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What are the easiest online casino games to win?

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Why go to a casino if the casino always wins?

Well, maybe in some cases, the casino doesn’t always win. Hmm… not quite.

In fact, casinos try to win in all situations. But some games also offer players a good chance to win.

Such games are what we want to discuss in this article. They include:

  1. poker
  2. Blackjack
  3. slot
  4. French Roulette
  5. bullshit
  6. Baccarat


If you read a million blogs with the same title, poker will be one of the first names you see. This tells you how the game is rated among casino gamblers.

While other games leave so much room for the casino to exploit, poker closes most of the casino’s edge and leaves you (the player) to decide your own destiny.

more importantly? Unlike most casino games that rely solely on “chance”, poker is strictly a skill-based game. This means that if you are good enough, you will always win.


The first thing I like about blackjack is that players have access to strategy charts. With the help of these charts, even novice players can come in and score some nice wins.

The core of Blackjack Strategy Charts is to help players learn basic strategies, while also giving them mathematically proven play styles.

Basically, in the diagram you will find rules and arrangements that can be applied directly in the game. To me, charts are all you need to make money from blackjack. It contains all the strategies and following the actions shown on the chart is the surest path to success.

Finally, blackjack only gives the bookmaker a 1% advantage. By comparison, players have a 42.22% starting advantage. This means you have a 42.22% chance of winning a game of blackjack.


Many people frown at the slot machine because they feel it is rigged. But this is far from the truth. Yes, slot machines have some cases against it, but you would wrongly conclude that all slot machines are rigged.

The internet is full of evidence and success stories of many people who have benefited from slot machines. This is a fun and entertaining game. Most importantly, it is one of the most profitable casino games you can play.

My only suggestion is that if you play slots online, be sure to check the “returning players” percentage of the machine. Most sites like judi slot sbobet these days offer some exciting RTPs. You should check it out.

Note that Return to Player (or RTP) is a percentage of all wagers paid out by the slot machine to the player. Good slot machines like those on the sites mentioned above offer RTPs of up to 98% and above.

French Roulette

There are many versions of roulette. You have American Roulette, French Roulette and European Roulette.

But out of all of them, the French version remains by far the best roulette game for players. The reason is how it cuts the casino edge in half or at most three-quarters.

Unlike American roulette, which has a house edge of up to 5.26%, French roulette rules ensure that the house edge is only reduced to around 1.35%.

As far as the game itself goes, French roulette also has some exciting advantages over its contemporaries.


Craps is a dice-based game. and an interesting one. Unfortunately, it’s not as popular as many of the names on this list. The reason is its low payout.

Many casino players are always looking for big wins, which is not something that Craps is well known for. But on the other hand, rolling the dice can be a very lucrative game for the patient player – patience means you have to build your income slowly.

Finally, Craps is the most affordable casino game. Using the dice, players can strategically bet smaller amounts.


Baccarat is the opposite of rolling the dice in terms of the amount bet. Unlike craps, which allows smaller bets, baccarat is a high-stakes game. This means that players can play a large number of games. The advantage of this is that players can get great rewards when they win.

Yes, I know this sounds like a high stakes game. The fact that the house edge is no more than 1.06% and 1.24% is enough to guarantee success.

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