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UKGC strengthens slot machine winches unscathed

UKGC strengthens slot machines

UKGC strengthens slot machine winches unscathed

The world of online gambling is constantly evolving and gamblers in the UK are well aware of this. Recently, the UK Gambling Commission announced a new update to the Gambling Act 2005. Although some of these may seem unfair, they are part of a wider plan to make gambling in the UK safer and more responsible. The new rules introduce spin speed limits and permanently prohibit the celebration of wins and the acceleration of race losses. Let’s see more clearly!

What’s in the slot?

As mentioned at the beginning, the new rules focus on video According to UKGC, video slots dominate online casino activity with a share of up to 70%. Their research shows that bettors spend at least £67 per month on video slots, compared to £45 per month on sports betting and £36 per month on everything else. Online casinos Considering these staggering figures, it is clear why the human body has to set stricter regulations on video slots.

The following are the new rules for slot machine games.

  • At least 2.5 seconds should elapse between rotations.
  • Slots should not have features that give the player control over the outcome of the game or the illusion of speeding up the game.
  • Permanently disabling any autoplay feature may cause bettors to lose track of the race.
  • In fact, when the payoff or return is less than or equal to the initial bet, the sound or image is forbidden to give the player an illusion.
  • The casino operator shall display information about the player’s total win or loss during the game and the time played.
  • The casino operator cannot offer reverse withdrawals. Essentially, a player cannot request a withdrawal and then cancel it before the money is returned to his or her account.

Measures to quickly review VIP accounts

It is important to remember that in November 2020, UKGC announced new rules to reduce VIP gambling or make it more accountable. Under the new rules, players will be required to demonstrate that they can maintain a high-end experience of VIP gambling. This includes the player’s ID and revenue stream. Interestingly, casino operators must determine if a player has a gambling-related problem or history of addiction before granting them VIP status. Overall, these new rules should make gambling in the UK more accountable, depending on your views.

How are online poker and other casino games affected?

Fortunately, online However, the autoplay ban could have a significant impact on players’ spending habits. As mentioned above, the recent VIP account rules have made the situation worse. However, if one looks closely, this is definitely good news for those who know how to manage their money. In short, the latest rules will not have a significant impact on the UK gambling industry.

When will the new rules take effect?

The announcement of this new set of rules is further evidence of UKGC’s commitment to a fair, transparent and accountable UK gaming community. As previously stated, this is a continuation of the September 30, 2020 VIP account rules. The agency expects casino operators in its jurisdiction to fully implement these rules by October 31, 2021.

Sports betting sponsorship under scrutiny

In December 2020, the Ministry of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport said it was considering banning gambling advertising on soccer shirts. Remember, nearly 50% of EPL teams wear shirts with gambling logos.

In the lower leagues, the figure is even higher, at 70 percent. Other countries such as Spain have taken such measures. In the UK, some government officials have criticized the move because it seriously duplicates finances. So it’s just a matter of waiting and seeing what happens.

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