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The mentality of playing baccarat: accumulating small wins for big wins

The mentality of baccarat is small wins big wins

The mentality of playing baccarat: accumulating small wins for big wins

In the casino game process, about 70% of the time is oscillating, and only about 30% of the time is unilaterally rushing or falling, so accumulating small wins into big wins is the magic weapon for long-term success.

The ancients said: Do not do good for small things, and do not do evil for small things. We move it to financial management, which can be understood as: don’t be too greedy, enter the market in batches. When entering the fight, the funds should be small, although the profit is less, but the accumulation of small wins is a big victory, which is a constant victory.

I always want to win and make a fortune at one time, but it may make the profits in my hands vanish again because I don’t leave the market in time. There are too many examples of such greed, I believe everyone has encountered it.

We can settle an account. If an investor earns 2% every time at the casino, it cannot be said that it is very difficult for the investor, then doing it 10 times a year is a 20% gain. Think about the stock god Buffett’s average annual income of just over 22%.

Of course, this calculation may be too idealistic. In reality, there are times when mistakes are made and there are times when losses are made. In any case, if the average annual return is more than 15%, even 10% is fine. If investors can achieve such results, congratulations, you should be classified as an investment master.

Regarding the mentality, I hope that players can grasp it well and sort out several baccarat skills. Players please use

Baccarat betting method

Every three paving is a cycle. The first shop is 3 base yards. If you win, you will subtract one, and if you lose, you will add one. After 3 shops, 3 base yards are repeated, and the cycle is repeated. There are eight possible outcomes of this betting method

Win Win Win: Win 6 base yards

Win/Loss: Win 4 base yards

Win/Loss: Win 4 base yards

Win/Loss: Win 4 base yards

Lost and lost: input 12 base code

Win Loss: Lose 2 base yards

Win or lose: lose 2 base yards

Win or lose: lose 2 base yards

It doesn’t seem to be anything special, but you can buy it when you go down. There are many results of 2 wins and 1 loss or 2 losses and 1 win, and it is regarded as a half-and-half case that there is a profit.

betting method

Of course it’s not a shop. When a free time is opened, it is checked whether the one in the previous building is connected. Take the first sip if you have any, and continue to buy free if you win (according to the betting method above), and stop until you get out of the bank.

What should I do if I go down to the second or third outlet? Record by yourself, and continue the unfinished bets when the next one is free and the previous one is free. If all the way is only a single player, do not bet. If the second grain is free when there is no bet, then bet to buy the third grain. In short, don’t look at the road.

When you win, the bottom bunk must continue to buy leisure. Stop Loss: As long as any one lose, lose, go to another card (but not necessarily lose)…. Dead position is one player, two player and one idle. Only win: no. There is no need to stop if there is no lose, lose, lose in the same game.

Baccarat Trends Play Simple Instructions

Many times the road of the baccarat game will show a specific trend, such as long dragon, jump, double jump, triple jump and so on. When you see a good road, sometimes you have to follow the trend.

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