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Understanding the dos and don'ts of Baccarat table games

Things to Know About the Baccarat Table Game

Understanding the dos and don'ts of Baccarat table games

Last year, several jurisdictions have granted casinos the ability to expand the different types of casino games they are allowed to offer to their customers. One such game type is the popular high-limit baccarat game.

Baccarat and its third card draw procedure are naturally favored by most Asian players. Many Asian customers enjoy Baccarat because the game decisions are basically simple and the deck of the box is not interrupted by the player’s hand decisions or by the player entering or leaving the game.

Asian customers believe that once the cards are shuffled, cut, placed in the box and the first card is burned, their fate is locked in the box and they win or lose by fate. Because most of the baccarat customers are Asian, they are not able to win.

Since Baccarat is new to these various areas, I believe it is important that I provide a list of do’s and don’ts about the game program. This short list of things not to do is basically the most important part of the don’t question.

However, these are the more important don’ts that need to be mentioned, especially for the management and regulators of these new areas.

The following is a list of the most important dos and don’ts for Baccarat casino games.

1.The dealer misdraws and does not burn the cards

If the dealer makes a catching mistake, don’t just decide to burn the cards. For many Asian customers, you are changing the flow of cards in the box, thus changing their gambling luck or fortune. Most customers will refuse to play until they see a few additional hand decisions and feel that they have regained the shoe’s outcome pattern. Some will respond to this change in fortune by leaving the game or quitting the game altogether.

What to do:To keep the fetish customer’s sequence of cards intact, save the exposed cards and use them as dummy hands (no bets) on the next round. With a dummy or empty hand, the shoe stays intact and the customer is happy. No harm, no foul.

2.Do not use complex manual shuffling sequences

Do not use complicated manual shuffling programs that take time. Baccarat is not blackjack and does not track shuffles as well as blackjack. Combining shuffles with multiple shuffles only slows down the game and reduces the number of decisions per hour. Keeping shuffle play fast and simple.

What to do:I strongly recommend that management choose to place MD shufflers at each baccarat table. The additional revenue earned by increasing the hourly decisions exceeds the cost of renting the shuffler. The shuffler will also increase your game protection level, eliminating the possibility of incorrect shuffling and slug sequencing.

You can consider the manufacturer’s pre-shuffled playing cards, but I strongly recommend that you run them through the shuffler before placing them in the licensing box.

3.Do not play squeeze games without using the smart license

I strongly recommend that the use of smart licensing shoes in squeeze format games (customer handled poker) is mandatory. The only commercial reason to offer baccarat squeeze games is to attract high stakes players. Since the squeeze format is very susceptible to card switching, any organization that offers a squeeze format without the use of a smart licensing box is asking for trouble. Big marijuana trouble.

What to do:Not only did management need to use smart shoes, but they also needed to strongly consider using the manufacturer’s pre-shuffled playing cards.

Standard baccarat procedures state that the playing cards used in a game of squeeze must be retired after each card. Even if the playing cards are not treated roughly and can be used in another shoe, just say no!

Cards drawn by the customer are markable cards. The use of pre-shuffled cards can significantly speed up the card exchange process and increase the number of decisions per hour.

4.Do not use the Ribbon Spread program to determine shuffle point indicator insertion

The ribbon spread is a rather old procedure used to determine the point of insertion of plastic shuffle point cards in a shuffled deck of cards. The procedure used in said shuffle point cards is to place exactly 14 between the individual and 15 cards from the back of said shoe.

The aim is to ensure that the maximum number of hands are processed from the newly shuffled Baccarat shoe is decided. The problem with this procedure is that advantaged players have been attacking baccarat for decades, using exact card positions as the path to the final hand position game.

I strongly recommend that the Ribbon Spread program be permanently retired.

What to do:Simply have the dealer insert the plastic shuffle point cards about 15 to 20 cards from the end of the deck. Using this procedure, you eliminate the possibility of dangerous positions and still guarantee 75 to 80 decisions per 8 levels of the shoe.

5.Do not give up free / fake hands for free

If there is uncertainty about the win/lose pattern tracked by electronic scorecards using paper scorecards or tables, higher limit players are allowed to request free/virtual hands during the hand. Free hands are considered a courtesy, but they are not given away to every customer who requests them. A free hand involves a round of dealing without a bet. The more idle hands handled, the fewer decisions the table generates per hour.

What to do:Create programs that allow the use of free hands. Offer them only in higher limit games, and then limit the number of free hands per shoe. The best way to get baccarat customers to pay for the privilege is to let them bet at a higher average level. Important: Do not allow hosts or marketers to override any of your baccarat programs. Any changes must be approved by executive management.

6.Do not use Continuous Shuffle Machines (CSM) on Baccarat

The simple answer to this is Don’t! I explained why you will never burn a card after a dealer draw error. The same applies to shuffling with CSM. Continuous shuffling machines should not be near a baccarat table. Refuse!

What to do:As mentioned in the previous paragraph, I highly recommend using the MD shuffler in all baccarat games, regardless of table limits. the MD shuffler increases hourly hand decisions and reduces game protection issues.

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