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The poorest version of Draymond Green: The biggest worry in the Warriors' championship race

The biggest hidden danger in the championship

Although the Warriors may not be as unattainable as in the past, they have been beaten twice by the Celtics in the first three games of the championship game. The Warriors even had attack problems. In addition to the adjustment of Thompson’s return from a major injury, the poor attack of core member Draymond Green is a problem they have to face. 

After the third game of the championship game, the Warriors once again fell in front of Celtic in the fourth quarter. This kind of situation is difficult to imagine in the past. After all, they have the two powerful weapons of Splash Brothers, and the stable attack launched. Draymond Green, the core of these three is the main axis of the Warriors’ team history in the past eight years, and it is also their winning formula in the playoffs. Whether or not there is Kevin Durant who fell from the sky, the Warriors have been the one to crush their opponents in a single quarter in recent years. It is rare for people to see a single quarter being destroyed, even in the important fourth quarter, so the championship game happened twice, which inevitably made people a little surprised and even questioned.

It is hard to imagine that we would one day have to worry about the offensive of the Warriors. This is something that has not been easy to imagine for a long time – although this has not happened, but since the 2015 playoffs, as long as the Warriors have Playing in the playoffs can go all the way to the final battlefield. Although he lost in the 2016 and 2019 finals, he is generally a high wall that opponents cannot underestimate, especially as long as the playoffs are reached, usually the opponents will be worried about being beaten. The Warriors’ offense was crushed, but this season it suddenly crashed twice in the first three games of a series. It’s hard for people to speak the same thing.

Klay Thompson has returned from a serious injury to his feet. Although Warriors fans are looking forward to his return to the front line, they also understand that in the short term, it is difficult for him to be like in the past. The problem lies with Green in the three cores.

From a new type of small-ball center to a poor attacker

From a new type of small-ball center to a poor attacker

Green’s career rise in 2014-15 was the beginning of Steve Kerr’s leadership of the Warriors. In the first two years of his career, Green, like many NCAA forwards who were regarded by the NBA as no three or four in the past, was the main player in college. The restricted area, but the height is not the NBA’s flank specifications, maybe strong enough, confrontational enough, there are many means in the restricted area, but in the end it can only serve as a mixed group on the bench, which is the only 161 games in the first two years of his career. Green, who started 13 games and averaged 4.6 points per game, is where the team is.

But all this changed after Kerr took office. In the first two years of Green’s career, the team’s starting No. 4 was David Lee, a rebounder with 18.5 points and 11.2 rebounds, 18.2 points and 9.3 rebounds. At the beginning of the 2014-15 season, Lee was sidelined due to an oblique muscle injury in the warm-up game. Kerr assigned Green to replace the starting position. This replacement made Lee unable to regain his position even after returning to the team. In the end, he was even cleared by the Warriors to the Celtics. It was Green who was a starter and then reborn. Not only did his stats soar, he also became a new type of interior player in the league. His confrontation was not only a problem against the opponent’s No. 4, but he even played a center in the Warriors’ five-small formation. , and in addition to making 1.4 three-pointers per game with a three-point shooting rate of 0.337, he can also surpass one interception and one hot pot, and pass out a high standard of 3.7 assists for players in the penalty area.

That is to say, it can fight against the opponent’s long man internally, and defend the opponent’s defender externally. Although there is no low-post footstep in the offense, it can shoot outside, have passing vision, and even dribble the ball forward. This is not only in line with the trend of the new era, but also the development New forms of various special functions have made Green a maverick style in the alliance, and in the tactics instructed by Kerr and even specially designed, Green’s vision has given Splash Brothers an excellent opportunity to play, Let Green and the Warriors system complement each other.

The poorest version of Draymond Green: The biggest worry in the Warriors' championship race

The 2014-15 season broke out of the cocoon, and the next three years jumped to the top. Green has 10 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assists, 1 interception, 1 hot pot, and 1 three-pointer per game for three consecutive years. Statistics, let him follow the Warriors’ halo to enter the star game for three consecutive years, but since the 2018-19 season, the situation has declined like an avalanche. Although the knee injury that plagued him before the season may really have an impact, but since the beginning of that season. In the past four years of this season, Green’s average scoring has never been in double digits, his three-point shooting percentage has dropped below 30%, he has even started to miss free throws, and his OBPM has even dropped to a negative number, although his defense still exists. But from another point of view, Green’s offense is already a negative score for the team, and all value only exists on the defensive end.

For example, Ben Simmons, who was like a rat in the playoffs last season, even though his perimeter is really bad, worse than Green, and his free throws are completely broken, but he still averaged 11.9 throughout the playoffs. Points, 7.9 rebounds, 8.8 assists, 7.9 shots per game, 0.621 hit rate, although the second round of the Eastern Conference series against the Eagles has become the target of thousands of people, with an average of 9.9 points, 6.3 rebounds, 8.6 assists, 6.4 shots per game Second, in the past four years, Green has averaged below 8 points in every season of the regular season, only 8.9 assists per game last season, only 2019-20 season with more than 7 shots per game, and reached the first two games of the championship this season. So far, his data is 8.4 points, 7.1 rebounds, 6.3 assists, 6.5 shots, 0.214 three-pointers, and 0.3 three-pointers per game.

