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Inspirational Heat Can't Stop Talented Double Stars? The reality of high-level battlefield

The Reality of the Advanced Battlefield

In the third game of the Eastern Conference Championship, they broke through the Celtics’ home court, and the Heat regained their home-court advantage. However, in the fourth and fifth games, the Heat lost two consecutive losses and fell into a situation of being called. Their excellent team defense this season The key to being able to maintain, but unable to win, is the offensive end, and this is the reality of high-level battlefields. 

In the third game of the Eastern Division Championship, when the main player, Jimmy Butler, was injured in the second half, the Heat relied on the wonderful performance of center Bam Adebayo to defend with the green leaves who have created surprises this season. A 2:1 lead, everything is just like what has been mentioned in the series broadcast, the Heat have built a strong team with a number of low draft picks and even undrafted players. It is a memory worth keeping for the Heat.

Inspirational Heat Can't Stop Talented Double Stars? The reality of high-level battlefield

However, the next game was not as good as the Heat expected. In the fourth and fifth games, Celtic did not have a big outburst, but the Heat themselves fell into a low point of attack. The fourth game completely crashed, and the top 14 The first shot was missed, and it was not until the first quarter played more than 8 and a half points that Victor Oladipo, who came off the bench, made the team’s first goal. I thought that the Heat only scored 82 points and hit 0.333 in the fourth game. The offense was miserable enough. In the fifth game, they still managed to score 80 points and hit 0.319. The first half was able to rely on defense to take the lead, but in the second half The Green Shirts attacked and returned to their souls, and the Heat could only watch their opponents go away.

The knee injury that kept Butler out in the second half of Game 3, the leg injury that has plagued Kyle Lowry since the second round, and the groin strain that kept Tyler Herro out in the last two games did seem to affect the Heat. A serious injury that can’t be overcome no matter how hard you rack your brains, and the crueler reality is that these wounded soldiers are all injured on the Heat’s ball-handling point of attack, which greatly affects the Heat’s individual combat capability, which is what NBA teams have to face today. question.

Green leaf failure? The Heat are no longer magical

Inspirational Heat Can't Stop Talented Double Stars? The reality of high-level battlefield

Not to belittle the Heat. In all fairness, it is already a remarkable achievement for the Heat to be at the top of the Eastern Conference this season.

Before the start of this season, the situation in the Eastern Division was considered a melee. Last season’s championship Bucks almost all of the original team continued. The Nets, who lost to the Bucks by only one toe, still hold the Big Three, and only Ben Simmons has it. The problem last year was that the seven and six players in the Eastern Division were all aggressive. Celtic, who had been a front-end competitor in the Eastern Division, found veteran Al Horford to fight again. On paper, although the Heat made up for the former Tyrannosaurus champion before the season. Kyle Lowry, the brightness of the stars may not be comparable to these powers.

Even if there are too many problems like the Nets, several powerhouses in the East are still moving forward, especially the Celtics have been soaring since the middle of the season, and they are even more stable in the leading group, but they finally won the lead in the East. The team is actually the Heat with the lowest brightness in the lineup, and the general rotation of the members is not high. The most respectable thing is that the Heat are not the healthiest team with the main force. The original starting lineup may not be counted at all. P.J. Tucker played more than 70 games in Attack First, Herro, the No. 6 player of the year, missed 16 games, Lowry missed 19 games, and Butler and Adebayo, the two All-Stars in the last three years, even played less than 60 games. field.

Inspirational Heat Can't Stop Talented Double Stars? The reality of high-level battlefield

With the main players out for a period of time, the Heat relied on a group of people who were originally unknown to prop up the game. In the whole season, the Heat had 15 people who started the game, 11 people started more than 10 games, and used 23 different kinds of games. The starting lineup, but the Heat are not the 76ers who have traded in the season, and the Nets who will be out from time to time without the main team being vaccinated, and Max Strus, Gabe Vincent, Duncan Robinson, Caleb Martin and two others in the Heat’s rotation. Dewayne Dedmon and Omer Yurtseven, who have topped the center in succession, were all undrafted, Tucker was in the second round, and even Lowry (24th in the first round) and Butler (30th in the first round) were not high in the draft, showing that the Heat tap their potential, The ability to cultivate combat power.

