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Ultimate Andar Bahar Live Casino Games combines traditional Andar Bahar mechanics with a unique card multiplier system, offering players the chance to increase their winning potential!

Ultimate Andar Bahar Live Casino Game

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Ultimate Andar Bahar Live Casino Games combines traditional Andar Bahar mechanics with a unique card multiplier system, offering players the chance to increase their winning potential!

 Ultimate Andar Bahar Live Casino Games combines traditional Andar Bahar mechanics with a unique card multiplier system, offering players the chance to increase their winning potential!

Ultimate Andar Bahar Game Introduction

Ezugi Ultimate Andar Bahar Live Casino Games combines the traditional mechanics of Andar Bahar with a unique card multiplier system, offering players the chance to increase their winning potential!

Ezugi live games- Ultimate Andar Bahar presents an honest and intuitive gaming experience. Your objective is simple: anticipate whether a card matching the initial ‘Joker’ card will appear on the Bahar or Andar side. In each round, multipliers from 2x to 5x can be randomly applied to one to three cards, offering a chance to win up to 125x your base bet.

Wondering how many cards it takes to make a match happen? This is where side bets come into the picture, increasing the fun and boosting potential winnings. With multipliers of 2x, 3x, or 5x potentially affecting up to eight side bets, the potential for a staggering 500x payout awaits!

Ezugi Ultimate Andar Bahar Live Overview

Game Specifications
Game nameUltimate Andar Bahar
Game providerEzugi
Game typeAndar Bahar
Streaming fromRomania
Bet range₱1.2 – ₱500
Max win500x
Side betsYes
Supported platformsDesktop、Mobile、Tablet
Supported OSAndroid、Apple、Windows

Ultimate Andar Bahar Live Casino Games: Key Highlights

  • Standard Andar Bahar rules with two main betting options

  • The first card drawn always goes to Bahar, which is why it pays 0.9:1

  • 1-3 multiplier assigned to random cards before each round

  • Multipliers replace even money payouts with 2x, 3x, or 5x

  • A one-sided bet, which allows you to predict how many cards will be drawn before the end of the round

  • A one-sided bet, which allows you to predict how many cards will be drawn before the end of the round

How to Play Andar Bahar Casino Game Online

Ultimate Andar Bahar follows the same stream and basic rules as standard Ezugi Andar Bahar Live. If you’re already familiar with the game, navigating this table won’t be a challenge. Interestingly, both Ezugi Andar Bahar Lives were broadcast from the same studio. While players interacting at the Ultimate Andar Bahar table can benefit from multipliers and higher stakes, it’s worth noting that dealers avoid outright mentioning these mechanics. This discretion is exercised because not all viewers may find these details relevant.

Andar Bahar stands out as one of the easiest card games available in casinos. The game begins with the dealer choosing a card from the standard deck, designated as the “Joker.” After this, the dealer deals cards alternately in two piles: Andar and Bahar. Starting with Bahar, then Andar, and continuing in this pattern until one of the piles matches the rank of the Joker card, which signals the end of the round and determines the winning side.

Players have the option to place a bet on either Andar or Bahar. Correctly predicting the winning side before the start of the round results in an even money payout. However, in Ezugi Ultimate Andar Bahar, the first card is always allocated to Bahar. Because of this, Bahar has a slightly higher probability of winning, which is reflected in its payout ratio of 0.9:1.

Ezugi Ultimate Andar Bahar Rules: Multipliers Explained

During the game, players are required to pay a mandatory 20% fee of their total bet, which contributes to funding the multipliers. There are two distinct types of multipliers in play.

  • Major hand multipliers

  • Side bet multipliers.

Basic Hand Multiplier

In each game round, between one and three cards are randomly selected, each assigned multipliers of 2x, 3x, or 5x. These multipliers enhance the standard payout for a hand, multiplying the payout by the value of the multiplier card.

Both the Andar and Bahar hands can receive multiple multiplier cards if drawn. If more than one multiplier card is in a hand, their values are multiplied together, resulting in the final payout amount.

The highest potential payout is achieved with three cards, each with a 5x multiplier, totaling 125x.

To benefit from the multiplier payout, a bet must be placed on the winning hand, which must also contain multiplier cards. The occurrence of multiplier cards depends on the cards drawn by the dealer for each playing position.

Ultimate Andar Bahar

Side Bet Multipliers

During the Ultimate round, multipliers for side bets are allocated. Between one and eight sided bets can be assigned a multiplier of 2x, 3x, or 5x. This setup allows the possibility to win up to 500x on 41-49 Total Side Bet.

