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How to play video poker: A complete guide for beginners

The Beginner’s Complete Guide to Video Poker

How to play video poker: A complete guide for beginners

Video poker is a five-card based fixed odds poker game that can be played in online casinos or on terminals that look like actual casino slots. Video poker is sometimes referred to as a slot machine. However, it does differ from slots in one important way. Unlike slots, video poker requires skill because it requires you to play your hands in the best way possible based on the ranking of your poker hands.

Video Poker Beginner’s Guide

Although there are many variations, they all follow the same gameplay. Players start the game by placing the bets they want. In the case of land-based video poker games, they can place bets by depositing coins. In the case of online video poker games, they will choose between coins or cash by clicking on the game screen.

After placing a bet, they will press the “Deal” button. After that, they will be given a five-card poker hand. Players will check the cards before deciding which ones to keep and which ones to discard or fold. They can choose which cards they want to keep by clicking on the cards or by clicking on the “Keep” option under each card. After they have made their choice, they will click on “Draw”. They will then be given a replacement card for the card they don’t have, resulting in a 5-card poker deck. Players will then be paid according to the game’s payout table and the bets they placed at the beginning of the game.

The importance of the payout table in video poker

Check the payout table before placing a bet on a slot machine, and the same goes for video poker, where the rewards for different hands may vary from game to game. In terms of payouts, video poker games are divided into two categories: full pay and short pay. Full pay machines have an average RTP (Return to Player) percentage of over 99%.

Electronic Poker Game Rules

Different types of video poker are available.

As mentioned earlier, there is a wide variety of video poker slots. The following are four of the most popular online casino games.

Better or jacking

The most popular video poker variant Jacks or Better is named after the fact that the lowest winning hand is a pair of jacks or better.

Wild parity

In this version of video poker, the 2’s are wild, which means that when they appear in a hand, they can substitute for any other card, potentially allowing you to build a better hand.

Jackpot Poker

Jackpot poker is based on Jacks or Better and pays four types of bonuses.

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