The principles of the Heat are not difficult to imagine. One is to have confidence in the team’s top-to-bottom, and even the G League system, and the other is to implement the team’s defensive system and the offensive end, regardless of the original talent, as long as there is willpower. Good duty is feasible, these low-ranked and undrafted people are still basketball-strength, and defense, teamwork and talent are not necessarily related. The Heat are changing defensive strategies, using regional defense, or targeting specific The matchup-zone aspect of the object has had too many amazing examples this season.

It is not as good as the Nets and Lakers, which are based on the Big Three plus basic salary supporting roles (of course, both teams have that kind of basic salary but have experienced senior players who have dazzling skills). The team has a heavy task, and the unsung heroes who jump out from time to time are the most praised things for the Heat, but in the Eastern Championship, the Celtics also proved their defensive ability this season, and secondly, after the intensive playoffs and the lengthened battle line Almost able to deal with each other’s various moves, after basically relying on the operation of the system to work, the surprise of the Heat’s unsung heroes has rarely been shown in the Eastern Championship.

In the first game, although Vincent who replaced Lowry’s starter scored 17 points, the main reason for the Heat’s victory was the 41-point Butler’s counterattack in the third quarter. The Heat could win the third game, except for Strus’ key three-pointer. It’s just that Butler was injured in the second half, and the Heat were actually passive for most of the time, showing the lack of personal combat power in the team. In the fourth and fifth games, the Heat’s defense didn’t have much problem, but after Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown scored several unreasonable goals, the Heat’s sluggish offense was completely unstoppable.

Defense doesn’t necessarily win championships? Talent should not be ignored?

Inspirational Heat Can't Stop Talented Double Stars? The reality of high-level battlefield

As mentioned above, although the Heat’s lineup is not very talented, the team defense displayed by the team cannot be underestimated this season. The depth of the lineup and the defensive effect are the keys to the Heat’s victory in the Eastern Division. The performance of low-ranked and even undrafted members is worthy of respect, and Within a certain value (especially the Chinese circle, or Chinese-language ball reviews and opinions), I have always affirmed the hard work of such Luye players, affirmed their active defense contribution, affirmed teamwork, and wanted to weaken individualism. Such outstanding performances are praised by the Green Leafs that seem to surpass those players who have talent but may not be fully realized. For example, the strongest contrast in the wind direction recently is Kevon Looney, who performed brilliantly in the Warriors, and some voices seem to say Better than Deandre Ayton, the less-than-ideal Suns No. 1 pick.

However, in the fourth and fifth games of the Eastern Conference Championship, people saw the cruel fact that the Heat still rely on the team to support a sufficient level of defense, but the under-talented rotation members were unable to win in the higher-intensity division championship battlefield. Even though there is no reported injured soldier, Butler, Lowry and others are obviously not in the best state, and their actions on the field are obviously not a display of healthy bodies. When the heavy responsibility of attacking must be assigned to others, the Green Leafs lack the ability to take points on their own. The problem of ability is clearly revealed. On the other hand, even if the Heat are desperately defending, the green jersey double star Tatum, Brown, who was the third overall pick at the beginning, has several tough shots in front of defenders, or Hero balls after being strictly guarded can all hit. The Heat sighed helplessly.

Inspirational Heat Can't Stop Talented Double Stars? The reality of high-level battlefield

Even in the two wins, the Heat only scored a quarter ahead of their opponents. In this series, the Heat’s defense has reached a level of 95 points without 100%, but it still puts them at a disadvantage in the Eastern Conference Championship most of the time. On the books, the Celtics only got a draw, but it’s clear that the Celtics are clearly a better team than the Heat. The Heat, who insist on defending and are not destroyed like the sun, currently look like Obviously not getting closer to a championship because of the defense.

