits Moody’s parents, Kareem and Rona, for the good character. They taught their son what a professional spirit is, and let him play like a professional player and live like a professional player, rigorous and disciplined.

Moses’ parents are incredible, and they realize that their children are special, with unique talents and mindsets, Musselman said in an interview.

As soon as freshmen come in, do they know how to persevere in practice? Do they know how to prepare their bodies and how to train? If there is a 10 out of 10 on this scale, Moses would definitely be the one with a solid 10. place.

He’s always in the practice room, taking care of his body the right way, like a pro for 15 years. When he’s shooting, he’s never wearing a wireless headset, or a speaker, or even a word. He can’t say anything – his concentration is unimaginable.

One time we had an unofficial game and he was struggling and couldn’t finish near the rim, so I talked to him. The next day, I saw him with two sparring partners. In practice layups, impact pads and protective gear are readily available.

I didn’t ask him to do this training. I just explained to him what I saw and how to deal with the problem, and he started to practice spontaneously.

This is Moses Moody in Musselman’s eyes, like a silent gem, but sooner or later it will shine.

In the 2020-21 season, Moody, who played for his hometown team Arkansas, averaged 16.8 points and 5.8 rebounds per game, while shooting 35.8 percent from the outside and 81.2 percent from the free throw line.

Soon after, he was drafted 14th overall by the Golden State Warriors, ready to join Kuminga, who had been honing in the G League for a year.

However, something very impressive happened at that time. Former NBA center and current ESPN commentator, Kendrick Perkins accidentally mispronounced his name after the draft, arranged and combined it several times.



At that point in time, it was okay for him to do that. After all, I haven’t achieved anything in the NBA, Moody said flatly. Although his name is not as special as Giannis Antetokounmpo, a stranger may still not remember it.

In Arkansas, nobody messes with my name, but now is the time to bring it to a national audience and let everyone know who I am!

At that time, Moody made a rhetoric, and the dream was coming true little by little.

With the Warriors not aiming to rebuild this year, Moody didn’t get the chance to play as much on his home team as other lottery picks. Even so, Musselman, the university’s mentor, was happy to see the success, and was delighted to see his disciples go to San Francisco.

Because of some of the interviews the team had with him, his character, and his ability to read basketball, I kind of felt like the Warriors would be his last, Musselman recalled, and assistant coach Ronnie Brewer agreed.

It’s a perfect position for Moses. As long as a player can gain experience of winning, at any time, his career will have an opportunity to strengthen.

Looking back at the regular season, Moody averaged 4.4 points in 11.7 minutes and started 11 times in 52 games.

Compared to the more physically fit Kuminga, Moody’s spotlight was dimmer, and he wasn’t even selected for the All-Star Week Rookie Tournament. But Moody is still working silently, and let people see the future in him — like on March 7, he set a career-high 30 points against the Nuggets, which surprised many fans.

He should be so good, but the time has not come. Jordan Poole has come this way.

In the G-League, Moody can be described as killing the Quartet. During his time with the Santa Cruz Warriors, he averaged 27.4 points, 6.2 rebounds and 1.6 steals in 32.3 minutes per game. Even so, he spent a lot of time with Jama Mahlalela, letting the excellent assistant coach help him re level up.

After going through a lot of hardships, Moody, who is under 20 years old, has super-aged concentration and an extremely positive attitude. He will never allow any pride or complacency to shake his stable spirit.

Santa Cruz gave me a great opportunity, and I wouldn’t be able to play in the NBA these days, Moody said objectively. This is an opportunity to play under NBA-specification venues and rules, familiarize myself with physical confrontation, and help me get out of the transition period as a college player faster.

I see it as a hoop opportunity, not about ego. For a lot of people, it’s a time like this that can mess up your mind and screw yourself up on the court — but I want to be with it. Confrontation, try to be yourself on the court as much as possible.

At this stage, Moody is more and more likely to become an important member of the Warriors’ rotation, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him in the NBA finals.

Going through a rookie season like a roller coaster, Moody believes that the experience will make him stronger and lay a solid foundation for his career.

The club must make a documentary about him dealing with this new year, said big brother Stephen Curry, giving Moody his unconditional support.

It’s like the silent work behind the scenes. Even if the game is rushed, you have to work hard every day, and you don’t know if you will have a chance to appear the next day, or even be sent to the G League.

Going back and forth between the G League and the NBA, we knew it was going to pay off because the coach would call his number — and then, looking back, he was thrown into the Western Conference finals. Made a big difference to the game, played really well and looked very calm.

What Moody has gone through, Curry has always seen it, just like he treats every young teammate.

For these, Moody has become accustomed to it, and he once again said that he will seize the opportunity and prove himself with practical actions.

I’ll put in the effort and seize the opportunities. When opportunities knock, I’ll take them and make good use of them.

I’m a hard worker, always getting everything ready out of sight. You won’t see me talking about these things a lot because I’m going to use the actual game to speak for myself. Until then, I’ll bet More blood.

This kind of diligent, almost paranoid, but not arrogant character, for some reason, always reminds people of young Ray Allen, who always manages everything silently, and believes that hard work will not deceive people.

This type of player isn’t usually a media darling, but he may have a different career trajectory in the happy and warm Golden State Warriors — not sure if it will be more cheerful, but at least in a loving environment growing up.

After all, he is used to competition, from high school to college to the present. What kind of senior would not love such a positive, hard-working and not noisy junior?

Regardless, Curry, Draymond and Kerr trusted him, and it was up to Moody to do the rest.

One day, it’s definitely not just a small soldier who has made great achievements, not only Perkins will have to pronounce his name right, but fans across the United States will remember who he is.

Moses Moody

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