One of the alternative ways to make money in baccarat

One of the alternative ways to make money in baccarat

One of the alternative ways to make money in baccarat

Here I would like to introduce some alternative baccarat skills and some alternative knowledge to you. Anyone who plays baccarat understands that the gaming game is an alternative investment. It is undeniable that sometimes it depends on luck or lucky, and it seems that there is already a master.

However, when I first started playing baccarat, I was often influenced by the atmosphere of the game. I didn’t know what I was doing, so I bet on baccarat in a confused way. Stud, so I often make money in baccarat after I am familiar with the game.

In the first chapter, I have repeatedly reminded everyone about luck. So, is it possible to play baccarat by luck? This kind of idea seems whimsical, but in fact it is not impossible, but it is not the right way to use this alternative method. Here, I first introduce this alternative skill selection method.

One of the ways to make money in baccarat: the two-player method

This method is called the two-player method. The so-called two-person selection method, of course, requires two people to cooperate. So, if you are playing baccarat with friends, you can use this method.

The two-person selection method means that one person chooses to be the banker in baccarat, and the other chooses to buy free. Some people will say that you are probably crazy. If you play according to your game, of course someone wins and someone loses.

In theory, every time is a draw, but if you choose Zhuang to win, you will get a cut, that is Said, if the person who chose Zhuang wins, you still have to lose a cut. Yes, it does happen if the two players are playing baccarat even betting. However, if the bets of the two bets are different, the results will be different. Let’s take a bet of 100 yuan as an example.

The player who chooses Zhuang makes a bet of 100 yuan, while the baccarat player who chooses Free makes a bet of 300 yuan. If Xian wins, the two of them win a total of 200 yuan, and if Xian loses, they lose a total of 205 yuan. Of course everyone can calculate such a simple number, so where is the trick? In fact, I am here to use people’s luck.

The gameplay is that when two people enter the game, their luck is different, so if the one with poor luck bets in baccarat, the one with better luck will bet in the opposite direction of him. , and increase the bet, the chance of winning money in baccarat will be correspondingly larger.

However, how to decide which person is lucky or not? My approach is that both people bet first with an average bet. Suppose A bets on Banker and B bets on Player. After three to five times, of course one person often loses, for example , out of the five times, A loses four times, at this time, B can increase the bet by betting again, and continue in this way.

When B wins a few hands, the fortunes of the two suddenly reverse, and when A wins and B loses, our next bet is carried out in the way of average bet, and it is not increased until another obvious loser appears. Note.

The advantage of this kind of gameplay is that if one of the parties has really bad luck, the two of them can still win a considerable amount of money.

It is only the money drawn, which is conducive to fighting for a longer time. At the same time, another advantage of this kind of gameplay is that both participants can bet in baccarat according to their own wishes. In terms of entertainment, everyone can participate, and the winner will not be reluctant to leave.

The loser had to sit around because he had already lost everything, harassing the winner from time to time, but it affected his betting decision in baccarat, and in the end both of them lost.

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