2022 Playoffs Warriors Grizzlies Series Recap

2022 Playoffs Warriors Grizzlies Series Recap

Since the bloody battle in the playoffs last year, the duel between the Grizzlies and the Warriors has always been talked about – one is the former king who used to be arrogant, but unfortunately fell from the altar; the other is young and strong, accidentally climbed to the second place in the West. Rising star. The common denominator between the two teams is that they are both fighting for their glory with all their strength… 

Since the bloody battle in the playoffs last year, the duel between the Grizzlies and the Warriors has always been talked about – one is the former king who used to be arrogant, but unfortunately fell from the altar; the other is young and strong, accidentally climbed to the second place in the West. Rising star. What the two teams have in common is that they both go all out to attack their glory.

After six fierce battles, even though the Warriors lost Gary Payton ll, they still relied on more comprehensive and mature play to successfully win the series, and successfully advance to the Western Championship after two years of humiliation.

〖Playing or hitting? 〗

After the first three games, the atmosphere on and off the field could not be more aptly described as Blood and Bloody Rain. The game itself, excluding the one-sided third game, both sides played back and forth in the first two games, and the winner was not determined until the last moment. However, after these three games, the nature of the issues discussed by the fans was more about hitting people than playing the ball.

In the first game, Draymond Green pulled down Brandon Clarke, who had an Easy Basket opportunity, in an offensive and defensive round in the second quarter, and slapped his face first, then pulled his clothes, and was not unexpectedly sentenced to a flagrant 2 for his appearance. . However, with the departure of Draymond’s scenery, everything is just about to begin…

In the second game, only 2 minutes and 52 seconds into the game, the Warriors handed the ball to GP2 in a fast break. He jumps, makes a layup. Unexpectedly, a black shadow sprang from behind, pulling him to the ground. This foul by Dillon Brooks is undoubtedly Flagrant 2, and he leaves the game without any suspense.

Because the timing is sensitive, and the movements are obviously unnatural, not to mention the fact that he was injured by the Warriors’ GP2 dedicated to serving Morant. So, the battle between the Warriors and the Grizzlies officially started, but the fans were not talking about Morant’s 47 points or the ups and downs of Thompson’s first game, but about the Dirty Play of the two goals in the first two games.

Unexpectedly, the conspiracy theory of maliciously hurting the opponent continued to the third game, and the protagonist who was injured this time was the real big name – Ja Morant.

The next two games seemed to be relatively calm, but in the sixth game, Brooks received a malicious foul again… It can only be said that young people are impulsive, but so many defense against people in this series really made the game a little bit. Out of focus.

In the end is to play ball or hit people? If asked, I would answer the former without hesitation. I sincerely hope that the injured will recover soon, but I believe that these Flagrant Fouls are just players subconsciously trying to stop the opponent, not intentionally causing damage to the opponent.


When I analyzed the game, I once mentioned that because both teams are good at transitioning fast breaks, it is important to reduce turnovers. Turns and rebounds can be said to be the key to this series.

After six games, look back at the data of the two teams: the Grizzlies averaged 12 turnovers per game, which is still within a reasonable range, but in a glance, the Warriors’ 18.2 turnovers are extremely eye-catching.

With Steve Kerr’s pass-and-cut system, mistakes are unavoidable, and with more passing, the risk increases. However, it must be said that the Warriors had a lot of mistakes in this series that I can’t accept, such as dribbling to the defender’s feet, the ball being thrown off the ground, and the lead pass mistakes that have been common in the fifth and sixth games.

Anyone who has watched the game knows how exaggerated the Warriors’ fast-break pass-fly mistakes are, and I myself have been dumbfounded. However, a reasonable explanation is that, after all, the Grizzlies have good mobility, coordination, and physical fitness, and under such static conditions, they can put a lot of pressure on the Warriors’ passing. . As a result, the Warriors players in charge of executing the Lead Pass threw a slight forward in order to avoid being intercepted. But you must know that the fast break is something between the light and the flint, which is very precise. If it is slightly biased, mistakes will occur.

Thankfully for the Warriors, their back defense was precise enough that the Grizzlies didn’t gain the slightest advantage in fast break scoring. However, after entering the Western Conference Finals, the Warriors must try their best to avoid these mistakes, whether the opponent is the Suns or the Mavericks.

〖Don’t be silly, the Grizzly bear without Ja is stronger than a joke〗

〖Don't be silly, the Grizzly bear without Ja is stronger than a joke〗

In the regular season, the Grizzlies went 20 wins and 5 losses without Morant, and the winning percentage is higher than that with Morant, which creates an illusion that the Grizzlies are not as strong as Morant. But is this really the case?

Leaving aside the question of the gold content of the regular season record, just judging from the last three games without Morant in this series, I think we can draw a conclusion with certainty:

The Grizzlies with and without Morant are two very different teams, but if the premise is to win, there is no doubt that the Grizzlies with Ja is stronger.