The poorest version of Draymond Green: The biggest worry in the Warriors' championship race

The hard part is that, aside from missing the occasional 3-pointer and scoring about one every three games, Green’s offensive end is similar to Simmons, who was scolded by everyone last season. This year’s championship game G1 and G3, he has become the object of Celtic release more times, and he did not disappoint the Celtics.

Of course, we wouldn’t expect Green to be a terrific aggressor like the Splash Brothers (or Jordan Poole), but his poor offense did make him an opponent against the Warriors. The strategies that can be targeted at the time, the Warriors have lost in the six playoff games this year. At most, Green only has G4 against the Golden Nuggets in the first round on the offensive end, and the remaining five games have no offensive contribution at all. When the Warriors lost this season, Green Averaged only 5.7 points, 6.8 rebounds, 5.3 assists, 0.446 FG%, 0.091 3-point percentage per game, compared to 8.2 points, 7.5 rebounds, 7.5 assists, 0.547 FG%, and 0.349 3-point percentage in the win , apparently because his poor offense will make the Warriors more likely to lose.

Unbearable weight in the age of attack

Unbearable weight in the age of attack

Strictly speaking, the Warriors did not encounter too many tests in this playoff. In the first round, the two main players were absent, and only Nikola Jokic was left alone. As for the Grizzlies who couldn’t close the door, the Western Championship was a 5-out Maverick that was completely restrained by the Warriors and couldn’t compete with all skills. It wasn’t until the championship game that they really encountered the relatively strong Celtics in the league. Compared with the Green Shirts who can also play in a small lineup, but have more advantages than the Warriors in every position, the Warriors, in addition to the terrifying perimeter of the Spray Brothers, strictly speaking, point-to-point may not have any absolute advantage in hard power, and finally Because Green’s poverty attack paid the price.

The trend of the league in recent years is obviously different from the situation of the Warriors like the revolution of the times, but it is not so much the era of guards or the era of projection, or it should be said that this is an era that requires more attacking end and requires the team to attack evenly. In the past, as long as there were two When more than 10 star players gather, there will be public opinion that one ball is not enough. In this era, it has become a fake issue. Only a team with a single point of attack is destined to fall into the situation of being alone. There are two A ball-handling attack point is only a basic entry. Only three ball-handling attack points can enter the discussion circle of a strong team in the playoffs. The championship team even basically needs the Big Three and a fourth player who can attack independently.

That is to say, after the Warriors lineup already has Kevon Looney, a candidate whose all offenses can only be support ends and can only be regarded as icing on the cake, Green is at least a threat on the offensive end, or is also released by the opponent, it will become The Warriors’ chances of being targeted by opponents in the playoffs. It can be seen from the leading Suns in the Western District. Even if the Suns have a 3D-type player, they lack the threat of independent attack. The opponent can bet you on the outside. Ming looks down on Sun and Greenleaf Group’s ability to take another shot after holding the ball, but basically as long as you can’t take the initiative to punish your opponent on the offensive end, let your offense fall into a passive position. From Celtic’s standpoint, I only need to stay. Robert Williams III or Al Horford are in the restricted area against Looney. If Green is not a threat on offense, no matter how good he and Stephen Curry’s pick-and-roll is, I can use the concept of almost four and three to focus on the defense. Press on the Warriors’ shooter group.

During the Eastern Conference Championship, the Heat had too few attacking points with the ball, making it difficult for Jimmy Butler to break through the Celtic’s siege by himself. The Suns and Mavericks in the Western Conference also stopped one after another. The following players worked hard to attack, and finally found Green a position on the court that could be strategically abandoned by the Celtics. Perhaps in the early stage of the playoffs, Green’s problems would not be magnified, but when they reached the final battlefield, facing such a situation The excellent Celtics defensive team, if Green can’t play a huge impact on the defensive end like G2, the flaws on the offensive end will be unbearable for the Warriors.

Unbearable weight in the age of attack

The Warriors will not collapse and have no ability to fight against the Celtics, but Green’s poor attack alone makes them at least mentally prepared for a hard fight, and even at a disadvantage because of this, compared to the previous years, the Warriors are bigger. The Demon King’s attitude appeared in the playoffs, which is already a huge gap.

The Warriors haven’t been eliminated yet, and their ability to bounce back can be imagined with G2’s performance, but after the Celtics took a 2-1 lead, G4 has become the Warriors’ last fight, because no one wants to get away from it. 1:3 The last three battles were played in the adversity of being drawn, but compared to Celtic’s biggest problem so far is whether there are mistakes or not, the Warriors have unimaginable offensive problems, of course they can be like G2, using more Strong defensive counterattack, but if there is no way to suppress it on the defensive end, at least the scores in these three games can be seen. In the face of the strict defense of the green shirt army and its own loopholes, the Warriors actually have an attack limit of only 100 points per game. And so far no obvious answer has been seen in the three wars.

The series isn’t over yet, but the Warriors’ worries have surfaced.

The series isn't over yet, but the Warriors' worries have surfaced.

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