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Understanding Baccarat Winning Rules

Understanding Baccarat Winning Rules

The excitement and popularity of baccarat can be seen in the feature plot of Ian Flemming’s famous James Bond novel Casino Royale. Baccarat originated in Italy in the Middle Ages, and its name comes from the Italian word for zero, because in most poker games, the face cards and ten-point cards of high value are used in baccarat. In the game it counts as zero. Later, the game of baccarat spread to France and was widely welcomed by the rich and aristocratic. To this day, baccarat is still a game sought after by gaming enthusiasts from all over the world.

Understanding Baccarat Winning Rules

In this game, players need to guess who can get a card that is closer to a total of 9 points between PLAYER [player] and BANKER [banker]. Players can choose to bet on either side or choose to bet TIE.

Dealing method and point calculation

The game of baccarat is played using eight sets of playing cards, which are shuffled and placed in a dealing shoe. Each side will receive a minimum of two, but no more than three, cards. The first and third cards in the dealing shoe will be dealt to the PLAYER , while the second and fourth cards will be dealt to the BANKER. If required, each side will be dealt a third card as specified in the list below. All cards dealt are face up.

Card value:

  • Face cards and ten-point cards are counted as 0 (zero);
  • Ace(A) counts as 1;
  • The remaining cards are at their face value.

The point of each hand is the last digit of the sum of the points of all the cards in the hand. So a hand with 8 and 9 will have 7 (because 8+9=17). Therefore, both the ten-point card and the face card count as zero, and only the last digit counts, so the value of 10 is zero (0). The value of the cards must be in the range of 0 to 9. Unlike blackjack, there is no such thing as a bust in the game of baccarat.

Example of point calculation:

  • Example 1: 0+9=9, this hand has 9 points.了解百家樂贏錢規則了解百家樂贏錢規則
  • Example 2: 4+9+0=13, the value of this hand is 3.了解百家樂贏錢規則了解百家樂贏錢規則了解百家樂贏錢規則

King of Heaven

Since the purpose of each hand is to get the closest 9 points, it is best to get a total of 8 or 9 points on the first two cards of the first deal, which is called King of Heaven. If either side wins the king, both sides must stop taking cards. Of course, the only thing that can beat Tianwang 8 is Tianwang 9.


Both the player and the banker are dealt two face up cards. If one of the hands is the King of Heaven, that hand wins. If both hands are kings, the one with the higher point wins. If both hands have the same number of trump cards, it is a draw.

If neither the player nor the banker gets the King of Heaven, the game will continue from the player.

When the player gets a 6 or 7, the player stops taking cards. If the player has less than 6 points, the player will take one more card, and then another card depending on the total points of the three cards in hand.

Player game rules

When the total points of the player’s first two cards are:idle action
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5draw
6, 7stop taking cards
8, 9Stop taking cards (Tianwang)

Now it’s the dealer’s turn. When the dealer’s first two cards total 6 or 7 and stop taking cards, the dealer’s play is quite simple. If the total number of points held by the dealer is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, the dealer must take cards; if the total number of points held by the dealer is 6 or 7, the dealer stops taking cards.

Banker’s game rules when the dealer stops taking a 6 or 7

When the dealer’s first two cards have a total of:dealer action
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5draw
6, 7stop taking cards
8, 9Stop taking cards (Tianwang)

However, if the player takes a third card, the dealer’s game becomes more interesting. In this case, if the dealer gets 7 points, the dealer will stop taking cards; but if the dealer gets 6 points or less, the dealer has to decide whether to take an extra card depending on the value of the player’s third card. Whether or not the dealer will overtake the cards will be determined according to the following rules:

Banker game rules when the player takes the third card

Player’s third card
 S = stop taking cardsD = draw


  • The team with the closest total of 9 points wins.
  • Betting on the Player to win pays 1 to 1.
  • The odds of betting on the Banker win are also 1-to-1, but the casino will take a 5% commission on the winnings. Every time you win a bet on the Banker, 5% of your winnings will be automatically deducted from your account balance.
  • If both sides have the same total points, bets on TIE will win at odds of 8 to 1. In the event of a tie, bets placed on PLAYER or BANKER will not receive any payouts, but will not be taken away.

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