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2022 Playoffs scorched the eagles, Miami easily came out on top

2022 playoffs Heat Eagles

The Heat won the playoffs with a rest, and defeated the visiting Eagles by a big score.

The Heat won the playoffs with a rest, and defeated the visiting Eagles by a big score.

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As mentioned in the 2022 NBA Playoffs Analysis before the series, the Miami Heat, the neglected leader of the Eastern District, the Heat and Eagles are not equal at this stage. In particular, the Eagles won two play-off games, and they visited Miami less than 36 hours after the Cleveland beat the Cavaliers. They were very tired.

For the Eagles, the worse thing was the injury of goalkeeper Capela. Although it was reported before the game that John Collins, the main striker, was expected to play, the battle strength was at most the same for a long time. .

The Heat, who are used to a lot of zone defenses, mainly use the full switch strategy to deal with Young and the Hawks’ perimeter block and cut, and the zone defense is completely absent. The restricted area partners Adebayo and Tucker are excellent defenders, and Max Strus, who has joined the starting lineup, is not weak either. With the veterans Butler and Lowry, the Heat’s defense is quite complete.

First, it may be that the Eagles have consumed too much physical energy and have not recovered. Second, the Heat’s defense emphasizes a lot of physical contact, and cooperates with constant defense switching and rapid rotation defense. The Eagles, the second-best offense in the regular season, had a big attack in this game, and ace Trae Young played Worst playoff game of his career. He made 7 three-pointers and only hit a difficult layup. This game was the first time in the playoffs that he scored less than double digits. In addition to being unable to score, Young had fewer assists than turnovers, made many outrageous passes, and did not see a single empty toss after the signature cut.

In addition to Young’s tragic performance, Bogdan Bogdanović, who has always been stable, turned off at the same time. He made 8 shots and scored 6 points from free throws. The combined score of the two was not as good as that of the Heat defense team P.J Tucker. Another important source of firepower, Kevin Huerter, was in slightly better condition, but he only scored 8 points. The result of the team’s three-point flameout was that the score in the first half had been pulled away.

Faced with a fiasco in the first game, Young said in an interview:

I’m confident we can turn things around!

The Heat’s defense completely suppressed the Eagles’ offense, and their three-pointer performance was even more amazing. The rotation part maintained the scheduling in the late regular season. The original main scorer Duncan Robinson started from the bench, but scored a career-high 27 points and 8 three-pointers in the playoffs (three-pointers are also a new playoff high in team history). In addition, he also made a fast-break layup, and the only free throw was not soft.

Robinson had a true shooting percentage (TS%) of 129.3% and an effective shooting percentage (eFG%) of 130% in this game, both of which became the highest record of 25 points or more in a single game in NBA playoff history. It is said that he has a lot of fate with the Eagles. His career-high 34 points and 10 three-pointers in the regular season were also written when facing the Eagles.

Descending to the bench, the low tide of the regular season may make everyone forget that Robinson is one of the deadliest shooters, and the eagle, whose defense was already riddled with holes, was shot in a variety of ways, and he could only swallow the defeat in embarrassment. war. Robinson, who has always faced adversity and underestimation on the basketball road, once again proved his worth with his shooting skills.

Eagles head coach Nate McMillan said in an interview after the game:

I think the Heat were on a different level than us tonight, and their performance completely overwhelmed us. If we want to do something in the playoffs, we have to show the same level of performance.

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The perimeter opened fire from all sides, and Tucker could still participate in the offense after recovering from injury. There are not many places for the Heat to be picky in this game. What I have to say is that the sixth man, Tyler Herro, was a little weak, and he made 5 turnovers in a single game in addition to his average efficiency. Herro’s defense has improved after the increase in confrontation, but overall he still relies on offense to eat. The Heat need him to share the responsibility of attacking, and the performance in the first game is a bit worrying.

The second point is too many defensive fouls. Active use of physical confrontation is a good thing, but the scale should be more precise. In the first game, the Eagles, who have no masters in cutting, won 27 free throws and won 18 of the Heat, which is one of the few data that has the upper hand.

The scheduling part can also be improved a bit. When backup center Dewayne Dedmon, shooter Robinson and Herro are on the court at the same time, the defensive ability drops a lot. The most important thing is that there is no way to use the full switch strategy. Maybe when Young returns to the court, this combination can be reduced. The appearance of , reduces the chance of being hit by Young.

The three old men, Butler, Lowry, and Tucker performed steadily. In particular, Lowry was very stable with 9 assists and 0 turnovers, and played a proper role in stabilizing the military. The backup guard Gabe Vincent has not yet returned his touch on the outside, but he has 7 assists and 1 turnover and excellent defense. During a period of time, he played with Lowry to play double ball control, which increased the flexibility of the coach’s scheduling.

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I expect Young to have such a low chance in every game. After all, Young’s offense is already at the top of the league this season. The Bucks defense, which faced an impregnable wall in the playoffs last season, scored 48 points in a single game, plus two rounds against the Knicks and the 76ers. ‘s performance shows just how scary Young is. In addition to a lot of physical contact and defensive pressure from the Heat, Young is obviously not energetic enough on the court to shoot too quickly, and many of the usually guaranteed throws have many deviations. The rematch two days later should have recovered some physical fitness, and that was the real challenge for the Heat.

On the other hand, the Heat’s perimeter feel can’t be so hot and the accuracy is bound to be revised down. It shows that the gap between the two teams in the second game will not be like the first game. Caleb Martin, the flank that was expected to be used against Young, didn’t come in handy at all. It was garbage time to let him warm up on the court. Later in the game, when the situation required it, Martin should be able to see the scene of Martin’s order in danger.

Compared with the Eagles, there are not many tricks, and there is no sense of expectation except that Capela can return to the team. If Capela doesn’t come back, then replacing second-year center forward Okongwu with forward Collins might be an option, depending on what the coach thinks.

The second game will be played on Wednesday morning, Taiwan time. How to maintain a conscientious attitude and a positive fighting mentality after the Heat’s big victory may be the most troublesome place for Erik Spoelstra.

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