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2022 Playoffs once again, the old rivers and lakes have a lesson for emerging superstars

Veteran teaches rookie a lesson

To sum up, I would say that the Lone Ranger’s biggest defeat is lack of talent… When the Warriors can pull Moody and Bjelica, who were frozen in the first two rounds, into the main rotation; but the Lone Ranger can only continue to bet three times When the feeling of breaking up, I think the watershed of victory and defeat has already appeared. 

To be honest, I wasn’t optimistic about the Warriors qualifying before the series started, and the reason was simple – the Warriors didn’t have the ability to beat the Mavericks’ weaknesses. However, the Lone Ranger’s excellent defensive discipline can be said to be the nemesis of the Warriors’ main tactical coordination.

But we all know the end result:

The yellow and blue ribbons fell from the roof of the Chase Center. The warriors, who were excellent in both attack and defense, got rid of the haze of the fiasco in the fourth game. They returned to the home court and finally won the victory with 110:120 under the condition of full performance, breaking into the past eight years. the sixth championship game.

It’s time for a review of the Western Conference Championship Series.

〖About Luka Doncic〗

〖About Luka Doncic〗

No matter which team in the league faces the Mavericks, the first question is absolutely – how to defend Doncic? In this regard, the Warriors can be said to have come fully prepared.

You don’t need to watch the full game, just watch the highlight to find that the Warriors are using Wiggins to defend Luka, and the Lone Ranger’s strategy is also very simple, that is, through Bullock, Dorian Finney-Smith (hereinafter referred to as DFS) take turns to pick and roll, making for Doncic Opportunity to misplace Curry.

However, the roll call tactics are all too familiar to the Warriors. Whether they encountered LeBron James or James Harden before, the Warriors’ two main strategies to protect Curry are early switching defenses and Show & Recover.

However, the Lone Ranger did not directly place the shooter in the bottom corner, and the Warriors did not have many opportunities to switch defenses early, so Show & Recover is often seen in the Western Championship series.

All I can say is, the Warriors did a great job! But aside from the Warriors’ positivity (the Warriors are very solid in their execution), I think the Mavericks’ lack of roster configuration is also a key factor in Luka’s failure to make a successful call.

In fact, the key to cracking the Warriors Show & Recover is to quickly disassemble it at the moment of blocking. If the space is wide enough, the defender (Curry) who came out of the first shot will return to his position without time difference. And this kind of pick-and-roll that pulls space apart is something only Pick & Pop can do.

However, in addition to P&P, the player who acts as a cover should preferably be a running shooter, so as to catch the instant shot when the opponent has not returned to the position, but looking at the Lone Ranger lineup, the so-called running shooter is only Bullock alone. (Others such as DFS, Kleber are biased towards equal-ball spot-up shooters).

Therefore, the Warriors’ strategy to crack the Dallas P&P is very simple, which is to directly let Thompson guard Bullock. If the first shot still can’t return, that’s okay, the subsequent rotations are still seamless!

After several failed roll calls, Doncic had to play the most inefficient singles – Wiggins singles when the attacking time was running out. And this is exactly what the Warriors want to see, which is to cut off Luka’s connection with his teammates.

As for Doncic’s defense, I don’t think it’s worth talking about! ? He is omnipotent on the offensive end, and his physical fitness on the defensive end is certainly his disadvantage, but I think all of this has to be corrected from the attitude. Just look at how hard Curry, the first brother of the Warriors, is on defense. Defense is not just a game played by physical monsters.

So did the Warriors’ strategy against Luka work? In the series, he averaged 32 points, 9.2 rebounds and 6 assists per game, but how much did he help the team? I think the worst plus-minus for both teams (-12) says it all.

〖Biggest Prediction Deviation – Kevon Looney〗

〖Biggest Prediction Deviation - Kevon Looney〗

As mentioned earlier, I was optimistic about the Lone Ranger passing through in this series, but I didn’t expect that the final result was not only the opposite of my prediction, but even the Warriors managed to advance in only five games! I think there are bound to be mistakes, and the most important one is definitely that I underestimated Looney’s abilities.

We all know how terrible Doncic’s ability to dislocate is. The most impressive thing for me in the past two years is definitely eating Zubac as a Buffet when facing the Clippers. With that in mind, I didn’t think the Warriors would keep Looney on the court for a long time, for no other reason than to get blown away by Doncic.

Unexpectedly, after the first two games, in addition to Wiggins’ single defense ability is still amazing, the Warriors have a player who also left a deep impression. He’s none other than Looney, the center I expected to be dropped.

Unlike Curry and Poole, the Warriors will use a bunch of tactics to cover them. Looney is relatively simple in the face of pick-and-rolls, that is, direct defense. If this strategy had been known to me before the series, I would have been frightened, and I would have dreamed of Zubac being eaten when I was sleeping.

