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2022 NBA Playoffs Bucks-Celtics grab 7 preview.

2022 NBA Playoffs Bucks-Celtics grab 7 preview.

The Celtics defeated the Bucks 108-95 on the road today, and the series was tied at 3-3, dragging the series into the tiebreaker, and making this round full of physical and emotional health from the start to the present. In the series of verbal contact, there is one more thing to watch that will be passed down forever. 

The Celtics defeated the Bucks 108:95 on the road today, and the series was tied at 3-3. This round of the series was dragged into the tiebreaker, and this round was full of limbs from the beginning to the present. In the series of contact with words, there is one more thing to watch that will be passed down forever. 

Tournament Review

The first quarter is probably the epitome of the whole game. The Celtics created a lot of offenses from beyond the three-point line in the opening, and the shooting percentage was very high, while the Bucks rely on Giannis to force the penalty area and earn free throws. chance, and the Bucks also tried to get Allen into the situation, but his own offense was completely unable to open, which made the Bucks into a situation where Antetokounmpo was single. On the opposite side, Celtic continued to use three-pointers to score points. In the end, Celtic took a 28-26 lead after the first quarter.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Celtic’s defense began to improve. The station can effectively block the Bucks’ passing, and at the same time limit Giannis very well. Many of the points in this quarter are Holiday’s jumpers or cuts. , others are less playful.

In the third quarter, the Celtics continued to use their three-pointer weapons. Even though Allen finally scored his first goal, the Celtics felt really good in the early part of the quarter, which made the point difference. At one point, it almost opened to 20 points. Fortunately, when the Celtics hit rate fell, the Bucks were confident and chased the points, so that the game was not taken away by a wave, leaving 12 points behind to enter the decisive quarter. .

At the beginning of the deciding quarter, the Bucks chased the score, and then it was Tatum and Giannis’ alternate singles show. With five minutes left in the game, Celtic, after the timeout, devised a play for Brown, letting him spray a three-pointer. Scored the ball, and finally relied on this momentum to take the game away, tie the series, and return to the home to play the tiebreaker.

Celtic breach protection

In the first few games, Antetokounmpo faced Brown’s defense. No matter how hard the latter worked, Giannis could always wipe it clean. Therefore, today Celtic made some changes in response to this.

Let’s take a look at a few plays that managed to hold Giannis.

In front of the first play, Holiday helped Giannis pick-and-roll, trying to swap out Brown for singles, but Celtic adopted the show&recover method, letting Brown show for a shot first, and then Smart directed him to help defend Holiday who might be empty-cutting, In addition, Giannis didn’t grasp the gap that this shot might pass. After Brown returned to the position, Smart’s defense took a step back and Giannis chose a mid-range jumper, and finally did not enter.

The second play was Giannis’ pick-and-roll. Celtic let Horford retreat and didn’t switch defense. Before Brown came back, it seemed like a partial 3-on-2 situation. In fact, when Allen felt bad today, Holiday’s cut is likely to be blocked, so he chose to give the ball to Giannis, and the clever Horford immediately blocked the former’s layup path. In the end, Giannis, who was not steady after collecting the ball, was accurately predicted by a Block the attack.

Converting fast break defenses

In addition, in the fast break transition, which the Bucks are best at, Celtic’s defense is also doing a good job, especially in the first few games, the Green Army has shown excellent retreat and defense speed. Today’s wall is also very blocked. Well, put a Play on it as well.

This ball Allen grabbed the rebound and quickly passed it to Brother Antetokounmpo in front of him. Even if there were three players in front of him, he still rushed forward without hesitation. To be honest, this is actually quite normal. After all, he has always played like this. However, Willams and Horford’s wall really completely blocked Giannis Antetokounmpo’s cutting path, and Tatum also completely blocked the possibility of passing the ball to Matthews, and successfully defended this wave.

Tatum disrupts Bucks’ defensive lineup

Today, Tatum made 7 of 15 shots from the outside. Most of the goals were made out of position and then a few stabs, and they were directly pulled up to score, or through the pick-and-roll, without hesitation. You can only make shots, but Tatum has done a good job in calling out the dislocation and attacking the defensive strategy. If this can be maintained, and the feeling of returning to the home court should not be too exaggerated to cool down, then the chances of Celtic advancing will be greatly improved. promote.

The ball was a pick-and-roll first. After cutting in, it was found that there was no chance. It was passed to the weak side Smart, forcing Allen to go out to help defend, and then the ball was returned to Tatum. Seeing Lopez in front of him, after a few tentative moves, Lopez’s center of gravity was tricked away. Just pull up and score.

This ball is very simple, because the Bucks encountered a pick-and-roll situation today, and they sank, so Horford made a solid pick-and-roll. Tatum saw the opponent slump and pulled it up decisively, and also made this three-pointer.

Celtic breach protection

The bucks have to have someone else jump out

Without Middleton’s Bucks, someone other than Giannis would have to jump out to help on the offensive end, but today it seems that it’s impossible to find who is going to take on this role. Except for Giannis, the team has the highest score. It was Holiday, but it only had 17 points. Connaughton scored 14 points with high efficiency, which means that he must get more balls in the next game, and he will also be able to pull more defenses. This must be used well. In addition, Allen and Portis were both quite miserable on the offensive end today.

Portis’s part, at least no matter how miserable the offense is, his defense and hard work can still bring him value. It can be expected that he will not get too many goals in the next game. Unless the three-pointer feeling explodes, he will be responsible 3D player who pulls away the threat of space.

As for Allen’s part, it’s more troublesome, because the Bucks really need his offense with the ball, but today he doesn’t seem to be in good shape, so even if Giannis scores high, he has to step up and play for the team Take points in a difficult situation, otherwise it will be like on the offensive end, which is actually an invisible breach, so Celtic can do more restrictions on Antetokounmpo.

The bucks have to have someone else jump out


The tiebreaker must be exciting. In short, what the Celtics need to do is to maintain. After Smart was woken up by Holiday’s hot pot, he still showed the value of his best defensive player today. Then what the Bucks need is a breakthrough, bearing the name of the defending army, plus the injury of the second leader, it is not easy to entangle with Celtic under the condition of not being optimistic, the analysis is over, the rest Yes, leave it to the day of the game and tell us one by one.

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