Ultimate Andar Bahar

Ultimate Round Fee

With Andar Bahar from Ezugi live games, the Ultimate multiplier comes with a price tag. To participate in multipliers, players are required to pay a 20% fee on their total bet. This fee is mandatory and cannot be waived. The cost is automatically included in your total stake when the betting period ends. If you prefer not to receive this fee, you can opt for playing Ezugi live games Andar Bahar, which does not feature multipliers.

Ultimate Andar Bahar

Ezugi Ultimate Andar Bahar Side Bet

A side bet is straightforward: you predict the number of cards that will be drawn before a Joker card match appears. There are eight options available, each covering a different number range. You have the flexibility to bet on as many options in this range as you want. The highest paying option is the range 41-49, which offers a payout of 100:1. It is worth noting that you can participate in the side bet independently, without having to join the Andar/Bahar bet.

  • Note: This side bet benefits from Ultimate Multipliers.
  • Note: The average payouts for this side bet are lower than the regular Andar Bahar game.
Ultimate Andar Bahar

Ultimate Andar Bahar Card Game Tricks & Tips

  • Ezugi Ultimate Andar Bahar maintains the same Return to Player (RTP) rate as most other Andar Bahar variants. Additionally, traditional approaches remain applicable because actively searching for multipliers is not feasible.

  • Because of this, betting on the pile that receives the first card, such as Bahar, proves to be the best choice.

  • Side bet payouts in Ultimate Andar Bahar are more evenly distributed compared to many rival games. Differences in RTP are dramatically minimized.

  • However, this also indicates that the side bet shows a slightly lower overall RTP, even taking into account potential multipliers.

  • From a statistical point of view, repeatedly choosing to play Bahar comes out as the most favorable strategy in this game.

Ultimate Andar Bahar Strategy

Ange Main Hand Strategy

If there is a foolproof way to predict the winning hand consistently, wealth is guaranteed. Unfortunately, such a method does not exist. The deck undergoes shuffling before each round of play, making past results irrelevant to future hands.

Success in choosing the right playing position depends only on chance. Because Bahar consistently receives the first card, it wins statistically more often than Andar. As such, Bahar offers a payout of 0.9:1, while Andar pays out at 1:1.

While multipliers introduce variation, a starting strategy might involve consistently betting on Bahar, banking on the possibility of a multiplier improving the payout.

The Side Bet Strategy

The best point in terms of Return to Player (RTP) for the side bet is within the 26-30 card range, boasting an RTP of 95.68% and a payout ratio of 12:1. However, this set only covers five cards, presenting a relatively narrow window for success.

Alternatively, the most favorable bet is in the 16-25 card range, covering ten cards. Despite offering a lower payout of 3:1, this range still maintains a respectable RTP of 95.16%.

Surprisingly, the 36-40 card range, with its 40:1 payout, also shows a compelling long-term RTP of 95.50%, making it a worthwhile bet in terms of value.

My recommendation is to join a few rounds with conservative stakes, while keeping an eye out for potential multiplier increases in payouts.

Ultimate Andar Bahar Game Result Statistics and Followers

The gaming interface features statistical data and a track record of past results. However, their practical importance is limited. Despite being intriguing, the deck is read again before each round of play, making past results irrelevant for informing subsequent bets.

One would expect a fairly balanced distribution of results between Andar and Bahar in the extended term, given the 50-50 nature of the game.

As for Ezugi’s offerings in the gaming interface, players can observe the outcomes of previous wins and the distribution of results between two playing positions. In addition, some details about multipliers are provided, although information on side bets is not included.

Ultimate Andar Bahar

Ezugi Live Ultimate Andar Bahar: Payouts

Ultimate Andar Bahar follows the industry standard payouts that are common for this game genre. Consequently, the side that takes the first card (Bahar) offers a payout of 0.9:1, while the other main bet, Andar, pays out at 1:1. The introduction of multipliers enhances both of these payouts, with potential multipliers of 2x, 3x, or 5x.

In lucky circumstances, players can draw multiple multipliers, which stack in bulk. This means that the maximum potential payout that can be achieved in Ultimate Andar Bahar is theoretically 125x, which is achieved by getting three 5x multipliers at once.

Main Bet
Andar1:1 (or multipliers)97.44%
Bahar0.9:1 (or multipliers)97.82%
Side Bet (excluding multipliers)

In Ultimate Andar Bahar, every possible bet has a unique Return to Player (RTP) rate. Bahar comes out as the most favorable bet in the game, boasting an RTP of 97.82%. In contrast, Andar has a slightly lower RTP at 97.44%. For side bet payouts, they all hover just above 95%, with the 26-30 card range offering the highest RTP at a maximum of 95.68%.