Whether or not they were inspired by the simple Pistons’ takedown of the F4 Lakers in 2004, many voices will always believe that they will pursue the floor, do their best to defend, and do their part. It’s not impossible, but in most cases, especially in the modern trend of attaching great importance to offense, a team with a high ceiling and the ability to attack with the ball can still beat a team with a high floor and a team that lacks a ceiling. To put it another way, even if you rely on the team system to create a high floor and achieve good results in the regular season, on a more intense battlefield, when the opponent’s defense has a certain level, and can even crack your team system, the ball lacks the ceiling. The team will fall into a tough fight or even lose, as is the case with the Heat and the Suns.

We can indeed be sure of the performance of the Heat’s Green Leaf Group. It is also a crime of no war to be broken through by the Green Army Double Stars until there are almost no flaws. However, we should also be sure that the Green Army Double Stars were certified talents before the draft. The ups and downs of the year, this season has indeed made breakthroughs, and it has proved that they can become a usable force in the competition. In the face of such a strong defense of the Heat this season, they can still score points and lead the Celtics to the road to the championship. .

The trial stage of the high-level battlefield

Inspirational Heat Can't Stop Talented Double Stars? The reality of high-level battlefield

In the samples of the past so many years, there will inevitably be some situations where talent is wasted, cannot be cultivated, or is difficult to support alone. In explaining basketball or team sports, we must affirm that many teams have built solid teams, not just relying on the sky. A championship team can be achieved with only one share, and the championship team still has enough team elements to be sure.

But we can’t help but see the cruel facts from this Eastern Championship. No matter how much we emphasize teamwork and how much we insist on defense, we will eventually encounter a situation where talent will win. The few players who can play singles are injured. Butler has only scored 7 goals in 32 shots in these two games. Lowry and Strus have a total of 28 shots in the last two games, and there is only one miserable Field Goal. In the fourth game of Ertik, Tatum scored 31 points, and the scorched earth battle in the fifth game was a double star with a total of 47 points. When the Heat’s team could not push, the Celtics won the victory only by virtue of point-to-point talent.

Inspirational Heat Can't Stop Talented Double Stars? The reality of high-level battlefield

Of course, a situation like Simmons, who is talented, but cannot be fulfilled or even played for various reasons, cannot be a case of conquering a high-intensity battlefield with talent, but such as Kevin Durant’s winning shot during the Warriors’ championship, Kawhi Leonard’s violent 2019 Every mid-range shot the Dragons made to win a championship, or the fallback jumper that Giannis Antetokounmpo threw the Suns out of control last season, is a testament to talent at its peak in a high-intensity battle.

For the Heat, the test at the moment is just like the second round Celtic faced. They lost the home game in the fifth game and fell into a situation of being drawn. Celtic just survived, and returned to the seventh game. He won an important life-and-death battle at home and was able to advance to the Eastern Conference Championship, but at that time, the Celtics scored 46 points in the sixth game of Tatum, Brown also added 22 points, and the Bucks were locked by team defense except Antetokounmpo. Other teammates, if the same situation is placed in front of the Heat now, they may be able to block the Celtics with defensive efforts, but can any of them help the team win on the offensive end of Game 6 like Tatum played the hero of adversity?

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Inspirational Heat Can't Stop Talented Double Stars? The reality of high-level battlefield

Judging from the third game, it’s not that the Heat can’t win at the Celtics’ home court, or even win with Butler missing halftime, but it’s hard to have expectations for their offense after the last two games. , but at this moment they have no way to retreat, no matter what way they have to find out, because the next game is in Boston, if the Heat still can’t deal with it, then their glory of winning the Eastern Conference championship can only stop there.

Will the Heat be able to enter the championship game after the bubble park in 2020, or will the Celtics return to the final stage after 12 years? Can the Heat’s teamwork overcome the talent gap? Results are available after 48 hours.

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