【Playing Skills】How to play baccarat? What about the terminology?

【Playing Skills】How to play baccarat?

【Playing Skills】How to play baccarat? What about the terminology?

Do you want to try Baccarat? But do you know how? Just read this, just need an article to let you understand the rules and gameplay of Baccarat in seconds

Baccarat is a very popular game in major casinos. The gameplay is very simple, but it requires a lot of skills if you want to play it advanced.

If you want to show your skills in the Baccarat game, first of all, in addition to skills and luck, you must first understand the terms used by other players when playing baccarat, so that you can get started after reading it, and at the same time understand the Baccarat terminology, So without further ado, let’s get to know Baccarat right away!

1. Baccarat Rules of Baccarat

Baccarat This game comes from Italy, and baccarat means zero in Italian. This means that all games start from scratch.

2. Baccarat gambling method: divided into the following four gambling methods.

Bet to see if Bank (bank), Play (player), Tie (and), Pair (pair pair) wins.

  • Bank (Banker wins)
  • Play(bet to win)
  • Tie(bet tie)
  • Pair(bet right)

3, Baccarat Notes

Baccarat Point Conversion:

A = represents 1 point

10、J、Q、K=represents 0 points

For other cards, the numbers represent the corresponding points. When the sum of the points of the cards exceeds 9, the single digit is taken. For example, the point size of an 8 and a 9 is: 17 (the single digit is 7, so the sum is 7), After getting the cards, add up the total points, 0 is the smallest ~ 9 is the largest, after comparing the size of the points, you may make up cards, up to one card.

4, Baccarat gameplay

  • Baccarat Deals:

When the cards are dealt at the beginning, both sides will receive 2 cards first, and if there is an out of card, at most one will be added. Whoever makes the biggest bet has the right to see the card. In general casinos, is used for eight pairs to play the game.

1.3 Cards to Play (Player)

The 2.4th card is given to Bank (banker)

※According to the supplementary regulations, you can make up to one card at most, depending on the situation.

▲Betting generous has the right to open the opponent’s card. If one side bets for a player, the dealer is responsible.

◎ Come again (banker) and (player), whoever has a higher number of points wins.

In the case of a tie, the player who bet on the tie wins, and the player who bet on (banker) (player) neither loses nor wins.

5, Baccarat term lazy bag

[Banker] has no specific meaning, but only represents both sides of the game.

[Player] has no specific meaning, it only represents both sides of the game.

[Zhuang Win] The total points of the banker is greater than that of the player.

[Player wins] The total points of the player is greater than that of the banker.

[Tie Game] The total points of the two teams are the same, so they are also called Four Possessed.

[Pair] The banker or the player has the same two cards.

[Natural winner] refers to the cards dealt at the beginning, which are 8 points or 9 points.

【Double Card】Only draw one card.

【Stop Bidding】No more outs.

[Commission] When the banker wins, the casino needs to pay a 5% rake.

【Road Paper】The grid paper used to record the opening of the village, idle, draw, pair, etc.

[Road] Prediction of the banker and idler trends at the casino table.

[Changzhuang] has opened many times in a row.

【Long Leisure】Several times in a row.

[Single Jump] Open a banker and a free time multiple times in a row.

[Shuangzhuang] Open the bank twice in a row for two times in a row.

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