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Online Entertainment City Facts and Myths Explained

Online Casino Facts and Myths Explained

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Today, the online casino industry has grown to become one of the largest in the Internet world, but many people still don’t play at all or play with suspicion. These people have fallen victim to some of the most popular myths about online casinos. We are here to help those who still sit on the fence and those who play under the guise of conspiracy theories, understand it. These are some of the most popular misconceptions about online casinos.

Misconception 1: Online gaming is manipulated.

This is one of the most common casino myths. Many players believe that because they are not sitting in front of the dealer or in the physical location of the slot machine, the game is rigged to support the casino. This casino myth is completely wrong. The fact is that players are more informed than ever and online games offer game histories that allow interested parties to run results through an algorithm to determine if there is any deviation from the average game chance.

Today, trying to manipulate the game in their favor is not the greatest advantage of the entertainment city. With the way information travels today, any negative news can hurt a company in a competitive market. Therefore, sites do their best to ensure that gamers are happy with the games they are playing. Casino software providers invest thousands of dollars to evaluate the accuracy and reliability of their games and often celebrate passing scores in public so that everyone can see the audit results.

Misconception 2: Online gaming increases the number of underage gamers

When online casino companies first emerged, one of the main concerns of many regulators was how to prevent underage gaming. Instead of having to enter a live casino and provide proof of identity before playing, kids might sign up for an account and play for real money from the comfort of their own home or mobile device.

Again, this is pure mythology. First of all, all casinos require players to deposit funds into their accounts via credit card or other means, and in many cases, the ID must be verified first before a deposit can be made. Yes, young people may swipe their parents’ credit cards, open a fake account in their name, and then make a deposit, but this is extremely rare.

Misconception 3: You can count cards when playing online games

 Card counting is an excellent strategy to gain an advantage over the casino. On the other hand, the casino takes precautions to prevent this from happening and reserves the right to expel the offenders and ban them from returning if they are found.

For online casino operators, card counting is not a problem, because it is almost impossible. You see, most blackjack games have a card box with 6 or 8 cards. When you play at land-based casinos, the table is almost split in half, so even if you count your cards, you will never reach the end of the table and you can make the most of it. When you play online, the cards are shuffled before each hand – all eight decks of cards – because the calculator can do it quickly. So every hand you play is actually the first hand of the shoe.

Misconception 4:If you win, you’ll never get paid

It’s easy to get scared after hearing a report of a player not being paid by an online casino. This is not to say that some people are taken advantage of by casinos for various reasons – for the scary details, read our list of rogue casino operators. However, with millions of people around the world playing casino games online, the number of people being scammed out of their money is relatively small.

Admittedly, the casino will do everything possible to credit your account – extend the waiting period, have to scan and send documents to verify your identity, etc. – but it’s no different than someone who offers you a free drink or meal on site at the table. At the end of the day, if you want your money, you’ll get it. However, we always recommend that you only leave in your account the amount you are willing to lose in the event that the casino is forced to close.

Misconception 5:You will never receive a bonus

While all online casinos offer great incentives for depositing players, we often hear concerns about how difficult it is to get bonuses. This leads some players to believe that you simply can’t get the bonuses the way they are set up and that they are all scams.

We can tell you that most of these bonuses are not fraudulent. The only bonus that we think is too good to be true is the large first deposit bonus that offers thousands of dollars in extra funds. When it comes to promotions, most gamers don’t read the terms and restrictions. There, you will often find the real reason why the rewards seem hard to come by – they are usually biased in favor of house games like slots and keno. In games like blackjack, there aren’t enough profits for everyone to get the bonus at the same rate – and the casino loses too much in the long run.

As you can see, gamers have a variety of concerns, some of which are clearly more frightening than others. While there were some unpleasant personal and business practices in the early days of the online casino industry, these are now legitimate e-commerce companies that can make players feel more comfortable at the tables through licensing, auditing and other methods.

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