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2022 NBA Playoffs Second Round Analysis Golden State Warriors

2022 NBA Playoffs Analysis Golden State Warriors

Two years ago, the grievance between Warriors Iguodala and the Grizzlies was over, and it is still the source of the Grizzlies players’ strength bonus. A year ago, the Warriors lost to the Grizzlies in the playoffs and missed the playoffs. One is rebuilding. Extremely fast, emerging powers on the rise, new hatreds and old hatreds, presumably the second-round series of the Warriors Grizzlies will definitely not be less gunpowder and topical. 

"Analysis of the Second Round of the 2022 NBA Playoffs" Golden State Warriors--the epic collision between the former Wang Jun and the emerging powers
Analysis of the Second Round of the 2022 NBA Playoffs Golden State Warriors–the epic collision between the former Wang Jun and the emerging powers

Two years ago, the grievance between Warriors Iguodala and the Grizzlies was over, and it is still the source of the Grizzlies players’ strength bonus. A year ago, the Warriors lost to the Grizzlies in the playoffs and missed the playoffs. This year, the Warriors routinely They lost 3 games to the Grizzlies, and the records and rankings of the two sides are also entangled. One is the former champion team that is striving to restore glory, and the other is an emerging powerhouse with an extremely fast rebuilding speed and a rising power. The Grizzlies’ second-round series will definitely not be less gunpowder and topical.

How will the Warriors defend Morant? How to defend the Grizzlies?

It is conceivable that the Warriors will still use man-to-man as a general defensive strategy, and the non-Wiggins, namely Payton, who are responsible for defending Morant, are expected to take turns playing defense. I have some experience, but Morant will not be a one-on-one defense, and must also face the Grizzlies’ pick-and-roll attack. It is estimated that the Warriors will continue to maintain the more proactive defense pick-and-roll without Hedge and ice. After all, Morant is outside the paint area. As long as Green, Looney and other screen defenders can retreat to the free throw line and wait for an opportunity, Morant will not have too much offensive space, and then wait for Wiggins or GP2 to make up.

At the critical moment in the first round, the Warriors will use special defensive formations such as BOX-1 or 3-2 zone defense to improve their defensive strength and defensive counterattacks. However, for 4 players in the first round, the three-point shooting rate is above 35%. For the Grizzlies, Box-1 is not suitable, on the contrary, the 3-2 zone defense has a chance to be used, and the first-line players should be played by Wiggins or Payton, and Curry/Poole on both sides of the periphery is waiting for the opportunity to assist or close out to the periphery. The shooter, while the bottom line forward (Green/Thompson) can flank Morant and grab the rebound. However, the disadvantage of the 3-2 zone defense will make it difficult to defend the rebound. It is a good thing for the Grizzlies who like to rush offensive rebounds and play second offense, but this is a trade-off. After all, the 3-2 zone is one of the few who can defend Morant. Cover’s defensive strategy on the perimeter, coupled with the high likelihood that Adams will continue to be removed from the rotation, would cut the threat of rebounding in half as long as he did get stuck with Clarke.

In addition, it can be observed whether the Warriors will use the Triangle & 2 defense strategy they used to deal with the Suns Booker and CP3 in the regular season to guard Morant and Brooks/Bane.

As a top scorer, Morant is not easy to defend, and the Warriors don’t have a long-handed flank like the Timberwolves, but fortunately Morant’s perimeter has not improved too much, so it is not difficult to target and suppress throughout the series. After all, the Warriors’ defense Discipline and strategy will not lose to the Grey Wolves. It is worth noting that Morant gradually began to stop rushing in the late first round. Instead, he would use his own defensive appeal to pass it on to his teammates in the peripheral space. Defend every perimeter gap is the Warriors’ defensive cover this season. This is to consolidate the shortcomings of the penalty area with no height, especially in the weak side bottom corner, because the relationship between the defense and the penalty area is often empty. , and the Grizzlies may grab this attack, but it is interesting that among the 16 teams in the playoffs this year, the Grizzlies’ spot up (spot up) frequency is as high as 28.2%, ranking fourth, representing The Grizzlies are very fond of Morant’s pick-and-roll breakthrough, then pass to the perimeter and then attack, but fortunately, the Grizzlies’ spot up score is only 0.88 points per possession, and the 16 teams in the playoffs are only a little better than the Bulls. The first-round series didn’t shoot more than 30 percent from wide-open 3-pointers, so for the Grizzlies to attack that, they had to take advantage of the open space for players other than Bane.

Half of the Grizzlies’ offense was initiated by Morant, and the other few with autonomous offense were Brooks, Bane, JJJ, and backup point guard Jones, but JJJ’s face-frame and back-frame offense were immature and would not be the object of the Warriors’ attention. The ball-handling attack is also not as mature as Bane, so he may benefit from Morant’s attractiveness and have more room to play. This is a secondary target that Morant has to guard against. As for Brooks’ shot selection, there has always been a problem. It’s just that his touch that day didn’t support this kind of shot selection. If you look at the first round, I would hope that he can play as many balls as possible.