Aside from Game 5, which has no suspense, Game 4 and Game 6 were both close games, and I think everyone can see their performance in the final quarter—the Grizzlies lost a total of 23 points in the two final quarters.

This has also been mentioned by various experts and writers. At a critical moment, only Ja Morant can entangle with the Grizzlies. Without him, as long as they enter the scorched earth battle, the Grizzlies are almost declared to be executed.

Therefore, I personally disagree with the stronger argument. Maybe the defensive end is much smoother, but the distance to win the game is always lacking.

Late Aquaman

When it comes to the Grizzlies, we must mention Steven Adams, who started the regular season at center and was dropped in the playoffs.

When it comes to the Grizzlies, we must mention Steven Adams, who started the regular season at center and was dropped in the playoffs.

In the first two games, he was quarantined for triggering health safety protocols, but in the third game of his return, Jenkins did not put him back in the starting lineup, but directly froze him.

It is understandable that the Grizzlies want to avoid him being caught out by the Warriors and eaten by speed. However, it is puzzling that a main center who started 75 games in the regular season was ruthlessly frozen in the playoffs? This thinking is really hard to understand.

You must know that Adams is not as replaceable to the Grizzlies as Looney is to the Warriors. Adams’ screening, support, and handover are the keys to the success of the Grizzlies this season, which is why Bane and others clearly have mediocre athletic ability. But the main reason for delivering dazzling data. In other words, Adams is the Grizzlies’ advantage.

However, Jenkins abruptly pulled out the system that he had been practicing for a year, which made the Grizzlies fall into Morant’s infinite singles, and the offensive end was reduced to a single fight, that is, all players except Morant were in trouble. The best example is the Bane mentioned above.

In the first three games, Bane averaged 10 points per game; in the last three games, Bane averaged 18 points per game. With Brooks only playing three minutes in the second and third games, and the series feeling sluggish, the Grizzlies need Bane’s firepower support, and the key to liberating Bane is Adams.

Not only on offense, but Adams on defense has doubts about his speed being too slow, but he knows how to use his position to block the penalty area. Maybe he really has no solution after being caught, but as long as he and Jaren Jackson Jr. are present at the same time, then Grizzly’s restricted area is as unbreakable as an iron wall.

Regarding Adams’ contribution, I think NetRTG, the second-highest on the team, speaks for itself.

〖Offensive rebounds and the Warriors’ penalty zone〗

〖Offensive rebounds and the Warriors' penalty zone〗

To be honest, I never thought that the Warriors could have such an excellent performance in the restricted area in this series, especially in the protection of the rim. Except for the fifth game, the other five games left the Grizzlies with no offensive rebounds to grab.

In the middle of the season, I said that the Warriors’ hidden height concerns in the penalty area are solved by reliable positioning and communication, and this series can be said to fully support this point of view – Green, Looney, Otto Porter’s solid positioning, supplementary. With Kuminga, Wiggins and other jumpers waiting for the opportunity, the Warriors averaged 50.5 rebounds per game against the Grizzlies’ 45.5 in the entire series. In terms of offensive rebounds, the Grizzlies only had the upper hand in Game 3 and Game 5.

It can be said that the offensive rebound, one of the best weapons of the Grizzlies, was exhausted by the Warriors’ experience and card position.

As for the mid-season issue of the restricted area, which was once very noisy, have the Warriors now been answered? After two rounds of the series, I think the answer is coming out – Yes they found it!

After watching the first-round matchup with the Nuggets, I think we can all be pretty sure how the Warriors will deal with the Grizzlies’ tall paint in the second round: get the center out and let Curry wipe them out.

As a result, the bitter master changed from Jokic to Adams, JJJ, Clarke, and Tillman. In short, the Warriors tried their best to pull out the Grizzlies center and eat them in dislocation.

So it is true that Looney, the tallest inside the Warriors, is only 6 feet 9 inches, but when facing those tall insiders, the Warriors don’t have to worry too much, because even if he can’t handle it, what’s the harm? The opponent can’t hold me either!

〖Is Dillon Brooks really worth attacking No. 2? 〗

〖Is Dillon Brooks really worth attacking No. 2? 〗

I want to briefly discuss Brooks. Maybe many people’s impression of him is still the scene of Game 2 pulling Payton down. But in fact, aside from that move, he still has a lot to discuss in this series.

First of all, I don’t think his stickiness against Curry is the same as last year, and it should be said that the Warriors have found a solution. And that set of solutions is the Warriors’ unique trick – the green curry pick-and-roll. In short, Curry doesn’t have to challenge Brooks’ defense hard. After switching, even if his defense is entangled, it’s nothing to be afraid of.

