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2022 Playoffs CP3, Doncic dominance score high

2022 Playoffs CP3, Doncic dominance score high

Whether or not it was because the well-known Tony Brothers enforced the law, the Suns vs. Mavericks Game 2 turned into a very broken game due to the whistle, but in such a fierce battle, the Suns’ dual cores showed their dominance in the second half, and then helped the Suns to win. Series 2 : 0 leads. 

Regardless of whether it is really related to the well-known judge Tony Brothers, but after the whole game was cut into chaos by the whistle of the referee, the relatively smooth rhythm of Game 1 could not be replicated, and the game entered the competition between players’ independent singles and group cooperation.

Speaking of stars, the Suns’ backcourt dual-core Chris Paul and Devin Booker have been showing their dominance since last year’s playoffs, but the Mavericks actually have Luka Doncic, who is currently at the top of the pyramid, in terms of personal ability and data influence. Even in terms of the league’s preference, Doncic may still be above the Sun Duo, but with teamwork and the assistance of the Luye players, this battle shows how a strong team can help star players exert greater influence. And a relatively under-supported team will limit the influence of a powerful star.

This season, the Suns’ record has been soaring, and finally ended with the best team history and the league’s leading 64 wins. The strength of the team system was fully demonstrated in Game 1. However, in today’s second game, from the second quarter, the referee kept being judged The whistle cut the rhythm of the game. In the first half, the two teams had a total of 30 fouls, and the whistle in the middle of the second quarter was often to blame. The Suns were blown three consecutive offensive fouls, and the Mavericks also swallowed one. Completely slow down and lose the spectacle of the last game.

"2022 Playoffs" CP3, Doncic dominance score high

In fact, the Mavericks did not play badly in the first half. Doncic showed his personal influence as soon as the game started. 19 of the Mavericks’ first 21 points were related to him. 15 of the 17 points he scored were related to Doncic, scoring 10 points and 2 assists. Even Kleber, who was the only record that had nothing to do with Doncic, made two free throws. In the first half, including three 3-pointers after a skirmish with Jae Crowder, Doncic made 9 of 14 shots, and once again scored 24 points in the first half, not far from Game 1’s 26 points in the first half.

But this time is different from the previous game. With more or less support from his teammates, the Mavericks hit 0.550 in the first half. Although it is still not holding the sun, it still has a hit rate of 0.571, but at least it is not like the previous two games. The gap between the teams was so large that they could take a 60-58 lead at halftime. After the easy basket battle, the Mavericks continued to attack from the outside. Reggie Bullock made three three-pointers in a row, and the Suns attacked the Mavericks’ bottom line several times in a row. Whether it was CP3’s mid-range jumper, Crowder’s assists to McGee, and even McGee Mikal Bridges got the empty cut, but the impact of being cut by the referee’s whistle in the first half finally occurred, but obviously the impact on the Mavericks was relatively large. Due to the lack of other people who could handle the ball, the Mavericks’ hit rate dropped rapidly in the third quarter. He only scored 6 goals in 19 shots in the quarter, and the Suns regained the lead at the end of the third quarter.

When the broadcast screen was brought to the interview with Suns head coach Monty Williams, the broadcast process as usual began in the fourth quarter, and from the past process of the Suns, it entered the time of CP3, and I saw him at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Make a 3-pointer, then assist Cam Johnson with a 3-pointer, make a layup, mid-range, assist Bridges to dunk the first time after an interception, make an offensive foul, and cut into a throw. The Mavericks still have no solution after calling a timeout. Make up a mid-range and cut to complete the three-point play, then the Mavericks double-teamed CP3 in advance, and the Suns attacked with Bridges assisting Biyombo’s dunk. It was finally the first time that it had nothing to do with CP3, but at this time, the Suns had taken a 17-point lead. .

After completing the mission in the first half of the fourth quarter, CP3 went off to rest, but the Mavericks’ nightmare was not over yet. Booker, who was replaced, scored three three-pointers in a row and took the lead with just over 4 minutes left in the game. After opening to 24 points, the outcome is decided, and the game enters garbage time. The Suns easily won 129-109 at the end, which was far different from the last 7-point difference in content from the last game. Since then, the final score of the battle is hard to imagine that the two teams saw each other in the first half, or even led by the Mavericks.

From the influence of the first half, it can be seen that Doncic is not without the ability to dominate the game. The three-pointers in the second quarter are not only to respond to the conflict with Crowder, but to score goals without making mistakes in the defense of the Suns, showing his own The star is worth it, but whether or not he was over-burned because of the unparalleled opening in the first half. In the second half, Doncic did not help the Mavericks to move forward at all. Instead, he directly watched the game being taken over by the Suns. In the third quarter, Booker scored 12 points in a single quarter and the fourth The festival is the solo show of the aforementioned CP3. In terms of personal skills, the Sun Twins may not be comparable to Doncic, but it is precisely because the Sun has many supporting roles that are solid enough in blocking, positioning, and defense, so that Booker and CP3 can always be in the most suitable position. The local shot and the goal-by-goal smashed the net to get the most substantial contribution for the team, and the Mavericks lacked assistants. After Doncic burned in the first half, it failed to continue in the second half, and the game was decided.

"2022 Playoffs" CP3, Doncic dominance score high
The last game, Jalen Brunson, who didn't catch up until the fourth quarter, was another sluggish night. It wasn't until nearly three minutes into the second quarter that he scored the first goal of the game, and he only got these 2 points in the first half. , the whole game only scored 9 points. It was the first time in this postseason that the score didn't reach double digits. In these two games, the heroic radiance against the Jazz in the first round completely lost Doncic, who scored 24 points in the first half, also in the third quarter. Only 2 points were scored, and the 35 points in the game showed that the second half did not contribute much. Obviously, in terms of team strength, the sun is still above the Mavericks.

Moreover, the Suns were also affected by the whistle throughout the game and lacked Ayton who contributed due to foul trouble, but the two cores in the backcourt alone scored 58 points, and the combined hit rate of the two was as high as 0.629, and the Suns hit 0.571 hit rate in the first half. It was good enough. It broke through 70% in the second half, and the whole game closed at a terrifying score of 0.645. It can be seen that after the chaos in the first half, the sun returned to dominate the game in the second half.

"2022 Playoffs" CP3, Doncic dominance score high

Compared with Game 1, the Suns have been leading all the way and have never been behind. The Mavericks in this battle are indeed somewhat prepared. After starting at 0:9, they can respond in the first half. The gap in overall strength made them powerless in the second half, and they were directly sent away with cheers from all the fans at home of the Suns. These two defeats not only represented a 0:2 deficit, but also clearly showed that the Mavericks were in these two games. Nothing can compete with the sun.

After the two games, Doncic, who averaged 40 points, 8.5 rebounds, and 7.5 assists, is definitely the most dazzling star in this series. The average data is even higher than CP3 or Booker, but after the two games, Doncic lost to the Suns in the first game. The team is running smoothly, the second game is not enough to match the ability of Booker and CP3 to take over the situation one after another. Indeed, this is only the fourth season of Doncic. He still has a long-term future, but at this stage, the Suns are undoubtedly better than The Mavs’ stronger team, Booker and CP3 are all more dominant players in the game than Doncic.

"2022 Playoffs" CP3, Doncic dominance score high

The Suns took the lead in the second round. Compared with the fierce battle between the Grizzlies and the Warriors on the other side, they have won two wins. Maybe the Mavericks will counterattack after returning to the home court, but at the moment it is undoubtedly the Suns who are playing. The result I want to see most after the two games, whether it can return to the Western Championship successfully, depends on the performance of the next two away games.

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