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No-Commission Baccarat|Introductory Game Teaching

No-Commission Baccarat|Introductory Game Teaching

No-Commission Baccarat|Introductory Game Teaching

I introduced the teaching of baccarat to you before, and today I want to take you to understand what commission-free baccarat is, also known as water-free baccarat.

In the traditional baccarat game, if the banker is big and the banker wins (the banker wins), the banker will draw 5% of the water money, which is the commission. For example: when I bet the banker 100 yuan and the banker wins, I take The payout is $95. Then, no-commission baccarat is that the banker won’t have to be ripped off.

When you hear this, everyone will think how can there be such a good thing, and you don’t need to be ripped off, but if the banker offers 6 points and the banker wins, At this time, only half of the bet amount will be lost, and everyone will inevitably be confused. Which one is better between the two?

No Commission Baccarat Rules Explained

First of all, we must know that baccarat is actually mathematical probability, and probability is one of the conditions for making casino money. There are three types of Baccarat opening results: Banker, Player, and Tie.

According to statistics, the probability of opening the banker in traditional baccarat is 45.86%, the probability of opening the player is 44.625%, and the probability of a draw is 9.516%. The key to no-commission baccarat is that when the dealer opens 6 points, he only loses half of the bet amount, so what is the probability of opening 6 points? In fact, the probability is still the same.

It is only the game rule of half of the 6 points, which makes the casino advantage of commission-free baccarat reach 1.45%, which is more advantageous for the casino. Therefore, for ordinary small players, traditional baccarat is generally preferred. most.

No-Commission Baccarat Counting Points

card face points
Ace to 9 According to the card points
10、J、Q、K 0


Benefits of Water Free Baccarat

The so-called water-free baccarat means that after the bet the banker wins, there is no need to be pumped by the casino. Although the winning rate of such a game is 50%, there are also limited conditions. As long as the bet banker wins by 6 points, he can only win half of the bet amount, in other words, 50% of the water money will be drawn at one time.

Why do baccarat professional players still like to play water-free baccarat the most after being drawn such a high amount of water money at one time?

Because in the case of baccarat with negative returns, water-free baccarat is the closest to the normal winning rate. In the case of the six-point dealer winning, the probability is about 0.05%, and a round of about 65 cards is over.

After statistics And after 15 to 20 hands of analysis, there will be a 6-point banker winning situation. This kind of probability is converted, and playing water-free baccarat will be a bit fairer than playing ordinary baccarat, especially for players who bet large amounts of money. them. Don’t underestimate 5% of the water money.

If you bet 10,000 yuan, you will lose 500 yuan first. The local tyrants bet even more. The water money charged by the banker is even more shocking. Heavenly man.

For players who have been playing baccarat for a long time, whether it is a professional or an amateur or a gambler, water-free baccarat is the long-term way, otherwise the back and forth will lose all the money, do you still need to fight?

Bet on Super Six to prevent just opening the dealer to win by six

In order to prevent when playing water-free baccarat, when the banker wins at 6 points, half of the bet amount is drawn in water money, you can use half of the bet amount and divide it by 12 to bet Super Six. Why is this? Because of the super six bet, if the banker wins at 6 points, the odds are 1:12, although the probability is not high, but you can use a small amount to avoid being drawn by the banker half of the water money.

For example: in the game of water-free baccarat, you bet 1000 on the dealer, and you can bet 42 yuan more. In the game of Super Six, if the dealer really wins at six points, the amount we get will be half of the original bet of 1000 on the dealer. It is 500, and then betting 42 yuan on Super Six, you will win 42 × 12 = 504, and you will win 500 + 504 = 1004 in total.

If it doesn’t happen that the banker wins at six, then only the 42 yuan bet on Super Six will be lost, which is 0.042%, and it is assumed that the banker has taken away 0.042% of the water money. Far less than 5% of the standard baccarat game, this kind of allocation of chips can completely avoid the fate of being drawn 5% of the water money by the dealer, isn’t it very cost-effective!

No Commission Baccarat Conclusion

The introduction of no-commission baccarat may make it difficult for many people to judge whether it is traditional or commission-free. Both types of baccarat have their own characteristics. Some people say that the commission-free house edge ratio Tradition comes high, will it be more difficult to win or lose?

Some people say that this is the same as the 5% rake calculated by the probability, and it is a gimmick of the casino. In fact, no matter which statement is a matter of opinion, some players believe that the probability of Zhuang 6 points is not high; there are also players who feel that under the premise of the same winning rate, the rule that Zhuang 6 points draws half will make the player’s capital increase and the risk greatly increase. But the income has decreased.

Let you comment on the advantages and disadvantages of the two. After all, green vegetables and radishes have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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