However, compared to the Warriors consciously avoiding his defense through tactical design, Brooks himself obviously didn’t use much brains on the offensive end. Since Morant fell, he has unlimited firepower. Whether it was Poole or Wiggins, Brooks went down. However, the consequence of poor shot selection is inefficiency. Excluding the plug-in Game 6, the Brooks series averaged only 8 points per game, and the hit rate was even less than 30%.

It is undeniable that the Grizzlies need his defense, but if his offensive selection is so bad and his hand is not very stable, it would be better to let him be a 3D and give Bane and others more penalties.

〖Warriors of the Warriors〗

〖Warriors of the Warriors〗

As the second team in the league to win eight playoff games, the Warriors should be happy, but in my opinion, in these 11 playoff games, they have also exposed a lot of concerns.

The first is the mistake, which was mentioned earlier and will not be repeated here.

The second is the three-point strike. To put it a bit harsher, the Warriors have a feeling of winning by touch. Of course, their ability to create a neutral position should not be underestimated, but their grasp of the neutral position is lackluster, let alone Wide Open. In this series, only Thompson’s three-pointer was hit in the three waves. The rate exceeded 35%.

We all know that the Warriors are a jump-shooting team, and since the start of the playoffs, the Warriors’ team’s perimeter shooting percentage is as high as 40.5% in winning games; when they lose, it drops to 29.7%.

In my opinion, the Warriors have a variety of offensive options, and it is indeed difficult to completely suppress them with defense, but at the same time, it also tests the Warriors’ own grasp. If you want to win the championship, then at least two of the three waves have a chance to correct their perimeter shooting rate to more than 38%.

Finally, there is a shortage of manpower. GP2 is expected to take a three-week break, and if there are no surprises, he will probably see him again in the championship. To make matters worse for the Warriors, champion Iguodala is currently on the disabled list with a back injury and has missed seven straight games. In the sixth game of the series, when Porter also fell, the Warriors had only eight players left in the entire rotation… The point is, Lee and Bjelica are not the main rotation players under normal circumstances. In other words, the Warriors only have six main rotation players left to play.

The only solution to this problem is that the wounded soldiers return one after another, and it seems that Porter is not a serious problem, and GP2 also has a return date. Iguodala, the hero of the three championships, returns healthy.

〖Series summary – ginger is old and spicy〗

〖Series summary - ginger is old and spicy〗

The Grizzlies undoubtedly have a bright future, especially after watching these two games, the author deeply believes that they will occupy the western powers for a long time. However, just like Kuminga hitting the wall, young people still have to pay tuition fees. After six games, I think the biggest gap between the two sides is experience.

Seasoned warriors constantly look for their opponent’s weaknesses through passing and cutting. Even if the tactics fail, they can skillfully find a breach in the opponent’s defense and take advantage of it; on the other hand, the young Grizzlies can only constantly rely on singles to create opportunities and wait until they It was too late to remember when Adams was still available.

On the defensive end, although the Grizzlies have excellent physical fitness, the Warriors are slightly better in terms of discipline. Including the position, the timing of the attack, the rotation, the card position, etc., it is obvious that the battle-hardened warriors will win.

Jiang is old and hot. In a high-intensity event like the playoffs, the competition is often all about details. Obviously, the Warriors did a better job this time.

However, the Grizzlies really don’t need to be discouraged, but should be proud. It is believed that few people can expect to achieve such a good result this season.



In fact, the Warriors had a small lineup in the first five games, and it was not until Game 6 that Looney was put in the starting lineup. The most important thing when playing small ball is discipline and mobility.

Regarding these two points, the three forwards Green, OPJ and Wiggins of the Warriors can be said to have done a remarkable job. Although they cannot completely protect the penalty area, they have controlled the impact within an acceptable range.

And what impressed me the most was that at the end of Game 1, the Warriors posed a lineup of Curry+Thompson+Poole+GP2+Wiggins. Wiggins, who was the center at that time, fought hard for many times, earning a lot of opportunities for the Warriors. At the same time, it also blocked many enemy attacks.

Although he did not score, he was indispensable on the field.

Some people say that Wiggins maintains health and lacks ambition. After two and a half years of observation, I think he is very clear about his ability. Knowing that he can’t dribble the ball, so he reduces singles and does more finishing; he knows that his static quality is amazing, so he focuses on defense and fights hard.

Without the scarves to wait on Morant, Bane, Brooks, and even JJJ for six games, the Warriors’ defense would have been shattered.

After all, when the front line can’t stop it, no matter how powerful Draymond is, he can’t stop the Grizzlies alone.

Some people may question that Wiggins is not as good as the three waves in terms of data, but in my opinion, compared to the three shooters who take turns to strike, Wiggins has a stable output, and puts his energy on the defensive end, doing what he can do. Doing things the best, averaging 3.3 offensive rebounds per game is a show of his hard work.

Therefore, if I want to choose the MVP of the series, I will choose Wiggins without hesitation. His stable performance on both offense and defense is in no way inferior to the Warriors’ beautiful three-point offense.

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