Ultimate Andar Bahar vs. Andar Bahar

I would like to highlight the differences between the Ultimate Andar Bahar and the traditional Andar Bahar:

  • Multipliers: Ultimate Andar Bahar introduces multipliers that can significantly enhance payouts, potentially reaching up to 125x for the main hand and 500x for side bets.

  • Average Payouts: Compared to the classic version, Ultimate Andar Bahar offers slightly lower average payouts. This difference is particularly noticeable in side bets, where the classic game usually boasts higher payouts in most ranges.

  • 20% Fee: Unlike the standard version, Ultimate Andar Bahar players are subject to a 20% fee, which must be paid in advance. Because of this, playing Ultimate Andar Bahar has value, unlike the standard version.

Payout Comparisons

Payout Comparisons
  • Andar pays 1:1 and has an RTP of 97.44%

  • Bahar pays 0.9:1 and has an RTP of 97.82%

Game Features at Ezugi Andar Bahar Live Casino

Ultimate Andar Bahar’s game interface includes standard Ezugi live game features located in the upper right corner, including live chat, audio/video settings, and language options.

At the bottom left of the screen, players can access statistics and results, detailing the results of the past approximately 100 rounds. This feature offers insights into streaks and statistical probabilities, helping players make informed decisions.

The only side bet available in Ultimate Andar Bahar is the “Number of Cards” bet, a common feature in the Andar Bahar live dealer. This bet revolves around predicting the total number of cards drawn before the end of the round. Betting options are categorized into 5-number ranges, allowing players to predict, for example, whether the Joker will appear after 11-15 cards.

Summary of Ultimate Andar Bahar

Ultimate Andar Bahar’s core bets and features have been positively received, offering a refreshing twist on traditional gameplay. The inclusion of multipliers injects an additional level of excitement and dynamism, giving players more strategic options beyond repetitive betting patterns.

However, one drawback lies in the unsavory nature of side bets. While the use of multipliers adds intrigue, Ezugi chose to reduce the Return to Player (RTP) rates on all options, reducing the strategic appeal of the Number of Cards side bet. Once known for its inconsistency, side bet odds have been compromised by a general reduction in RTP rates.

However, Ultimate Andar Bahar revitalized the Andar Bahar experience, ensuring its continued relevance in the field of casino games.

Where to Play Ultimate Andar Bahar

The platform on which you decide to play Ultimate Andar Bahar can greatly influence your overall experience. A platform like Lucky Cola, a highly-reputed online casino, is a top pick for such a stimulating game. With its focus on secure transactions and fluid gameplay, Lucky Cola serves both experienced and novice players alike.

Lucky Cola’s main offerings include Ultimate Andar Bahar. The platform’s user-friendly interface, high-quality promotions, and immersive live gambling experience amplify the excitement of playing this thrilling game. Moreover, Lucky Cola employs stringent security measures to protect your personal and financial information.

Playing Ultimate Andar Bahar on Lucky Cola is about more than just game enjoyment. The platform is committed to fair play, using certified Random Number Generators to ensure random outcomes in all its games. This commitment extends to the protection of your data and financial transactions, with Lucky Cola using advanced encryption technologies to secure your information.

Lucky Cola is also known for its reliability. The platform has a strong history of prompt payouts and transparency, giving you confidence in its handling of your winnings. If you encounter any issues or have any questions during your gambling experience, Lucky Cola’s responsive customer support is available to assist. And Lucky Cola is a prime destination to indulge in this game. With its secure, fair, and user-friendly platform, Lucky Cola enriches your gambling experience, allowing you to concentrate on devising your winning strategies.


Ezugi Ultimate Andar Bahar is an innovative live online casino adaptation of the traditional Indian card game, Andar Bahar. This variant introduces an element of chaos with the inclusion of random multipliers, offering players the chance to boost their winnings. However, it is important to note that this improvement comes with a price, as there is a 20% fee applied to all bets.

The maximum winning potential in Ultimate Andar Bahar is 125 times your stake, which can be achieved by stacking three 5x multipliers on one bet. However, it is very important to recognize that this outcome is highly unlikely. Additionally, some side bet results have the potential to increase significantly, reaching up to 500 times the stake.

The house edge varies for every bet in Ultimate Andar Bahar. Bahar bet boasts the lowest house edge, at just 2.18%.

In Ultimate Andar Bahar, multipliers are randomly introduced into the game, offering players the chance to increase their winning potential. These multipliers can increase the payouts on the main hand to 125x and the side bets to 500x.

You can play Ezugi Ultimate Andar Bahar at Lucky Cola online casino. Any Ezugi live games are provided here.