The fun aspects of playing progressive baccarat online

The fun aspects of playing progressive baccarat online

The fun aspects of playing progressive baccarat online

The idea of ​​jackpots is mostly related to online slot machines. But it might be interesting to know that playing progressive baccarat online is absolutely possible in both RNG and live versions.

But is progressive baccarat any different from a standard baccarat game? Is it a good idea to learn how to play progressive baccarat first? Read on for more of these and more.

How to Play Progressive Baccarat

First of all, playing progressive baccarat at a top online casino is all about knowing the standard rules of the game. Simply put, there is no discernible difference when playing this game at an online casino. The only difference is the side bets available, which you will see later in this article.

This card game allows up to seven players to sit at each table, allowing each player to choose and change their seat during the game. Additionally, you will see a timer in the upper right corner as soon as the betting window starts.

In addition, the game has eight decks of 52 cards. Here, ace stands for 1, and the numbers 2 to 9 represent their traditional values. On the other hand, face cards and ten’s place represent zero values. As usual, the game continues until a cut card is reached. If this happens, the next round will get new shoes.

Main bets in progressive baccarat

Just like playing standard baccarat, the main/insider bet in the progressive version is the tie bet, the player’s hand, or the dealer’s hand. If you win the dealer’s hand, you will be paid 1:1, despite the dealer’s 5% commission. The house edge here is 1.06%.

Most players prefer to bet on the player’s hand due to commissions, which has a slightly higher house edge of 1.24%. In this bet, the odds are 1:0.95. Remember, the banker’s hand equity is 45.8% and the player’s hand equity is 44.6%.

In the end, a draw bet pays 8:1 with an RTP of 85.20%. If you place this bet, you only have a 9.6% chance of winning.

Side Bet in Progressive Baccarat

Interestingly, in most versions of baccarat, players need to place both side and main bets in order to claim the jackpot. But if you’re lucky, the side bet will be optional, meaning the player can use that bet at any time.

Typically, you will spend at least $1 on a side bet at most online casinos. However, most players won’t miss out on wagering as it qualifies you for jackpots and other payouts.

Progressive Baccarat Jackpot Payout

In progressive baccarat, players win prizes after an ace and are dealt an 8 of both hands in a suit. So, for example, if both hands are dealt 8 hearts and an ace, you win.

In addition to this, other combinations can also bring good returns. Like, if the player has clubs in their hand and the dealer has hearts in their hand, this will give you up to 10,000x your original stake.

What are the odds of winning progress?

As expected, winning any jackpot is no walk in the park. However, in this case, your odds of winning are slightly higher than your odds of playing online slot jackpots.

In every 588,296 trials, the chance of winning the progressive baccarat jackpot is 1. Ideally, these numbers are not encouraging by any means.

Is there a winning strategy?

Unfortunately, there is no known strategy for winning Playtech’s Progressive Baccarat. Still, considering the many side stakes involved, the game remains an attractive prospect for many players.

Even better, there are no unreasonable conditions to claim the jackpot. Just bet the jackpot for this round and give it a try!

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