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What you must know to conquer online slots

What you must know to conquer online slots

What you must know to conquer online slots

Since the first slot machine was introduced in 1896, after more than two centuries of evolution, it has broken the barrier of only being able to play in a physical casino, and has evolved into an online slot machine that can be played anywhere, anytime with a cell phone. Slot machines are no longer just casino games, but are also cleverly integrated into online and mobile games, making the games even more informative! These changes not only make people marvel at the speed of technological progress, but also the creativity and ingenuity of the designers!

However, there is only one thing that remains constant, and that is how players can profit from slot machine games. Let me share my experience with slots along the way.

The name of the slot machine and its origin

Slot machine, also known as slot machine, slot machine one-arm bandit, first originated in 1895, invented by Charles Fey, an auto mechanic in San Francisco, the first slot machine made by Laocha is called Liberty Bell Liberty Bell, a three-reel slot machine, in which the icons are hearts, squares, horseshoes and Liberty Bell, and the method of play is to connect Liberty Bell to get the biggest payout: 50 cents.

The first slot machine in the history of the game was then rented to a local bar on a 50/50 profit basis, which led to the popularity of slot machines, and then a gaming manufacturer tried to buy the manufacturing and sales rights from Laocha, but our Laocha chose to refuse.

The earliest slot machine: Liberty Bell Liberty Bell

The name of the fruit machine was born

In 1907, Herbert Miles, a Chicago machine manufacturer, produced another slot game with fruit icons: lemon, plum and cherry, which is how slot machines came to be called fruit machines.

Electronic slot machines are introduced

The world’s first purely electronic slot machine was made by an electric company in Nevada, USA, and was called the 21 machine at the time, thus opening the way for electronic slot machines to take the world by storm.

The first purely electronic slot machine: ’21 machine’

The most fascinating change in online slots: Jackpot progressive jackpots

There was a bottleneck in the growth of slot machines, and when players realized that there was a ceiling on the rewards, they began to try to pursue a bigger breakthrough, and this gave birth to the Jackpot, the so-called Jackpot, which means progressive jackpot, comes from the fact that every dollar a player bets on a slot machine will be part of the progressive jackpot, and the Jackpot jackpot is divided into three categories.

1.Single cumulative JP pool

It was born in the 1960s as a way for a small percentage of each bet on a single slot machine to be added to that slot’s Jackpot, waiting for a lucky player to win the JP winnings, which were then limited to a single slot machine alone.

2.Regional JP color pool

Around 1970, slot machine technology advanced so that JP jackpots were improved to the point where slot machines in a specific area of the casino could be linked together and share the same JP jackpot, so that each slot machine in that area would transfer a portion of its bets to the shared JP jackpot.

3.Scale JP color pool

With the advancement of technology, slot machines have been improved to the point where they can be connected to each other despite being in different cities and casinos, sharing the same Jackpot pool, so that anyone who plays the series has a chance to win the JP Jackpot.

As for the hundreds of slot games in entertainment cities, how to judge whether a game is worth playing or not, according to my experience, the following two conditions are used to judge.

(1) The final jackpot results are generated by a third party in a fair and equitable manner, that is, the jackpots accumulated by me playing the slots of BWIN, GR, KA electronic are all hosted in the data center, there is no relationship between the player and the dealer, and there is no possibility of black box operation, because the game company cannot interfere with the generation of results.

(2) Jackpot bonuses paid by a third party, because the amount is extremely large, it is not possible for the game company to directly distribute the winning amount to you, but by an impartial third-party platform to collect a portion of each player’s bets to accumulate the pool, when the points burst by the third party to pay you for the game company, so the platform must choose the integrity of the operation, or a high probability of being blacked out when the points burst, must be carefully selected.

Common Terms for Online Slot Machines

Free Game: The most fascinating part of the slots game, as long as the conditions are met you can enjoy free spins, the favorite of the players.

Jackpot:The jackpot is the accumulation of a portion of the players’ bets, also known as the jackpot and grand prize.

Return to player (RTP): This is the English word for ‘return to player’, which means the amount of money a slot machine returns to a player, usually as a percentage of the average return to player for a slot game.

Pay Table: This is the winning pay table, where the slot machine lists the value corresponding to each icon for the player to see.

Players can choose to bet on one or more winning lines, straight, horizontal or diagonal, and the more lines they have, the higher the chance of winning and the higher the betting amount. Most slots have a minimum of 20 lines and a maximum of over 1000 lines.

Slot Machine Winning Lines Chart

Online Slot Machine Play and Betting Tips.

The amount of money needs to be measured against your own costs, until you enter the free game and then adjust the betting amount according to the number of points.

The author’s own experience is that popular slots are usually easier to score because there are too many players playing at the same time, so the odds are likely to be washed away by other players, and once the jackpot is reset, we have a better chance of getting into the free games.

The reason is that although some slots have a very impressive multiplier, the relative odds are very low, so when you look at the long line, it is likely that you will lose money when you can’t even touch the edge, and you will leave the table with a low song. KA Electronics, are good choices! Also, because of the higher chance of winning, you can always play slots with a relaxed mindset and have a higher chance of winning in the long run!

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