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2022 Playoffs wakes up Kleber, and Brunson pays tribute to the German

2022 Playoffs Wake Kleber

Gobert made, Gobert lost is my summary of the first two games of the Mavericks-Jazz series. This article will spend a little bit of time exploring Rudy Gobert’s impact on the series, and by the way, a few key players from the Dallas Mavericks.

Gobert made, Gobert lost is my summary of the first two games of the Mavericks-Jazz series. This article will spend a little bit of time exploring Rudy Gobert’s impact on the series, and by the way, a few key players from the Dallas Mavericks.

Success is also Gobert, failure is also Gobert?

As a center, there is no doubt that Rudy Gobert’s value on the defensive end is absolutely disdainful of the entire league. Regardless of rim protection, defensive rebounding, or defensive positioning, Rudy Gobert, who is messing around in the penalty area, will always be the most present, most, and tallest player on the court. With a total of 34 rebounds (including 6 offensive rebounds), 5 blocks, and numerous fouls by the Mavericks in the two games, his three-time Defensive Player of the Year award is really nothing.

In Game 1 of the series, when the Dallas Mavericks’ shooters were all out (9-for-32, 28.1 percent from 3-point range), Rudy Gobert’s influence in the paint was enough to allow him to dominate the game. Whether Spencer Dinwiddie or Jalen Brunson ripped the defense through screens and challenged the restricted area with determination, Rudy Gobert’s impressive wingspan and shoulder width, fairly light lateral footwork, and disciplined enough defense will always make the Mavericks. Double guns to eat turtles in the backcourt. Also because the Mavericks’ shooter group was not strong enough, Rudy Gobert was able to spend more time near the penalty area, and then went to Late Closeout when Josh Green and Maxi Kleber really wanted to shoot, which slightly affected their shot rhythm. Throughout the game, the Dallas Mavericks’ offense almost completely ignored the Utah Jazz’s defense. Just look at Spencer Dinwiddie and Jalen Brunson. You have a ball, I have a ball, and they create a wonderful symphony with the sound of iron.

In the second game of the series, Jalen Brunson used his excellent touch to boost the team’s offensive morale. The tricky dribbling technique is like a motorcyclist passing through the rush hour traffic, even if the car driver honks, oh no, I mean even if Rudy Gobert jumps out and interferes, Jalen Brunson is not afraid to throw around the rim. Throw in the textbook Giant Killer for all short guards to appreciate. Because of this, the Jazz focused their defense on Jalen Brunson’s cuts, creating a gap for the Mavs’ perimeter shooter. And who is the hottest guy in the third-party today? That’s right, it was Rudy Gobert’s opposing Maxi Kleber, who made 8 of 11 three-pointers in the whole game and blasted 25 points, which became the key to the Mavericks’ victory.

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Maxi Kleber’s three-pointer will directly affect the series trend

In short, the stable stretches four and five are Rudy Gobert’s nemesis. In a situation where the Jazz’s first-line defense couldn’t put too much pressure on the Mavericks ball handler, Rudy Gobert had to rely on the restricted area to help his teammates wipe their butts. But when Rudy Gobert slumps into the penalty area to guard the last line of defense, can the perimeter defense jump out and use a quick rotation to closeout the three-point shooter? As long as Reggie Bullock, Maxi Kleber, and Dorian Finney-Smith can keep their 3-point percentage above 40 percent and hit the so-called Uncontested Shot, I dare say the Utah Jazz are in big trouble.

Dallas Mavericks Key Players

  • Reggie Bullock
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My MVP – Reggie Bullock

When all eyes are on Jalen Brunson, Maxi Kleber, and guess what, Reggie Bullock is my MVP. I really, really liked the Mavs defensive performance in the first two games, and Reggie Bullock was the soul of the system. He pressed Mike Conley, Jordan Clarkson and others on the front line quite enough, at least these two games did not let these two join the scoring party of Donovan Mitchell and Bojan Bogdanovic. Then I have to mention his rotation awareness. Even if the first beat is missed, he can still complete the interception from the left bottom corner to the right 45 degree angle.

Don’t look at his statistics. He only had 3 interceptions in the two games. He was pressing, defending, turning big corners, and grabbing rebounds the whole game. Forget it, he also hit quite a few crucial three-pointers, helping the Mavericks to bite the score. You gotta give this guy tons of credit. No wonder he played the most minutes for the Mavericks in those two games (Game 1 → 44:15; Game 2 → 45:11). Reggie Bullock, my current series MVP, No Doubt.

  • Josh Green
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Josh Green’s play may be more critical than expected

It’s a bit unrealistic to expect a young lad who has only played four minutes in the playoffs in his career, but Josh Green’s ability to play may be more critical than you might think. Judging from these two games, with Luka Doncic out, Josh Green will basically have to play for about five minutes to gain some breathing space for Spencer Dinwiddie, Reggie Bullock and others. And the Jazz are more than happy to use Rudy Gobert against Josh Green, mainly to protect the paint, and let him take a three-pointer from the corner. After all, young people are young people. After making three-pointers and four shots in the first game, Josh Green began to lose his confidence in his shots. Even if he got a gap, he was reluctant to shoot. The only mid-range jumper he hit today was when the whole court called him Shoot it! Shoot it!, so he had to take a step forward. Seriously, assuming two or even one of his four open shots in Game 1 would have played out completely differently.

Unsurprisingly, the Jazz will still use Rudy Gobert to counter him when he’s on the court. Please, please, please, at least grab a gap or two and Josh Green can get more minutes and become the Dallas Mavericks’ Alex Caruso.

  • Jalen Brunson
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With 41 points, Jalen Brunson proves he’s a winner

I don’t think I need to say more about this part. Today’s 15 of 25 shooting, bombarded indiscriminately 41 points to pay tribute to Dirk Nowitzki, the horror is the whole game without any turnovers. As I told you guys before the season, Jalen Brunson is going to be a butterfly this season. Now, he really did it.

That’s pretty much what I want to say. To be honest, I don’t think it’s going to be easy for the Mavs to have that kind of toughness without Luka Doncic. The commendable part is the strength of the team’s defense and the control of mistakes. If you want to qualify in the first round, the consolidation of rebounds must be better.

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