Teach you how to make money in baccarat as calmly as 007

Teach you how to make money from baccarat like 007

Teach you how to make money in baccarat as calmly as 007

Baccarat is an elegant and witty casino game that can be seen in almost every casino in the world, it can be regarded as one of the fairest games for players, we are in movies around the world, especially Hollywood, you can often see the scene of the protagonist playing baccarat in the casino, such as the recent 007 James Bond (James Bond).

In the previous Royal Nightclub, there are several scenes where our Bond is in the casino. A handsome scene where you show your skills and spend a lot of money.

Playing baccarat requires a certain amount of courage, wisdom and luck. Following our introduction, you can quickly learn baccarat rules and exclusive baccarat betting strategies, and learn how to start making smart and safe bets.

Let you play baccarat from now on, and beat the casino like Pound.

1.Learn the rules of baccarat

Learn how baccarat is dealt

Learn how baccarat is dealt

In baccarat, a set of cards is usually filled with eight decks of cards. One side is called the player and the other side is called the banker. Any number of players can bet on either the banker or the player, and the player who chooses to bet on the player’s hand or the banker’s hand closest to a 9 is the winner.

The player who deals the cards will deal two cards. The first hand dealt is usually the Player and the second hand is usually the Banker. When the cards are shuffled, the first card turned over shows how many cards the dealer should discard between each hand. Therefore, if the first card is a 2 of hearts, the dealer takes two cards in each hand until they are reshuffled.

Learn how to count cards

Basically, adding up the card values ​​gives a value between 0 and 9 per hand. The suit is ignored, each face card has 10 points, the A point is 1, and all 2-9 are the points of the card. When the cards are added together, the tens digit is discarded, making the ones digit a point. In other words, the face card basically has zero points. Suppose the player’s hands are 5 and 7.

Since the sum of the cards is 12, the value of the hand is 2. It is impossible to have more than 9 points in baccarat. In the event of a tie, your bet on the player or banker’s chips is returned without winners or losers, and only the bettor wins.

Understand the rules of baccarat outs

Player and Banker will draw a third card under the following conditions:

Baccarat Outs Rules

No outs are required if the banker or player has an 8 or 9.

Make smart bets

Know the odds of betting

Playing baccarat is a lot like a game of luck. Essentially you are betting blindly, deciding to put your chips on the banker or the player or even a tie before the cards are dealt. You don’t know the outcome until the cards are opened.

This makes the game very exciting, dramatic and unpredictable. You can’t influence the outcome of your cards in any way, which makes this game popular among high rollers. When we bet on the banker, the odds are 0.95 to 1, the bet on the player is 1 to 1, the bet and the odds are 8 to 1, the odds of the banker pair and the player pair are 11 to 1, any pair It is 1 to 5, and other odds such as Lucky 6 and Zhuang Long Bao Xian Long Bao will be taught in our follow-up articles.

Know the odds of betting

Develop a betting strategy

Learn to develop a betting strategy and mark your bet Bank or Player, ticking next to the correct bet. Be careful to stick to this action for a long time. Feel the changes in the road. Make a note of the current single or double jump and place your bets accordingly. In the beginning, to get familiar with the fun and to minimize the risk of losing big money, bet with as low a stack as possible.

Stick to the betting strategy

Baccarat is usually not a game where players only play a few hands and then move elsewhere. Baccarat is usually a game played in casinos from the lowest chips to the big players with very high chips. They will play for a few hours, bring more chips, and start from low chips. Slowly increase, be optimistic about the card road, do not rush or change the betting strategy, you will find that your gains are good in a few hours.

When in doubt, bet on the dealer

Statistically, betting on the banker at the banker’s odds is also usually the safest betting strategy. While the odds of appearing between banker and player aren’t much different, there are still some banker advantages that work in your favor.

Set your stop loss

Maybe we have the wrong strategy today or bad luck, set your stop loss point and stop playing after the stop loss point is reached to avoid the loss from expanding, baccarat is like any other game, it is difficult to maintain a winning streak for a long time, casino There are usually minimum stakes, and before sitting down to play, check the casino’s internal rules to avoid you running out of chips and playing with your strategy.

Be rational and always follow your intuition

No amount of statistics and calculations in baccarat comes with a bit of luck in the end. Even if you don’t understand the card road, you can play as you like, and if you are lucky today, you can win a car and a house. Just like rolling the dice, baccarat usually has new luck, and people who enter the game for the first time and don’t know what they’re doing are usually the most fun and can win the most money. A seasoned veteran who calmly bets and overanalyzes may not win as much as you.

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