However, Looney, who was able to defend Harden by himself, proved that his defensive footsteps are still there. Although it is undeniable that his speed is not as good as before, but facing Brunson and Doncic, who are not known for their explosiveness, Looney’s accidental performance Excellent, not only does it not have the problem of being exploded, it is not an exaggeration to say that the two backcourt engines are blocked.

In addition to defense, Looney on offense also surprised me a lot!

Due to the fact that Draymond missed too many games in the regular season, Looney took over the green job for a while, that is, high screen, and occasionally a few shots. And this new skill has obviously become one of the big moves in this year’s Warriors playoffs!

In other words, now the Spray Brothers can each have one short pick-and-roll Roll man, but at this time the opponent is neither Close Out nor Drop, so I ask how to defend?

With 10.6 points and 10.6 rebounds, Looney became the team’s biggest advantage when Kleber and Powell were targeted everywhere. It’s no exaggeration to say that he has a direct impact on the series.

〖Gap in the forbidden zone〗

〖Gap in the forbidden zone〗

Briefly mention the obvious gap between the two teams – the penalty area.

In fact, the Warriors’ penalty area is very underestimated. I mentioned this in my mid-season analysis. After three rounds of playoff baptism, I believe anyone with a discerning eye can see that the Warriors are indeed inferior to the outside world in terms of combat power in the penalty area. Said so vulnerable.

This can be clearly reflected in the data: (rebounds per game)

Warriors 46.8 vs. 35.4 Mavericks

Warriors 50.5 vs. 45.3 Grizzlies

Of course you can say that the Nuggets outperform the Warriors in rebounding… Well, I think the name Nikola Jokic is the best answer to that question.

In short, although it failed to gain the upper hand on Jokic, it was not easy to survive the Grizzlies. And what I want to say is that the penalty area can be consolidated by the cooperation of the card position. This is also the concept I have repeatedly emphasized. When your inside players are players like Draymond, OPJ, Looney who are willing to do the dirty work and have a solid card position, Frankly I’m not worried.

In contrast to the Mavericks, I can only say that the offseason must make adjustments in the power of the restricted area. Not to mention that trading Porzingis was a stupid decision (though I thought so too), the Mavericks wouldn’t be on the Western Championship stage without Dinwiddie.

I think at least in the off-season Dallas needs to find tough guys like P.J Tucker and Draymond, otherwise DFS will never be able to get the card. As for upgrading the center to Gobert, it’s not impossible, the point is how much it will cost…

*Jordan Poole’s Western Championships simply take the Mavericks restricted area as their home, and the two-point shooting rate is as high as 83.3%!


〖Series MVP—Stephen Curry〗

The above are the three points that I think are worth discussing in this series. Of course, there are other factors that influence the trend of the game, such as: three-pointers, but compared to this kind of going or no-going feel problem, about strategy I think the adjustment above is more meaningful for discussion.

To sum up, I don’t think I have misestimated the strength of the Lone Ranger. It must be said that they played very well, but I really seriously underestimate the tactical execution of the Warriors! After five games, I think they have proved one thing: when the Warriors can control their turnovers, no matter how good the system is, it is difficult to stop their offensive.

Yes, I put system in quotes, because I don’t think Dallas loses to the system, I’d categorize their real loss as lack of talent.

This season, the Mavericks have built a very high floor under Jason Kidd’s strategizing, but looking around, they have the highest ceiling in the team except for Doncic, come… come again… I think… er… It should be Josh. ..Green it! ?

Looking at the Eastern Conference Championship game, I think it should not be difficult for fans to understand the importance of the ceiling. To put it bluntly, the distance between the floor and the ceiling is your scheduling space.

When the Warriors can pull Moody and Bjelica, who were frozen in the first two rounds, into the main rotation; while the Lone Ranger can only continue to bet on three-pointers, I think the watershed has already appeared.

〖Series MVP—Stephen Curry〗

〖Series MVP—Stephen Curry〗

As the king of the Western Championship, Stephen Curry won the league’s newly established Magic Johnson Award (Western Championship MVP). I can only describe it as well-deserved.

23.8 points, 6.6 rebounds, 7.4 assists, and 44.4/43.9/84.0 shooting measurements. At first glance, this may just be a satisfactory report card for Curry, but hidden behind the data is his organization and transmission time and time again to drive the team. Offensive; not to mention, when the team can’t open, he is often the one who jumps out to stabilize the situation. The first half of the second game is a good example.

Because of the Mavericks’ defensive lineup, the Warriors reduced the frequency of letting Green play cards in the high post this series, increasing Curry’s time on the ball, allowing him to play short pick-and-rolls with centers.

The short pick-and-roll has long been an old trick for Curry.

7.4 assists, 2.6 turnovers, excellent error control and full use of its own attractiveness, although the positive and negative value is second behind Wiggins, but compared to Wiggins with relatively simple tasks, it is necessary to attack, organize, Show & Recover, and Close. out…Curry can still do his job well for such a complex task, and the series MVP won’t be awarded to him, I really can’t think of other candidates.

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