2022 Finals, one old and one young, who will be the first to return to the top of Huashan?

Who will be the first to return to the top of Huashan?

If you asked me in the offseason last year, which two teams would this year’s championship matchup be? I absolutely can’t answer the Celtic vs. Warriors answer. However, looking at the performance of these two teams this season in terms of stats and game content, I can only say, They deserve a championship! It can be seen that this will definitely be a fierce confrontation. 

If you asked me in the offseason last year, which two teams would this year’s championship matchup be? I absolutely can’t answer the Celtic vs. Warriors answer. However, looking at the performance of these two teams this season in terms of stats and game content, I can only say, They deserve a championship! It can be seen that this will definitely be a fierce confrontation.

Team overview


Facing the Nets in the first round, Celtic unexpectedly and not unexpectedly swept out the giants with the highest odds of winning the championship. Except for the confrontation in the first game, the last three games were almost all from the beginning to the end. . And this series, I think, completely highlights the strength of Celtic’s flank, and the Nets, who can only play three backs in the lineup, suffer a lot from their bodies.

Facing the Bucks in the second round, Celtic got into a bottleneck on the offensive end several times. Frankly speaking, if it wasn’t for a few games or periods of time when their three-point shooting was hot, they might have been eliminated in the second round ( Of course, the G7 Bucks insisted on the Drop strategy to let Celtic pick up the gun).

Coming to the familiar Eastern Conference Championship, facing the familiar opponents, the Heat, this time, the Green Shirts relied on the strong team strength to compare the scarred Heat. After seven fierce battles, they finally crossed the heat and stepped on the strange the championship stage.



Compared with Celtic’s rough experience, the Warriors’ side can be said to be quite smooth:

Facing the gold nugget in the first round, Curry, who recovered from injury, set off from the bench. As a result, not only did they advance to five games, but they also found their killer combination – PTSD.

They were greeted in the second round by the Grizzlies, their opponents in the playoffs last year. In the first two games, there were exchanges between the two sides in Memphis, until Morant fell in the third game.

The Western Conference Championship was not as intense as expected by the outside world. The Warriors relied on the changeable conduction system to manage the Mavericks in five games and set foot on the floor of the finals for the sixth time in eight years.


Key Analysis

〖The unfamiliar form of the opponent〗

The last time Celtic and the Warriors faced off in a championship game was in 1964, when the Celtics, led by Bill Russell, won 4-1. 58 years later, the two teams met again, not only with unfamiliar faces, but also with each other’s style of play.

On Celtic’s side, the Nets and Bucks are both teams with a large number of singles in the playoffs this year, which is not a threat to them with strong defensive resources, even if the Heat’s singles ratio is the lowest among playoff teams, But their main off-the-ball means are perimeter running, and they are not as diverse as the Warriors.

Regarding this, I think I can see the clue from the Cut: the Warriors use Cut 11.7%, the Heat 7.1%, although the difference in frequency of use is not very huge, but in terms of efficiency, the former can be better than the league. 80% of the teams, the latter only 33.3%.

I think the biggest difference between the Warriors and other teams is that all five players on the court can pass and run, and this is why the opponents in the first three rounds can’t be defended.

However, Celtic is also a test that has never been seen this season for the Warriors. Compared with the Grizzlies and Lone Ranger who are all in the backcourt and only Jokic as the gold nugget, Celtic’s overall combat power can be described as very average, especially on the front line, double-J is bound to cause a lot of trouble to the Warriors.

And the resources the Celtics have on the defensive end have accumulated the highest defensive fault tolerance rate in the league for them! In the past few years, there are really very few…even they are the first team that can switch wirelessly without distinction (the Tyrannosaurus in 2019 may be comparable to it)!

When the Warriors faced the Grizzlies and the Lone Ranger, I said that the Warriors’ most feared system is a lineup that can be switched directly. Compared with the Grizzlies and the Lone Ranger, they have one or two weaknesses to attack. Celtic’s The lineup fully lives up to their regular-season No. 1 defensive rating.

