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Types of online casino slots: Understanding the different gaming machines

Types of Online Casino Slots

Types of online casino slots: Understanding the different gaming machines

It is impressive to walk through the casino halls and observe the rows and rows of slot machines that hypnotize players. The same visual atmosphere does not exist in the online casino, but the benefit is that you will not be distracted while playing the various types of slots.

Pressing the spin button may seem easy, but each slot machine is not a true copy of the original concept. Physical stores and the best online casinos in the UK strive to offer a unique style to the game genre, but these games are their trump card. Now is the time for us to discover the difference between one machine and another gaming machine.

Reciprocal denominator

There is nothing too complicated about these games. Most of the games work on the same principle, with players putting in coins, choosing bet sizes, pulling levers in old-fashioned machines, or pressing interactive on-screen buttons for members of the online casino. If the RNG is in the player’s favor and the required symbols stack up, the result is a cumulative jackpot.

Some of the most common categories of symbols are

  • Wilds symbols – can be a kind of joker, replacing other symbols and ensuring a winning payline.
  • Discrete symbols – usually activates additional options.
  • Reward symbols – unlock new features; usually, a preset number of symbols are required.

Let’s identify the strengths and weaknesses of each concept.

Classic Slot Machines

Casino City sees classic slot games as an irreplaceable resource in its halls. The concept has evolved over the years, but many players are still satisfied with the simplicity of 3 reels and a single payline. The downside to the low number of reels is the limited winning sequence possible.

If searching for immersive graphics with Hollywood-style soundtrack, then you spin the wrong reels. The classic game is very simple, the symbols are reminiscent of the old days of gaming, with lots of bells, fruits and the occasional lucky number 7.

If three identical symbols line up in a row, a prize is awarded, thus triggering the iconic moment when the slot machine spits out a coin. Due to the differences in these types of machines, the winnings can be huge, but this is balanced by the potential for equally huge losses.

It’s a great tool for beginners who need some practice before moving on to more modern genres. Classic slots remain a staple of the physical casino, helping to spread the stereotype of older players camping out in front of machines waiting to be won.

Video Slot

Production Value is the name of the game with a video slot. The concept achieves a showbiz atmosphere through impressive graphics that make you feel like you are part of a rock concert or an adventure movie.

There are no mechanical parts driving the reels; it is all computer-generated, which makes a large number of paylines possible. The standard video slot machine has 5 reels that can be combined with 10 to 120 different paylines. There are different versions, but on average there are about 50 paylines. The guarantee of fair results is the game’s random number generator.

Progressive Slot Machines

Jackpot is a favorite word in the player lexicon, and progressive jackpots give it a new dimension. Unlike the fixed amount associated with the standard jackpot, progressives stay true to their name and keep growing until one lucky player wins.

When a gambler places a bet, the concept works in such a way that a percentage of that bet is transferred to the accumulator pile, and the potential payoff becomes more attractive with each new bet that continues to be placed. Some progressive jackpots receive more than just local donations; few game providers link their progressives through the different online casinos that offer them for more compelling amounts.

It all looks very promising until you read the fine print. You will find that gamblers must make the highest bets in order to qualify for the progressive jackpot. It is up to the player to decide whether the money should be invested in progressive or other types of slot games.

Megaways Slot Machines

The concept we are studying is based on a predetermined number of symbols; Megaways slots enter a completely different field; the algorithm used in Megaways generates alternate symbols and multiple paylines on each spin, which increases the winning options compared to regular slots. The maximum limit is 117,649 winning combinations and most of the games contain reels with 2 to 8 symbols.

Megaways offers multipliers, free spins and bonuses.

3D Slot

The interactive gaming industry has been at the forefront of implementing technology that tries to break the boundaries of gaming interaction. Computers offer higher quality graphics and with the advent of 3D technology, slot games have gained excitingly smooth animations.

The immersive visual style is the only benefit of 3D slots; game play is standard, but for a more immersive casino experience in the comfort of your home, then investing in a set of 3D goggles may prove beneficial.

Bottom Line

It is impossible to cover the entire catalog of slot games. It is updated daily with new games, but by learning different types of games, you can satisfy your gaming interests more easily. In modern ears, gamblers are mainly attracted to online casino scenes due to the convenience and variety of games, but slots are still the main content of land-based casinos.

The concept of slots is constantly evolving, so keep an eye out for new iterations of the core principles.

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