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2022 NBA Playoff Analysis Philadelphia VS. Tyrannosaurus Rex G4

2022 NBA Playoff Analysis 76ers VS Raptors G4

Today’s whistle is like G3, and it can even be said to be more unfriendly than G3, but the referee’s scale on the spot is inevitable, and he still has to find a way to do his best in other aspects. And with a 3-0 lead, the Seven or Sixers, who had just pulled back a city with an amazing lore, obviously did not meet this requirement. This article will focus on the small details that make the G4 change a little bit beyond the whistle.

The road trip in the North ended with an embarrassing ending, not the score, but the attitude of the players after the game. Embiid’s push before the end made the onlookers a little stunned, and the expression of pointing between Harden and Maxey after the end was even more childish. Of course, this is the behavior of the Twitter king who is used to laughing and scolding, but this cynical attitude is indeed easy to attract attention. It is true that today’s whistle is like G3, or even more unfriendly than G3, but the referee’s scale on the spot is inevitable, and he still has to find a way to do his best in other aspects. And with a 3-0 lead, the Seven or Sixers, who had just pulled back a city with an amazing lore, obviously did not meet this requirement. This article will focus on the small details that make the G4 change a little bit beyond the whistle.

1.Harden never had C&S

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Beard’s criticized off-ball ability cannot be changed overnight

Harden’s lack of off-the-ball ability has been criticized since he became famous, and no matter how good he is with the ball, it will be magnified for inspection. At the age of 33, when he lacked even the explosiveness of the first step, his ability to attack the ball declined, which indirectly made the fact that he lacked C&S ability even more prominent. Philly’s two sets of tactics launched by Embiid from the low post and Harden from the wings to the top of the arc have been mentioned many times, and the beard as the team’s playmaker often stands at the top of the arc to observe the situation. At this time, if the ball is tucked into the low post The king who wants the ball, Toronto’s double-teamers will rush in. The Great Emperor of the back frame has two options:

(1) Pass the ball from the big corner directly to the bottom corner of the weak side, and then launch the attack

(2) Find shooters on the strong side and flank, and look for shooting opportunities in the process of switching to the weak side

Since Harden mostly stands in the middle and is reluctant to shoot C&S three-pointers, the defender on the weak side can look in the direction of Embiid to see what action he is going to take. If you choose (1), you can steal the ball in time, choose (2) If you use your physical fitness and long arms to interfere with the shooters standing on the flanks, it will not be a problem for the long-handed monster army with high physical fitness. Therefore, when Embiid is holding the ball in the low post, his offense is relatively predictable, and Harden, who is weak without the ball, does not need to be particularly marked, and also gives the Tyrannosaurus with strong rotation ability sufficient room to deal with it.

Changing the style of play is not something that can happen overnight. Just like the great emperor mentioned in the next point, when the whistle sound makes each other upset, the two will be beaten back to their original shape again. It becomes as if there is no sense of complementarity. But this is only the first round after all, and it is the first year of the two top stars working together. Although the history of Rivers adjusting the team’s form in the playoffs is worrying, the duo who played well in G1 will definitely review it after the series is over.

2.Embiid returning to the comfort zone and Maxey self-starting

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When the style of play returns to the regular season, it will be difficult for the two to play their complementary abilities.

As mentioned in the previous article, Embiid’s low-position starts in the playoffs have declined, but whether it is from the content of the game or the data, it has obviously rebounded in the past two games. As of the third game, Embiid’s average number of post ups per game has reached 7.3. You know, when the game environment is not satisfactory, returning to the habitual play is often the first instinct of the player. Therefore, Embiid’s frequency of asking for the ball in the low post in the away game has increased again. In this battle, Philadelphia also continued to tear the Toronto penalty area with a Five-Out attack mode, but then it seems to be to let Embiid, who has torn his fingers, find a touch. Schedule more post play. However, this is the attack pattern that Coach Nurse is best at handling, and it makes Philly play as hard as the regular season.

And when the game returns to the state of the regular season, Maxey’s ability to respond will be reduced again, and he must deal with things he is not good at. Whether it’s being the bomb defuser when the singles fail, or the main attacker after Harden’s off the court, it’s what Maxey isn’t good at as a first-responder. Even the ability to fight badly in positional battles, Milton may be more worth looking forward to than Maxey. Whether Old River can tell Embiid how to adjust, rather than using chicken soup to keep him in his comfort zone, will be the key to Philly’s overall offensive efficiency.

3.Do not hesitate to adjust the lineup

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ROY, who went into battle with an injury, used his physical strength and hard work to tell the fans why he was selected

In the second half, Vanvleet retired due to injury, although it once again marked the warning light for the Tyrannosaurus’ combat power, but it also allowed Nurse to put a lineup of 4 strikers and GTJ without hesitation. Although such a formation lacks the ball-holding points for pick-and-rolls and finishing players at critical moments, the T-Rex’s performance on pick-and-rolls is not ideal, and if the score is pulled straight away, no one needs to deal with Clutch Time.

Therefore, instead of letting the offense fluctuate and Vanvleet, who has defensive skills but lacks stature, struggles, Barnes, who has returned to the game, can make more contributions on the defensive end. On the offensive end, Young and Barnes acted as support points to pass to the empty cutter, punishing Philadelphia, who had poor awareness of off-ball defense, and gave Siakam, who was physically and mentally exhausted by Harris’ punching to the flesh, a chance to breathe; defense; Duan used the expected long arm and switching defense to prevent Philadelphia from being able to connect the offensive in the first shot.

Although 3:1 is a belief that everyone has in Rivers, but this time, after all, it is a draw first and then won, and it may not be easy to be reversed. Therefore, when the potential opponents are already 2:1, swallowing a defeat on the road is not a chance to adjust.

That’s the problem we have fixed. So we need to go back to the drawing board and go back to do whatever it takes to be better.  –Joel Embiid

Only by facing the details other than the whistle first can we have the capital to move forward.

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