〖Ace duel〗

However, the Warriors’ defense is not a fuel-efficient light. Their biggest highlight on the defensive end is diversity, especially when the opponent can’t make a shot from the outside, they often intensify their efforts to play the zone defense or even Box-1. Come on, their strategy execution in this area has been very successful.

In view of the strength of both sides to paralyze each other’s offense, in other words, star performance will be very important.

Celtic is undoubtedly pinning on Double J, especially Tatum. Frankly speaking, even though he averaged 27 points per game in the playoffs this season, his efficiency often fluctuates. If he cannot maintain a stable and efficient output, then It’s really hard to get past the Warriors.

As for the Warriors, Thompson’s perimeter will be very important, because he basically won’t have the opportunity to displace Low Post against Celtic, so if he can’t make the perimeter, he will struggle on the offensive end.

But compared to Thompson, it is Curry who decides the lifeblood of the Warriors. Regardless of the FMVP issue, if he can’t average more than 27 points per game in this series, it’s almost a death sentence for the Warriors’ offense. After all, I really can’t imagine that Poole and Wiggins need to provoke the team’s offense against Celtic.

〖Ace duel〗

〖wounded soldier〗

In fact, both sides are plagued by injuries. The Warriors exclude Wiseman, who will not return. The main players who did not play in Game 5 of the Western Championship include GP2, Porter and Iguodala.

As for Celtic, although there are no players who have been absent for a long time, Smart, Robert Williams and even Tatum can be said to be injured. Tatum seems to have a relatively small impact, but Smart’s ankle sprain and Williams have troubled him for a long time. The knee injury, these few bounces are obviously not as good as the regular season.

The good news for the Warriors is that the above-mentioned three injured soldiers are expected to return in the first game of the championship. There is no doubt that this is great news for the Warriors. After all, facing Celtic, who is dominated by flanks, The Warriors’ striker was injured in the Western Championship and only Wiggins can be used… The return of these three flanks is undoubtedly a boost to the team. It’s hard to say how much the offense can help, but the defense is sure Can improve a lot of combat power.

As for Smart and Williams, it depends on the situation. They don’t know if they will be absent in the championship game. Even if they both play with injuries, in the face of the Warriors’ offensive system with a lot of movement, can these two defensive giants with foot injuries? Support is also unknown.

〖wounded soldier〗

〖bench depth〗

Compared with the Warriors who can come to the rotation of ten people after the return of the wounded, Celtic is obviously more conservative, and they only used eight people in the Eastern Championship. I think it can be observed whether the Udoka Finals will unfreeze Theis depending on the situation? Because in terms of player attributes, Theis does not seem to suffer against the Warriors.

On the Warriors side, after the return of the injured soldiers, the bench manpower once again welcomed the abundance of the beginning of the season. Rather than expecting the rejuvenation of veteran players such as Iguodala, I would like to see if Poole can take advantage of the opponent’s main force and lead the team to attack when Curry goes off the court, especially When Celtic puts Pritchard on, the Warriors should take advantage of this rare opportunity.


Tournament experience has always been the most underrated but also the most important combat power. In terms of strength in this regard, there is no doubt that the Warriors will win:

Curry, Thompson, Draymond, and Iggy all have five championship titles, and Looney, who joined in 2016, has three. On the other hand, Celtic, the most experienced is Al Horford, who has fought for 15 years, but he has not yet experienced a championship game.

However, it is a little inappropriate to compare the young Celtic with the Grizzlies, because Tatum, Brown, Smart and others all have at least three or more Eastern Championship experiences!

So, the battle of experience is won by the Warriors, but by how much? Personally, I don’t think it’s as big as I imagined.

〖bench depth〗

〖The first two battles will be the key〗

In the playoffs this year, the Warriors have not fallen behind once in three rounds. The closest moment was a 1:1 tie with the Grizzlies in the second round, but they won two consecutive games.

The Warriors, who are currently undefeated at home in the playoffs, are bound to defend the first two games of the championship game. You must know that since Steve Kerr took over, they have only won the first two games, and they have only lost once (as for which time, Presumably I don’t need to say more)! Moreover, considering that there is a significant gap between the performance of the Warriors at home and away, for the Warriors, defending the first two games will definitely be the key to returning to glory.

