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Why are live casinos so successful?

Why are live casinos so successful?

For centuries, casinos have been attracting gamblers. Often dressed in elegant robes and impressively luxurious architecture, they invented a card game that we love so much today. But even ordinary citizens could not avoid gambling, and in bars and taverns, people rolled dice and played cards. Today it looks a little different. The local casinos and casinos are licensed. Players wanted an attractive atmosphere to pursue this particular hobby. With the development of modern technology, casino life has moved to the Internet. But developer studios have found some interesting ways to bring the casino feel to your own four walls – a live casino.

Why are live casinos so successful?

How does a real casino work?

In contrast to regular slot games or table games, you don’t need to play against machines in live casinos. After registering at the online casino of your choice, you can choose games from the Live Casino category. All you have to do is log in and register at the table.

Flesh and blood merchants are now connected via live streaming. Live streaming is a very popular tool in the gaming and betting industry. This form of communication is especially well known in sports. Live betting is to a large extent related to live streaming. The bets are placed in real time. Click here for more information. International events are broadcast live over the Internet.

With cameras and a good Internet connection, you can broadcast live when the ball is thrown into the roulette wheel or the cards are dealt on the poker table.

Advantages of Real Casino

If you prefer to play in company, the Live Casino is perfect for you. You can contact the dealer, game master and other players. If questions arise, the dealer will answer them in a live chat. The experience is much closer to visiting a local casino.

The casino advantage is usually lower compared to local casinos. Other advantages of playing at a live casino are listed below.

  • Online casinos are always open.
  • In many games, the betting limits start from the cents range.
  • Experienced on-site dealer.
  • Online casinos offer interesting bonus offers, such as welcome bonuses or cash back bonuses.
  • As a player, you are not bound by any dress code in the Live Casino.
  • Games are often available in German.

Despite the many advantages, there is also one or another disadvantage. Solitaire or game section games are not available in the free demo version. If you want to test the strategy, you must use the regular variant.

The atmosphere of a real casino, which thrives on architecture and elegant interior design, cannot yet be reproduced in a live casino. However, in the famous casino halls of Las Vegas or Monte Carlo, there are special live tournaments and games played via live streaming.

What games are available in the real casino?

When it comes to choosing games, the vendors are very creative. Of course, the traditional casino games are at the top of the popularity list. These include roulette, poker, baccarat and blackjack. In the live version you can also roll the dice.

Monopoly and Dreamcatcher are very popular live games.


Live casino offers a lot of advantages, especially if you don’t have a local casino on hand. The technology is so advanced that the gaming experience is fantastic. Real players and dealers are on your own four walls 24/7 to provide you with a real casino experience.

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