In other words, except for Morant, who can attack with the ball, only Jones is left, but they are the main and the pair, and they rarely play at the same time. Only the G6 close-up lineup has been matched together, so it can be assumed that the two of them will only have one. One person is on the court, and if you think about it from another angle, you can defend Morant, and it is not difficult to suppress Jones. Simply put, once you can suppress the Grizzlies’ point guard, you can attack the Grizzlies’ offense.

In fact, the Grizzlies’ original offense is not so simple and easy to deal with. The reason is that the Grizzlies may continue to move Adams out of the rotation, which will reduce the Grizzlies’ original multiple offensive routes by half. Underestimated skills, just his average of 3.4 times per game this year, the third most assists in the team can tell, his existence can not only provide good screen and rim protection, but also very important on the offensive end, according to on /off data, this season, the Grizzlies’ offensive efficiency is 117.8 when he is on the court, and only 108.5 when he is off the court, so if the Grizzlies continue to ice Adams, it is not a bad thing for the Warriors’ defense.

How should the Warriors break through the Grizzlies’ defense?

Half of the Grizzlies’ sixth-best defense this season is built on Jackson, who has a large defensive range. Judging from the data in the first-round series, when JJJ is on the court, the team’s defensive efficiency is only 101. When he is not on the court. At the time of the game, the team efficiency increased to 108.3, which shows that with him on the court, the Grizzlies defense will be a different level.

The Grizzlies are accustomed to hiding him in the last line of the weak-side corner on the defensive end. It will be a nightmare for the Warriors who like to cut, and the Grizzlies’ switching system also benefits from JJJ’s ability to guard the perimeter. Therefore, JJJ’s defense is tricky for the Warriors, both from the restricted area and from the perimeter. But fortunately, his number of fouls has remained high throughout the season, especially in the first-round series, so whether the Grizzlies can hold the Warriors in this series depends largely on JJJ’s fouls in that game.

Although the Grizzlies can use the All-switch to guard the Warriors’ off-ball movement, after watching the first-round series, I’m not too worried, especially if the Grizzlies haven’t guarded the full-body Warriors. Including last year’s play-offs, the Grizzlies only met the Warriors with Curry, so just send Brooks to stick to Curry, and then continue to pressure by switching defenses, but now the Warriors have a three-wave formation that kills two gold nuggets in the first round, and blooms more. The offensive lineup will be a big test for the Grizzlies, who are short of perimeter defensive resources.

Bane is an excellent team defender, conscious and confrontational, but his one-on-one defense is not as good as Brooks, so there is still a question mark on whether he can suppress Thompson and Poole, but even if he can, there is still one person in the Three Waves. Must be guarded by Morant, and Morant’s defensive performance in the first round of the series must have made Grizzlies fans dissatisfied. Playing the Grizzlies may be able to hide him in the bottom corner, but the Warriors who are running without the ball on the strong and weak sides , even if the Grizzlies have JJJ and Clarke who can ignore the dislocation, Morant is bound to be forced to join the defensive rotation, and Morant at this time will be the breakthrough point of the Warriors’ offense.

Warriors will drag the main battlefield into a half-court positional battle

The Grizzlies’ transition fast break is the strongest team in the league, both offensively and defensively. This also means that every pass error by the Warriors is likely to cost them points, and although the Warriors are also good at defensive counterattacks. However, for the Grizzlies, who are also good at defense defense and counterattack, they may not be as popular as gold nuggets, so the Warriors can consider bringing the main battlefield to the half-court positional battle, and the counter-fast break of the secondary battlefield depends on the situation. Certainly, if you play fast, the Warriors, who are more prone to pass errors, will suffer more. Conversely, this is also one of the Grizzlies’ chances of winning.

Warriors’ second-round rotation adjustment?

There are three possibilities. The four major salaries will not change. The first one is that Looney will return to the false starter. The team let GP2 start and defend Morant, but Game 1 should not be so risky, and it is equivalent to having two players who can defend Morant at the same time play together, which will be tighter for subsequent rotations.

The high probability of Bjelica in the second team cannot be used. His lateral movement is too slow. For a high-speed creature like Morant, it is too delicious. Instead, Kuminga, who gradually has playing time in the first round, has the opportunity to play, and then match it with height and wingspan. Porter carried the second team penalty area.

The Three Waves Array is not necessarily the first choice for the closed-door lineup in this series. Payton has proven his ability in the first round of G5, but his outside shooting is not very stable, so Payton’s outside position will be the Warriors in this series. The X-factor of the game, if his offense can maintain the level of the gold nugget series, he can stay on the court for a long time against Morant and solve many problems on both ends of the floor in one go.

in conclusion

This group of battles, whether it is the regular season or the first-round series, is of little reference value. The lineups of both sides in the regular season are not perfect. The first-round series is because the opponents are completely different types, and Morant is limited by the gray wolves. The long-handed flank formation, but the Warriors do not have this kind of body configuration, and can only use a few defensive locks and positions to deal with Morant, but the Warriors have defensive discipline, unlike the gray wolves that occasionally crash, so this series The game will be a brand new battle and a different battlefield.

Judging from the system, experience, coaching staff and the state of each player in the first round, I think the Warriors have a better chance of winning in this series, but many times the player’s condition and style of play do not follow the script in my head. , I wouldn’t be too surprised if the Grizzlies won in the end, I’d just be disappointed.

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