Celtic’s side is just the opposite. In addition to sweeping the Nets in the first round, they lost the first game in the subsequent two rounds, and even fell behind in the subsequent games. However, they showed resilience, and in the end it was difficult to pass.

However, considering the two factors of wounded soldiers and experience, the author believes that if Celtic wants to copy the first two rounds, that is, they will not have an advantage if they fight until the seventh round. There is no need to talk about the wounded soldiers, one more game is one more wear and tear; the experience part, frankly speaking, the two tie-breaks won by the Celtics are to a certain extent, the opponent has many flaws, if the opponent is healthy and experienced Warriors, I don’t think Udoka’s fighting spirit can beat Kerr.


Draymond Green

Warriors’ X-factor, I decided to give Green. Of course, Splash’s contribution is still very important, but seeing Xiguan’s performance, I am really worried that he will continue to do it in the championship game.

We all know the importance of Draymond to the Warriors, especially for the Warriors who are quite tactical, Draymond’s brain is really rare.

Offensively, the Warriors need his signature short pick-and-roll with Curry to disrupt Celtic’s defense, and in addition to the pick-and-roll, I think his offensive desire will also be very important, especially on the perimeter. Hit rate, then it can definitely reduce the interference of Horford and Wliiliams on the penalty area.

On the defensive end, Celtic will definitely create a lot of dislocation opportunities to attack. At this time, the first-class Green commander of the switching concept is very important. In addition, in the face of Wliias’ rush and Horford’s disturbance, whether Green can stay in the penalty area is also very important.

Yes, the point is that he can stay on the court. Green averaged four fouls per game in the Western Championship. If you didn’t say it, I thought he was Jaren Jackson Jr.! The point is that some fouls are really not smart, such as reaching out to grab the opponent after being closed out…Similar low-level fouls are really to be avoided in the championship game, as long as the mouth green can stay on the court for a moment, the distance between the warriors and the champions Just one point closer.

Marcus Smart

Marcus Smart

Celtic’s X-factor, I think it’s Smart Brother Smart. As a new DPOY, he will face Curry in the championship game. As mentioned above, whether his ankle injury can support him in a lot of running is worth paying attention to, but regardless of the injury, if he can play, then the defensive end is the most important. The task is definitely to limit Curry, and whether this is done or not will directly affect the outcome of the game.

In addition to defending Curry, the offensive end opens up space for double-Js compared to stable accuracy. I think he has another function that is underestimated, and that is ball control.

As a ball-handling man, controlling the rhythm is his first priority on the offensive end. If Double J is disrupted by the Warriors’ rhythm and starts to rush, can Smart, who is in possession of the ball, take the initiative to get the ball back to organize an offense? It will be the key to the smoothness of Celtic’s offense (really don’t bother Horford and his old man to rescue the young man).


The Warriors and Celtic are the first types of encounters this year for both sides, and frankly speaking, there is not much to see in the regular game (too many injured soldiers), but from other samples, it is certain that Both sides have enough resources on the defensive end. Whether it is the infinite switching of the Celtics or the regional zone defense of the Warriors, in short, when your opponent has such a strong defensive force, star performance will become the key.

And if I had to choose between Curry and Tatum, I would choose Curry. The reason is that apart from the more stable fluctuations in the playoffs this year, it is nothing more than the issue of brain rush frequency and experience value. On these two points, I don’t think I need to go into details.

In addition to the stars, the issue of injuries is also the focus of attention, especially Celtic’s Smart and Wliilams. I have to put a question mark on whether they can handle the Warriors’ massive running system when they are injured.

After taking into account the diversity of offense, the tolerance of defense, the ability of stars, the doubts of injured soldiers, the experience of competitions, the home field advantage, etc., although in terms of the lineup, I think Celtic has the advantage; but considering the degree of cooperation, experience, Impact of injury risk, personal irresponsible prediction:

4:3, the Warriors won the championship.


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